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Recently, we have seen a proliferation of seed banks in the cannabis industry. Given this surge, it is increasingly critical to conduct thorough research prior to purchasing from any seed bank. The Internet facilitates this process by making it simpler to access information and reviews about various businesses. Our goal is to provide useful reviews to cannabis aficionados, enabling them to purchase from top-tier companies and receive optimal value for their money.

Sensible Seeds Review

Overall, Sensible Seeds have been around for over 20 years, and they have been around the block. They have a huge inventory of seeds, with over 2,500 seeds available to purchase, and their prices are decent. That beign said they don’t offer any germination guarantee with their seeds, which means you could be spending money without any guarantee that the seeds will grow.

Because of this we recommend that you take a look at ILGM or WeedSeedsExpress if you’re located in the United States, or Crop King Seeds if you’re located elsewhere because they are extremely trusted, have fast shipping, and they offer germination guarantees with their seeds!

History of Sensible Seeds

Sensible Seeds is one of the oldest names in the business. They are well-reputed and have been serving customers for about 20 years. It is considered a trusted seed bank among weed enthusiasts. Most customers turn to Sensible Seeds because of its fantastic customer service, more than 3000 strain varieties, and low prices.

This business is family-run and has been popular among the masses for its attention to detail. Access to such a wide variety of seeds at Sensible Seeds attracts new and seasoned weed users alike. The business is based in the United Kingdom, but they deliver worldwide. They enjoy recognition for being one of the most reputable names in the industry.

Sensible Seeds Review

All of this has been possible because they source the weed seeds from the best breeders in the world. Its roster of breeders exceeds more than 150 different breeders who are well-known for their top-quality seeds. They have been known to buy only fresh seeds, and they take all precautions to keep them fresh. Hence, the results have been known to be great.

However, some of its practices are somewhat questionable, such as the lack of germination guarantee of seeds. We have gathered several pros and cons to help us decide on this seed bank. We will mention the pros and cons and then further explain them in the following paragraphs.

The pros of shopping seeds from Sensible Seeds are:

  • Massive range of strain varieties (more than 3000 different strains)
  • Seeds are inexpensive
  • They provide a guarantee to match prices across different seedbanks
  • Have worldwide shipping for customers outside the UK
  • Stealthy shipping
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Good Website User Experience

The cons of shopping seeds from Sensible Seeds are:

  • There is no germination guarantee for the seeds
  • To use your credit card, you need to buy Amazon gift cards
  • They source seeds from different seed banks and breeders

How Do They Stack Up With Other Seed Banks:

There are quite a few other seed banks available for you to purchase seeds from, how does Sensible stack up with other seed banks?

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Is it safe to do business with Sensible Seeds?

People are nervy about trying new businesses when it comes to weed. It is advised to buy seeds from breeders or seed banks that are reputable. There have been instances where customers have been scammed or sent poor-quality seeds. We plan to put out reviews to help you find seed banks that work the best for you.

From several sources, it has been confirmed that Sensible Seeds is a legitimate business. Customers can buy weed seeds from them without worrying too much about the quality or order processing. Other customers have vouched for this business online on Trustpilot. The company has secured a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from different customers on Trustpilot. Also, they are rated as ‘green’ on SeedFinder. The ‘green’ translates as recommended.

How’s the Seed Quality at Sensible Seeds?

Seed quality is really important. Well-reputed seed banks concentrate on acquiring the best seeds to have the edge over their competitors. They have various kinds of strains and seeds that you can look up at their website.

Most weed enthusiasts prefer to buy seeds directly from breeders. However, this could be difficult for most customers. You may not have a local seed bank or the breeder you are trying to reach out to may not be shipping to your area. Hence, this is when you resort to different seedbanks that can ship worldwide. Sensible Seeds has gained the trust of thousands of customers with their deliveries and customer service.

Sensible Seeds is the home to seeds from some of the most notable breeders in the marijuana industry worldwide. They are home to high-quality seeds and are known only to buy seeds and strains of the best class for their customers.

As reported by different customers, the germination rate of the cannabis seeds is approximately 80%. This is an impressive rate of germination when compared with its competitors. They do not offer a germination guarantee, but the success rate makes up for that.

A good practice is to check whether the breeder provides a germination guarantee to Sensible Seeds. A germination guarantee from the breeder is similar to the germination guarantee handed out by other businesses.

However, if a germination guarantee is significant for you, then, in that case, you may need to look elsewhere as they do not have a policy on germination guarantee as of now.

Seed Selection on Sensible Seeds

Sensible Seeds collaborates with some of the biggest breeders in the marijuana business. Hence, its popularity and the range of varieties should not come as a surprise to you. They have a whopping 3000 strain varieties that you could buy from. Talk about being spoilt for choice, right?

In that range of 3000 strains, you are more than likely to find what you might be looking for. More than 150 famous breeders are working together with Sensible Seeds to market and sell their seeds. Some of the notable breeders on their website include:

  • British Columbia Seeds
  • Centennial Seeds
  • DINAFEM Seeds
  • Heavyweight Seeds
  • Kush Cannabis Seeds
  • Paradise Seeds
  • Seedsman Seeds
  • The Plant Organic Seeds
  • White Label Seeds

At Sensible Seeds, you can shop regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. Moreover, you can get CBD, medicinal marijuana, and other award-winning strains on the market. The range of products on this website makes it a one-stop for all your marijuana needs.

We understand that users might be overwhelmed by the huge collection of strains and seeds available on their website. We suggest customers do their research on the kind of strain before deciding to buy it. Each strain has details regarding it. You can use the table of details to make your decision. The table includes sex, indica/sativa, yield, height, THC, effect, etc., of the strain that could help you find the strain you are looking for yourself.

You can proceed directly to the checkout from each strain page as well. Each page also contains the price of the seed that you are viewing.

Seed Prices at Sensible Seeds

This might come as a surprise, but the price of seeds at Sensible Seeds is reasonable. Even though they are a cannabis megastore, they do not hike their prices. The fact that they offer a price matching guarantee makes the deal even sweeter for the customers of Sensible Seeds.

The price match guarantee can be explained in a manner that if the customer finds a legit weed bank with the price of seed lower than Sensible Seeds, then Sensible Seeds will lower their prices to match the lowest price available online. Hence, doing some research might help you to save some more money when shopping for weed.

Sensible Seeds Company

The best thing about this policy is that if you find a lower price of the seeds that you just bought, you can request them to reimburse the difference between the price you paid and the lowest price that you found.

This gesture from the owners makes them popular among the customers.

If you buy 5 Feminized OG Kush seeds from three seed banks: Sensible Seeds, I Love Growing Marijuana, and Weed Seeds Express, it will cost you about $51.72, $79, and $47.01, respectively. This comparison shows that they have one of the lowest prices on the market. Moreover, this comparison also shows that doing a little research before buying could help you save some more money. You could use their price matching guarantee to buy the OG Kush for a much cheaper rate.

Moreover, you can also get great deals and promotions at Sensible Seeds. There are always some exciting discounts available that you can avail of to buy seeds at a much lesser cost. They offer free seeds to customers who opt to pay through BitCoin or Cash. Moreover, if you decide to spend a certain amount shopping, you can get free seeds from the business.

How to pay at Sensible Seeds?

Unlike other seed banks, Sensible Seeds accepts BitCoin, one of the modern and discreet payment methods. They have various discreet payment methods for their customers. They can choose one of the three:

You get free seeds for either paying through cash or Bitcoin. You will get extra seeds on top of any promotion that you have availed. Amazon Gift Cards are used so that customers can use credit cards to pay for their orders. Credit card companies cannot release payments to companies that deal in cannabis. Hence, you cannot use your credit card directly, and you need to get an Amazon Gift Card first. If you’re looking for other payment methods, then check out our guide to seed banks that accept Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, and others!

Shipping at Sensible Seeds

They offer worldwide shipping for all their customers. It is discreet and swift. However, the shipping cost is extra for all customers. If you’re looking for free shipping then go check out our guide on whether ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com is legit (they are) who makes our top spots for our top seed banks list!

Verdict on Our Sensible Seeds Review

Sensible Seeds is a megastore when it comes to all things cannabis. It is a legit business that offers top-notch strains at great rates. The price match guarantee means that you will always get seeds at the lowest possible rates, which are amazing. Lastly, stealthy worldwide shipping is a great bonus.



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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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