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Travel and Cannabis: How I Consume Cannabis on the Go

By: Rachel Garland

Rachel Garland

Are you constantly on the move like me? Whether I’m headed to another city or another country, consuming cannabis while traveling can be challenging. There is a lot of uncertainty when heading to a new destination. Luckily, I’ve discovered a few ways to consume cannabis while travelling – or anytime when I’m on the go!

When combining cannabis with your travel adventures, make sure to follow all local, state, and national laws.Do not make any assumptions, I’m also careful to research cannabis regulations prior to arrival.


For me, tinctures, also known as oil drops, are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to consume cannabis while traveling. To take a tincture, place one to two drops (or more) sublingually (under your tongue). The tincture will take effect within a few minutes. You can also add tinctures to your favorite beverages or foods. Keep in mind that consuming tinctures this way will cause a delayed onset, similar to edibles. Tinctures consumed orally must be processed by the liver and gastrointestinal system. When a tincture is taken sublingually, it immediately enters the bloodstream for rapid onset. A big advantage of tinctures is that dosing is discreet and quick. Tinctures are also completely odorless – ideal as there is no smoke involved, which is helpful for areas where smoking may be prohibited. Plus, tinctures are mobile, fitting easily into a small bag or purse.


Love flower? You’re not alone. Flower is one of my favorite ways to consume cannabis. However, traveling with flower isn’t always a simple activity. A portable vaporizer is a great solution. Unlike smoking, it’s easier for me to consume a small amount of cannabis regularly throughout the day without the odor. Vaporizers are easy to use and relatively low-key. Simply load up your vaporizer with dry flower (or cannabis oil if you prefer), turn on the heat,  inhale and enjoy. A big advantage of vaporizing is that you’re able to avoid many of the irritants that smoking produces. The flower not only tastes better, it’s also healthier for your body.


Microdosing edibles helps with my aches and pains and produces lasting effects, so they’re ideal for travel days when my schedule is packed and I need the endurance to fit everything in. With edibles I may only consume once or twice throughout the day. For anyone reading this, it’s important to note though that edibles can be very powerful. It took me a while to enjoy edibles because I found the effects were so much stronger than other forms of cannabis consumption. Always check the dosage of an edible before consuming. Edible potency varies greatly. Start slow and wait at least an hour before consuming more. Edibles typically take between forty-five minutes to an hour to take effect.

These are just a few of the most effective ways I enjoy cannabis while traveling. Do you have a tip that should be added to this list? Let us know by commenting below.

Rachel Garland is a cannabis advocate and writer living in Mexico dedicated to spreading cannabis education across the globe. She is the founder of Women of Cannabiz which aims to elevate female cannabis entrepreneurs worldwide.

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