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Purchasing cannabis seeds, notably via the internet, is not an easy task. A plethora of digital cannabis seed outlets exist, and an even greater number of reviews to sift through. Added to that, you have to ponder over legal limitations and worries about delivery…Including concerns about the safety and security of your purchase as well.

To help ease your mind, we’re compiling in-depth guides to the most popular seed banks. Including, this guide on everything you need to know about Seedsman seeds bank. Keep reading to learn about Seedsman Seeds history, reputation, selection, quality, and more. 

Seedsman Review: Quick Look

For nearly 20 years Seedsman has been one of the best seed banks available on the online market. They are known for their large seed selection, competitive prices, and safe and discrete shipping policies. I personally have ordered from Seedsman upwards of 25+ times and every experience has been extremely smooth, and I’ve been a satisfied customer ever since. I highly recommend Seedsman for anyone looking for cannabis seeds!

The History of Seedsman

Seedsman’s notoriety for being one of the ‘best of the best’ didn’t come out of nowhere. The seed bank has been in business for nearly two decades, beginning back in 2003. Unlike other seed banks located in regions well-known for cannabis, Seedsman is uniquely headquartered in Spain. 

While Seedsman aren’t breeders themselves, their website and business came to be in helping those that do breed and help them sell seeds. Originally, their concept was to help breeders, package, market and sell the genes they bred. Over the years, they’ve built on the success of this vision and now work with some of the top breeders and seed banks across the globe. Today, they continue to pride themselves at offering high-quality genetically viable seeds at reasonable prices. 

seedsman review

Seedsman is able to do so, by maintaining close professionals with the top seed banks in the game. In 2007, these relationships helped launch their line of Seedsman feminized cannabis seeds collection. This unique collection comprises some of the top strains from top breeders, that are kept in small quantities to maintain the highest quality. 

A primary mission of Seedsman as a company, is to further the legalization and acceptance of cannabis, too. In fact, a percentage of their profits is spent helping promote positive legal change in the UK and other countries. As summarized by their published statement on their website that states,

“We believe that cannabis would be safer under legal regulation as it would be easier to impose age restrictions, to control potency and quality, and take earnings away from criminal gangs.  Users/smokers would know more about what they are taking and would have a choice of strains and potency.  We believe that the majority of people who use cannabis use it responsibly and need to be protected by the law not targeted by it.”

As you can say, they have a big voice in the industry, and they’re all for the right to cultivate cannabis!

Seedsman’s Seed Selection 

Adding to their passion for legalization, is Seedsman seeds bank’s mission for domestic preservation of cannabis seeds and strains, too. Meaning, they put a focus on storing seeds safely for legalization purposes and even sell products that help home growers preserve seeds for longer. It also means, Seedsman seeds keep a premium collection of strains that they hope stay preserved until global legalization of cannabis has been met. 

seedsman seed selection

Included in their collection is the standard categories of varied flowering types of seeds. Like, feminized, regular, and autoflowering varieties. But, at Seedsman seed bank, they go even further to differentiate the type of seed that home growers should purchase. Here’s a quick look at each of the categories they offer for purchasing, and the types of notable strains you’ll find in each. 

Flowering Type 

Through the flowering type search and category on their website, is where you’ll find Seedsman’s selection of strains organized based on how they flower. As you may know, marijuana seeds can be female or male, but female seeds are what produce THC rich cannabis plants for elevation and quality purposes. Another key distinction is autoflowering genetics vs. photoperiod genetics, or ‘regular’. 

Autoflowering seeds will enter flowering automatically due to being bred with the wild ruderalis species. Photoperiod seeds or regular varieties, will require light cycles with periods of light and dark, to enter the flowering phase. Feminized seeds indicate those that are guaranteed to be female plants. Regular autoflowering seeds, or just regular seeds, you may receive a male plant that will need to be killed and removed from your crops, as not to pollinate the females and diminish their overall quality. 

From the flowering type menu, you can select – 

  • Regular cannabis seeds
  • Regular feminized cannabis seeds
  • Auto flowering cannabis seeds 
  • Auto flowering feminized cannabis seeds
  • Fast strains 

All the while, still using Seedsman’s filter tools on the left hand side of the web page to fine-tune your search even further. Here, you’ll find some of the most classic strains like White Widow and Northern Lights in any of the flowering type varieties. 


The ‘variety’ section of Seedsman seeds bank categories includes strains that are indica dominant, and sativa dominant. It also includes ‘hybrids’ that are a cross-breeding of both, and specialized varieties that boast high levels of THC, or CBD. In the variety drop down menu, Seedsman also now offers what they call ‘Strain Collections’. These mix-bags of seeds include three similar strains from their category (i.e. sativa, high THC, etc.) that have been hand-picked by the experts at Seedsman. 

seedsman variety of strains

Variety seed bags are ideal for new or beginning growers, that aren’t quite sure of what strain to choose. Buying one bag, with three different strains, allows home cultivators to not only try their hand at varied growing styles, but effects, too. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect from some of their top-selling variety packs – 

  • Mixed Auto Feminized Seeds– 10 assorted auto flowering seeds, the majority being indica dominant
  • Indoor Mixed Feminized – These packs include the classics, Critical and White Widow plus 1-3 additional strain depending on the pack size chosen. 

Each collection is put together by specific breeders, like Elementum, Advanced Seeds, and 00 seeds. And, also includes Seedsman’s own branded packs based on similar styles, effects, or even flavors. Those include – 

  • USA Collection Feminized
  • Taster Collection Feminized
  • Relax Collection Feminized
  • High THC Collection Feminized
  • Beginner Collection Feminized
  • And more

Do be aware that the types of seeds you can purchase may vary depending on your shipping location. So, for USA customers you may want to seek out the items specifically noted for USA as others are restricted. 


The cultivation section is ideal for beginners and veteran growers alike. These classifications group seed strain types based on the way they grow. For outdoor grows, you may want to choose one that’s better suited for certain climate types…while indoor grows, you may be concerned about size or smell. In this area, you can search for seeds with the following categories – 

Including specific grow styles like SCROG (Screen of Green) or SOG (Sea of Green) is beyond any other cannabis seed bank found online. This shows that Seedsman seeds bank truly understands the needs of their growers, and go the extra mile to ensure they’re making smart purchases to fit their specific growing needs. 

Strain Type 

When choosing your seeds based upon strain type, it’s likely you already know what you’re looking for. Over the years, cannabis connoisseurs find the gene family that suits them either effect-wise or growing wise. In addition, many new-time growers might be seeking to grow high yields of their favorite strain for bulk consumption purposes, or just a fun fresh hobby. Here, Seedsman seed bank categorizes their selection of the most popular strain family types today. Including – 

  • Skunk strains
  • Blueberry strains
  • Cheese strains
  • Haze strains
  • Kush strains
  • Northern Lights strains
  • White Widow strains
  • Sour Diesel strains

Beyond just carrying the classic versions of these OG genetics, each category also includes unique hybrids, too. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of combining two of your favs, like Blueberry x Cookies or White Widow x Gorilla Glue, this is where you’ll easily find them. 

Award Winners 

Cannabis Cups are the pivotal prize for any grower, breeder, or strain. Winning a coveted prize shows the strain hits the top marks in a wide range of categories. Like, aroma, effects, flavor, bud size, etc. So, when you hear about a strain winning a Cup either recently, or in the past, you may be eager to try growing it and trying it yourself. That’s where the ‘Award Winners’ category found on Seedsman seed bank’s website comes in handy. 

In addition to categorizing their own award-winners from 2016, Seedsman organized all of the High Times Cannabis Cup winners starting in 2018 and going all the way back to pre-2010. This includes all the trending, and most classic types of strains like – 

  • Tangie
  • Wedding Cake
  • Gorilla Candy
  • Afghan Kush
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • And, more

If you’re seeking to impress your inner smoker circle, or yourself personally, there’s nothing more satisfying than growing a successful Cup winner strain. Luckily, Seedsman seed bank makes it easy for the customer to search, and select these award-winning seeds to grow their own winning crop. 


The Seedsman medical cannabis seed categories may be the most impressive of all. Many medical marijuana patients are becoming home growers, due to the lack of access, cost, and distance to travel for legal cannabis purchases. Home growing your own, allows these patients to choose what strain works for them, and harvest their own bulk crop for longevity, convenience, and efficacy. 

The specific cannabinoid levels, and terpenes that a strain contains, determines what type of effects for medical conditions it produces. So, through trials and recommendations, Seedsman has categorized the strains that are most helpful for the most common conditions medical marijuana is used for. The extensive collection includes cannabis seeds that are ideal for the following – 

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Cramps
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Chemotherapy side-effects
  • Epilepsy
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Lack of appetite
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Nausea
  • Nerve damage

When comparing Seedsman seed bank to others, this perk for medical marijuana growers is by far more extensive and specific than any other reputable seed bank offers. 

Seedsman Seed Quality

With nearly 1,500 different strains to choose from you may be wondering, is Seedsman seeds more focused on quantity versus quality? For the most part, reviews and real-time use indicate that Seedsman quality is just as impressive as its quantity. While the cannabis seed bank does not offer a specific germination guarantee, from customer’s reports on success, it’s likely they don’t need one. 

Many reviews indicate they had no issues with receiving dead seeds, and had successful germination with seeds bought from Seedsman seeds bank. In fact, many also report that they have quality growth overall, from the strong genetics purchased. But, without a germination guarantee, what’s a grower to do if they purchase seeds from Seedsman that don’t take? 

The web site answers that question directly, and states the company will ‘endeavour to resolve the issue’. What does that mean? According to the statement by their support team, the process includes contacting the breeder with the issue, and judging case-by-case. But, only if the purchase was shipped to a legalized country or region. While there shouldn’t be much reason to worry, just in case, it’s best to take photos of the seeds prior to germination, while germinating, and after, as photo evidence might be requested. 

Purchasing & Payment Methods 

Like its variety in strain selections, Seedsman also offers a variety of payment methods, too. Although, the seed bank company highly prefers Bitcoin payments and incentivizes the payment method far more than any other. Outside of Bitcoin, the seed bank accepts credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, cash, and bank or wire transfers. One thing to keep in mind, is once you choose a payment method for a specific order there’s no way to change it. So, be sure of the type you’re using before you confirm the order. 

To help with payment questions or concerns, Seedsman hosts a collection of frequently asked questions specific to purchasing. The company also prioritizes secure shopping, for privacy concerns and peace of mind. Their site uses SSL certificates that provide a secure encrypted connection during the purchasing process, and is a McAfee certified secure site for any virus or privacy concerns. 

Customer Service Overview 

But, if your question on payment, shipping or anything else isn’t answered in their FAQ’s – how does Seedsman customer service rate amongst its customers? Unfortunately, in comparison to other top seed banks, it’s not the best. One frequent complaint by reviewers, is the ability to access Seedsman representatives on their phone helpline. Many reporting their calls go unanswered, and have a hard time reaching anyone during business hours. While they offer email support, it’s not always the fastest option either. 

One recent improvement to the Seedsman website seeks to address this glaring issue amongst its customers. Now, they have a handy ‘help’ pop-up located on their website that opens up online chat support. In the support box, you’re able to ask questions, and receive timely responses from the Bot or actual customer service personnel. Another customer perk that Seedsman offers is its comprehensive blog. The blog is frequently updated with timely articles, and informative pieces that keep growers in-tune with the industry, and on top of their growing game. 

Shipping Policy:

For some, shipping may be more of a concern than for others. Especially those who are ordering from countries that aren’t fully legalized, federally. One perk for Seedsman, right off the bat, is the fact that they do ship worldwide. Another perk, is they do so as discreetly as possible, increasing their stealth tactics in countries that are more strict than others. All packages come in an unmarked bubble mailer, that looks like any other package. In certain areas, Seedsman will ship a random DVD or other item to conceal the shipment even further. 

seedsman shipping policy

On drawback, however, is the shipping and processing times. For US customers, Seedsman indicates they strive to get orders to customers within 25 working days. The process includes shipping bulk orders to separate packing hubs in the US, and then dispersed again from there. Shipping costs are also determined on your exact location, and vary from country to country. For extra assurance, you can purchase delivery insurance. If you’re nervous about your package arriving, we’d definitely recommend it. As, the only way that Seedsman will re-ship or reconcile lost shipments, is for orders with the insurance purchased. 

What User Reviews Say About Seedsman 

In addition to review articles, comments on grower message boards, and third-party sites like TrustPilot, Seedsman also displays reviews about each product on their website. While some online purchasers tend to distrust on-site displayed reviews, from a quick peruse you can see that Seedsman does very little to delete any 1-star or negative reviews on products. Adding to their credibility, and making the reviews that much more believable. 

Overall, no matter where the review is posted, Seedsman has gained a majority of positive reviews. Of course, no company is completely free of negative reviews, no matter how good they may be. Two recent reviews from TrustPilot that displays the juxtaposition in experiences can be seen below – 

Great job on delivery! Wow! You did great! Whatever you did to your new delivery system worked great this time. I’m in the USA and when I placed the order it originally stated that it wouldn’t be arriving until the end of May which is what I was still expecting. I received my order in two weeks! I was also kept informed with up to date tracking. With past orders I normally wouldn’t get my tracking number until the day of or a day after it was delivered. The packaging was discreet and looked like any other packing envelope from somewhere like Ebay or Amazon. I also liked that I was able to use Zelle again for payment. Very impressed!” 

Paid my money, got nothing. Paid my money, did not get seeds, sent two emails and only got a response after a negative review, no customer support or contact from Seedsman even after supplying sales details.”

Cutting Costs with Seedsman 

Seedsman offers a variety of ways to save on your seed purchases. In addition to offering a loyalty program to frequent customers, free seeds come with every order, and they offer one-time discounts frequently, too. If you want to save even further, Bitcoin is the payment method to do so with. Seedsman gives Bitcoin customers 15% off every single order and an additional 10% off purchases €200+ when paid with Bitcoin. Plus, Bitcoin customers receive 4 bonus free seeds when spending €50 or more. 

The loyalty program exists to treat its repeat customers with ‘points’ for purchases, that can be used towards future purchases. Points can also be earned with other actions or milestones like writing a review, making a referral, having a birthday, or a member anniversary on their site. For commercial growers who purchase seeds often, the loyalty program can help you cut even more costs for bulk and multiple purchases. Along with this, with their loyalty program they seem willing to throw you some free seeds from time to time!

The Final Word on Seedsman Cannabis Seed Bank 

To summarize the final word on Seedsman cannabis seed bank – let’s take a quick look at the pro’s and con’s of ordering from the online seed bank compared to other seed banks. 


  • Extensive collection of seed types
  • Highly organized website that’s easy to navigate
  • High quality seeds, and strong genetics 
  • Wide selection of breeder’s to choose from 
  • Ships worldwide, with stealthy packaging
  • Frequent discounts, and free seeds with purchase 


  • No germination guarantee which some other seeds banks offer
  • Sub-par customer service compared to other seed banks
  • Slow shipping times 
  • Will not resolve shipping that’s intercepted by customs

Looking at the lists, you can easily see there are far more pro’s for purchasing seeds from Seedsman, than cons. However, depending on your exact location, or desires, you’ll still want to consider all that’s involved when making a seed purchase online. Overall, Seedsman seed bank is one of the best of the best. While their customer service could be better for issues that arise, luckily, issues or complaints are not frequent for the company. 

Not only are Seedsman seeds high quality in nature, but also cost-effectively priced. Meaning you’re getting the best bang for your buck, especially when using any of their frequent promotions or discounts to save even more. With mostly positive online reviews for the seed company, you’re likely to be in good company with a growing population of cultivators that choose Seedsman for their growing needs. If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds online, then Seedsman should be high on your list! We hope this Seedsman seeds review was helpful, please leave a comment below of your experiences!



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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