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Are you contemplating choosing Pacific Seed Bank as your source for cannabis seeds?

Before you spend a single cent, make sure you read this entire Pacific Seed Bank review to get a fair and honest understanding of the brand.  

We’ve conducted a thorough analysis of Pacific Seed Bank’s history, reputation in the cannabis industry, customer services support, shipping methods, prices compared to other online seed banks, and their seed strain, quality, and selection. We’ll also compare them to our other seed bank reviews and see how they compare to competitors!

Pacific Seed Bank Review:

Pacific Seed Bank has been a relatively popular seed bank for the past few years, but various small issues have added up which has knocked them down a level or two. But as of 2023, I haven’t been able to receive any communications back from their team, and I hereby don’t recommend Pacific Seed Bank at all!

That being said, I do recommend you use ILGM if you’re located in the USA, or Crop King Seeds if you’re located outside the USA because both of these shops offer an overall better experience with great prices, and seed selections!

Pacific Seed Bank Review

Important point to note: Due to rules and regulations governing the cannabis industry in most countries, it is often challenging to come across seed banks that sell seeds around the globe. But, Pacific Seed Bank is an exception to this.

By the end of this Pacific Seed Bank review, we promise you’ll have enough information to make the best decision about purchasing your cannabis seed from Pacific Seed Bank or trying other alternatives from some of our other seed bank reviews.

Are There Better Seed Banks Available?

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Quick History of Pacific Seed Bank

Pacific Seed Bank is a multinational company with offices across Europe and America. Currently, they have locations in Barcelona, Amsterdam (HQ1), Canada, and most recently, Los Angeles (HQ2). They currently grow most of their cannabis seeds in Amsterdam.

Pacific Seed Bank first opened their doors over 20 years ago and have been growing every year since. PSB is truly one of the longest operating cannabis seed companies around, which means you’re getting a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

Long story short, they know what they’re doing…   

You might find it surprising PSB has an office in America, considering the strict cannabis laws, but the moment the first U.S. state legalized cannabis they made a big bet on America being the next marijuana Mecca. 

Pacific Seed Company

They have a solid history of dealing with top-quality seed strains. Actually, one of the most popular reasons why PSB is chosen as a preferred seed vendor is because of their large seed bank which boasts over 750 cannabis strains. 

Even at this, they claim to still be a work in progress and promise many more strains to come.

Pacific Seed Banks is not only interested in selling cannabis seeds; they have also invested heavily in educating customers and marijuana growers alike. So if you decide to buy some seeds, then you’ll be in good hands for education as well!

Pacific Seed Bank has a blog dedicated to this purpose, and if you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ll find a lot of helpful seeds information on their page.

Their services cut across every player in the marijuana industry. They want to be the first choice for selling quality marijuana seeds to budding growers, experienced growers, cannabis nurseries, and any person in need of marijuana seeds all over the world.

Pacific Seed Bank Reputation

Pacific Seed Bank is known as a top 3 provider of marijuana seeds made for auto-flowering and feminized strains. They’re often considered the preferred and only provider for most nursery farmers and breeders.

The company prides itself on hiring top-rated horticulturists to consistently improve seed quality. Some of the industry big names that Pacific Seed Banks associates with include; Amsterdam Seeds Co, Coastal Genetics, Advanced Genetics, CBD Depot.

Pacific Seed Bank aims to satisfy every one of their customers, which is evident in every facet of their products.

Pacific Seed Bank Selection (4.5/5)

Hands down Pacific Seed Bank has one of the largest strain selections in the industry, boasting over 750 unique cannabis strains for purchase. With over 750 different strains of cannabis seeds to choose from, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy!

And if you want rare and unique marijuana strains we highly recommend PSB as your choice. 

They’re also updating their strains through sourcing from other breeders like DNA Crew, Norcal Farms, Dutchman Seeds, etc.

However, they only deal with Autoflowering and Feminized and CBD seeds. There are no regular seeds on offer at the company. This is usually not an issue, but if you are hell-bent on regular strains, you may have to check out other seed banks.

Feminized Seeds 

For Pacific Seed Bank Feminized Seeds, you have the option of choosing from 510 different strains. The company deals with quality feminized seeds that turn out to be top-notch marijuana with huge buds.

Some of the feminized seeds include Blue Cheese, Skywalker OG, Sour Diesel, Amnesia Lemon, etc.

pacific seeds types of seeds

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Pacific Seed Bank has more than 200 options for auto-flowering seeds, so regardless of the type you are looking for, be rest assured that there is a strain for you.

pacific seed bank autoflowering seeds

Some of their most popular auto-flowering options include Tangerine, NYC Diesel, Jack Herer, Yumboldt, etc.

CBD Seeds

There are also health and medicinal strain options for you to choose from. This consists of about 52 various CBD seeds, all of which were specifically bred to be of therapeutic value.

Pacific Seed Bank CBD seeds include Blueberry, Hawaiian Dream, Shark, ACDC, etc.

Pacific Seed Bank

To help with the problem of spending a lot of time going through their long list of strains when searching for a particular one, Pacific Seed Bank has done well in categorizing the various marijuana seeds according to Height, THC levels, and Treatment Solutions, Sativa, Autoflowering, and Indica.

In all, Pacific Seed Bank has an array of strains for their customers, and the structuring of their website makes it very easy to locate your choice and place your order.

Pacific Seed Bank Seed Quality (4/5)

Sure, Pacific Seed Bank might have a lot of variety, but can they hit the mark in terms of quality?

Customers agree Pacific Seed Bank delivers on its promise of high-quality marijuana seeds. 

From customer reviews and independent studies, the germination rate of their seeds sit at around 90% for their CBD, auto-flower, and feminized seeds, and they do offer a germination guarantee.

These results only come because of their long-lasting efforts to form a network of reliable breeders and high-quality strains providers.

They’re also transparent in their business, and you’ll get replacement seeds at no cost if you record a germination rate less than 90% for at least 2 of the seeds you place an order for. So you have nothing to worry about with this germination guarantee on their seeds!

Pacific Seed Bank Customer Reviews

Another consideration is Pacific Seed Bank provides customers the ability to leave a review on every strain selection they have. This will give you insight into the quality of seed and THC/CBD content. I’ve found some great seeds just by reading through the reviews and seeing if other users had good experiences with them!

Pacific Seeds

Be warned though, you need to stick with their germination guide in order to receive free replacement seeds from their germination guarantee. This has come up in complaints before, but every time an analysis was performed it was found the end-user didn’t follow correct instructions. So to ensure you’re eligible for their germination guarantee, follow their germination guide!

Note that cannabis seeds purchased two months before germination do not qualify for the seed replacement program. Also, the replacement program is a one-time offer on an order. The customer will still be responsible for the shipping cost. Overall, if done properly it’s a very generous germination guarantee.

Customer Service (2.5/5)

One of Pacific Seed Bank’s shortcomings is its customer service. Frankly, it sucks.

Most complaints made about Pacific Seed Bank have been their lack of customer support. Their response rates are lethargic at best, and they often take days to respond to complaint emails, which can be quite frustrating. There are also reports of a lack of confirmation after placing an order of seeds. 

Pacific Seed Bank isn’t very active on social media though so you’re best bet to get their attention is via Twitter, Facebook, and beyond. 

We’ve heard reports many customers have had to hang up after being on hold throughout the support call which makes you wonder what’s going on at HQ1&HQ2. 

However, Pacific Seed Bank realizes this, and they claim to be making improvements on both their email and web support. But, as it stands, they are still a long way off the industry standard.

Some good news is their website has great user experience.  

First, it’s a very responsive website given the number of seeds they have. It also allows you to select marijuana strains according to Hybrids, Height, THC and CBD amounts, Effects, etc. 

This will help you seamlessly find the strain you are looking for and enable you to discover new ones.

Shipping (3.5/5)

We know shipping policy can be a make-or-break factor when looking for cannabis seeds online, so we took a deep dive into this when creating our Pacific Seed Bank review.

Pacific Seed Bank will help you ship cannabis seeds anywhere globally, but they cannot be responsible for any law breach, so customers must understand the rules and regulations of their country before placing an order with them and having the seeds shipped.

A nice perk with PSB is If you purchase more than $500 in seeds, they’ll offer free shipping anywhere. 

Their shipping prices are $9.95 in the USA, and $30 to ship to New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Customers who live in America benefit most from these shipping costs and get their delivery on time.

With the tracking code, you can closely monitor your package if it is broken or if custom officers seize it. 

Pacific Seed Bank has a shipping delivery time in the USA that takes 5 to 7 business days. For Europe and other regions, the delivery time is 7 to 25 business days.

Shipping Privacy:

Another critical aspect of shipping is privacy. 

Except if you state otherwise, Pacific Seed Bank ships your marijuana seed in medical-grade glass with a plain envelope to keep your details undisclosed. 

Pacific Seed Bank will also pad the packaging in such a way that all seeds are safe, so you do not have to worry about germination issues due to shipping faults.

You can also request discreet shipping after placing your order. Pacific Seed Bank have various options to ensure that the seeds are kept sealed and private. This is the best method for those that might face custom issues.

However, note that Pacific Seed Bank will not be responsible for the confiscation of goods by customs officers, unlike other companies.

Pacific Seed Bank Pricing (3.5/5)

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. What are the prices for these seeds? 

Many customers feel PSB’s seeds pricing structure is fair and reasonable. It’s not over the top expensive, and you’re getting great value because of the high quantity of strains. 

For most of their strains, they charge about $99 for 10 seeds. Pacific Seed Bank has a minimum order is 3 seeds for roughly $30.

Recruiters are likely underpaid by about $45,000/year > Sourcing and  Recruiting News

You can also choose THC preference levels. You can either buy high, low, or moderate seeds. 

The seeds are 100% quality, so if you find the price to be higher than other companies, this might be why. But be rest assured that the prices are worth the quality of seeds. If over 90% germinate you’re guaranteed at least every 9 out of 10 seeds produce a healthy plant. 

Something to pay attention to…

Pacific Seed Bank does not accept normal payments like cash or credit card. This is because it’s a grey area for banks and merchant processors to allow any marijuana businesses the ability to take credit and debit cards. 

Pacific Seed Bank do give you the ability to pay discreetly with options like Zelle (U.S. only) and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Money Order, Litecoin, etc.

They also clarify that they are not responsible for transaction issues with mail and bank transfers if they do not receive the payment. That being said, if you are okay with the payment methods they offer, then you should get your seeds from Pacific Seed Bank!

Promotions and Discounts (1/5)

Another Pacific Seed Bank review that customers do not like is their lack of promotions or discounts. They do not state a reason for this anywhere, and it does not look like they will start a free seeds program anytime soon.

Unlike other companies, they don’t offer any discounts. With other seed banks, you can get 10 free seeds if you buy 10 seeds, which helps customers save a lot of money. If you have a tight budget and are looking to save money for other things, Pacific Seed Bank may not be the right option.

They also do not seem to have any loyalty program for returning customers. We find this a little odd because many buyers love incentives that will encourage them to keep buying, and there is no mention of such on their website.

Final Thoughts On Pacific Seed Bank

Overall we consider PSB to be a top 5 player in the cannabis seed space. Pacific Seed Bank’s strongest attributes include the wide variety of cannabis strains, reputation as a company, and guarantee of quality of their seeds via their germination guarantee. 

Obviously, there are areas the company will need to work on. Pacific Seed Bank includes the customer service issues and the lack of promotions or discounts. 

However, their shortcomings do not take away from their high-quality seed, industry experience, excellent strain selection, and shipping privacy.

We believe Pacific Seed Bank is an A-rated cannabis seed distributor and is poised to become one of the biggest names in the marijuana seeds space. 

Yes, you may find other seed bank companies with a better price, but always remember you get what you pay for. I hope you’ve enjoyed these Pacific Seed Bank reviews and if they are up to your standard, then go ahead and get your seeds from Pacific Seed Bank!

About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

David Rhodes