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Why I Vaporize Cannabis: Thank You For Not Smoking

By: Bethany Rae

Bethany Rae

One of the biggest misconceptions I had about cannabis is that it must be smoked. Then, I discovered vaporizing. When my friends mention that smoking cannabis hurts their throat, I share with them the following reasons to vaporize:

It’s Healthier For Your Lungs

While research has shown that smoking cannabis does not cause lung cancer, heavy smoking over time may lead to reduced lung capacity and inflammation. I don’t blame cannabis for that. Combusting any plant material at high heat produces carcinogens and irritants that are not designed for our lungs. Vaporizing heats cannabis at a lower temperature, producing an inhalable vapour that holds the active properties in cannabis, while drastically reducing any toxins caused by smoking.

The Minimal Smell Makes It More Discreet

Although personal air purifiers, are available, the odour in the air or on your clothes, may make smoking undesirable. For cannabis consumption in public areas or urban living, vaporizing is an attractive alternative. The taste remains strong and the odour, while not completely gone, does dissipate faster.

The High Feels More Functional

I find that vaporizing cannabis provides me with a more functional high than smoking. By this, I mean that I can usually continue activities without feeling stoned or distracted. I usually receive a clear-headed high and am more likely to feel uplifted, energetic and creative and can continue my day, whether it be work or activity. The effects depend on the strain, of course, and with moderation in mind.

Your Doctor Would Prefer It This Way

If those reasons aren’t enough, vaporizing is recommended for medical marijuana patients by Health Canada. They even go as far as to approve a vaporizer device, that delivers a superior vapor, known as the Volcano. When consuming for medical relief, vaporizing has been suggested to be the most effective delivery method. This is because lungs absorb the active properties in cannabis more quickly than digestion does.

For some, the taste and act of smoking cannabis is a pleasurable experience but as you can see, vaporizing cannabis has considerable benefits. Of course, it is important to remember that we all feel the effects of cannabis in different ways. Let us know your thoughts on vaporizing vs smoking in the comments below!

Disclosure: The information shared in this post is a personal experience and not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a health practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

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