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Vancouver Nutritionist (RHN) Margaret Sung on Cannabis Consumption

By: Amber Gibson

Amber Gibson

Margaret Sung is a certified yoga teacher, hypnotherapist and (RHN) nutritionist in Vancouver BC and is among the growing number of health professionals choosing to speak openly about their own cannabis consumption.

Margaret wasn’t always open about cannabis. While she experimented briefly with cannabis in her youth, her general understanding of the plant was that it was either consumed recreationally to get high or medically for people with serious illnesses. It was through her work in nutrition and hypnotherapy that brought her back to cannabis as an adult.

“My clients starting talking to me about ways they were using cannabis, or were curious about it, and asking me if I would do work with them,” explains Margaret. “I was intrigued that these clients, some who were corporate professionals were having positive outcomes for their wellbeing.”

“I wasn’t looking for something to help with a condition or discomfort, but the best kind of research is when you try it out for yourself, so I began experimenting.”

Margaret consumes cannabis as part of a holistic lifestyle, to relieve tension and enhance her general physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. “As a health and wellness practitioner, what helped me decide to go forward and be open about cannabis was my family”

“There are people in my family who might be dealing with anxiety, sleep issues, or pain and cannabis should be included as an option if they choose to explore an alternative method to pharmaceuticals.” Margaret’s own experimentation and openness towards cannabis have allowed her family to see the potential health benefits of cannabis, especially when addressing pain among older family members.

“In the beginning, I was reluctant to talk about cannabis because I work in the health industry,” adding, “there was a lot of stigma to it and there still is.”

The shifting perspective around the culture of cannabis has really hit home for Margaret, both personally and professionally as a tool for wellness “I want to be part of the education around cannabis and put cannabis into that positive light.” she says.

Margaret has become an important resource for her clients who are interested in talking about cannabis but are held back by fear of being associated with negative stereotypes. “There’s a great number of people out there that could possibly benefit from it,” she says.

Margaret’s own cannabis consumption differs each day and she chooses a variety of methods to enhance wellbeing outcomes. “I am clear about my intention and how I use cannabis to enhance my life,” she says. Whether it is for pain, anxiety or sleep, Margaret explains that identifying which area of wellness to target has been an important step in her own exploration, helping her find the right type and method for consumption.

“I might consume for physical pain management, using CBD capsules for my menstrual pain,” she explains. “If I have a fast-paced day and need an hour to focus, consuming an oil tincture helps me relax and get into that mindset.”

“Other days, I feel I might benefit from THC, and smoke flower or use a vape pen in the evenings to unwind, meditate and help me sleep. It’s like a ritual, I like the aroma of the flower and I find it very therapeutic.”

Cannabis is not the only ritual Margaret uses to maintain optimal health. Holistic nutrition and Yin yoga – which she teaches in Vancouver with Flower & Freedom – are a big focus for her overall wellbeing. “There are lots of poses that I incorporate into my everyday routine that compliment my consumption of cannabis.” She says. “Knees-to-Chest pose is very effective for menstrual pain, particularly if, like me, you experience lower back pain and cramps during your cycle. This pose relaxes the back and abs as well as increases circulation to the abdomen, which can help to relieve anxiety.”

Margaret is among the growing movement of people who are openly discussing their personal cannabis experiences. Her willingness to share demonstrates to others that is ok to engage in an open conversation. Whether it be positive or negative, sharing these experiences help push the stigmas of prohibition further behind us, bringing cannabis out of the shadows and into the light.

“For me, I had to make the decision as to whether I was in or out, and I decided to be in.” Margaret says. “That’s how I opened up about it and how I started talking about cannabis.”

Is it time to share your story? Flower & Freedom encourages people to talk about their own experiences with cannabis, which enables us to cultivate a supportive community for others interested in exploring cannabis for wellness.

Disclosure: The information shared in this post is a personal experience and not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a health practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

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