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Selecting a seed bank nowadays can be quite a challenging task due to the plethora of choices available.

However, seed banks are different from one another in a lot of factors, what makes some better choices than others?

Enter Nirvana Seed Bank. In this review, we are going to find out more about this company in terms of their reputation, history of the company, the quality of their seeds, the variety in selection, pricing, and customer support.

After going through this review, you can come to a conclusion about Nirvana seeds, and if they are the perfect choice for you as a seed bank company.

Nirvana Seed Bank Review:

Overall, Nirvana Seed Bank has been around since the 1980’s, so they’ve been around the block. They are always a solid option to buy cannabis seeds from, but they are aimed a bit more at beginners, so their prices and seed quality are generally seen as decent, rather than a higher end product.

I’d recommend you use ILGM if you’re located in the USA, or Crop King Seeds if you’re located outside the USA because both of these shops offer an overall better experience with great prices, and seed selections, and you don’t have to worry about a poor experience!

Nirvana Seeds Review

Are There Better Seed Banks Available?

How does Nirvana Seeds stack up to other seed banks available to purchase seeds from?

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History of Nirvana Seeds:

Nirvana seed shop was founded by Mau, a former worker of the popular Amsterdam seed bank. Mau founded the company in the 80s after gathering enough knowledge and training expertise from his former workplace.

Before starting the company, Mau already mapped out a plan on how to break out in the marijuana industry on his own. So his time as an employee only served as a learning curve for him to attain this dream.

Mau first started traveling around the world collecting varieties of cannabis seeds, planting them, crossbreeding, and coming up with germination techniques for the generations of plants.

This took him years, and after he was finally ready, he started selling his own customized cannabis seed hybrids.

Nirvana shop ventured into the online seed bank business officially in 1995 and from then on they began marketing all original strains from Mau. Even now, once in a while, the company comes up with new hybrids of seed strains.

As you can see, Nirvana seed is really invested in improving and they always strive to be better than they were. As of the year 2020, they have gone through countless generations of cannabis seeds, and you can always count on the next one to be better than the previous one.

Another reason why Nirvana seed bank is one of the best is the array of unique innovations they came up with for their hemp products such as hemp tea, hemp liquor, etc.

With the new ways they come about various uses of hemp, Nirvana seed bank is like the innovative mind of the industry, not only in the Netherlands where it has its headquarters, but also to the world at large.

Nirvana Seeds Reputation:

Nirvana seed bank is not only popular for its seeds, they are also like the one-stop online shop for growers and they deal with soils and other important seed growing supplies.

A lot of growers vast with the history of seed banks in the cannabis industry will tell you that at one point or another, they have shopped from Nirvana. This is why new growers love to buy from them because of what they heard about them.

Even though they have become quite popular in the industry today, their supplies are still inexpensive, so they are the perfect place for you to start out your cannabis growing business.

Nirvana’s reputation as a seed bank is perfect enough for a company that is more than 2 decades. Both experienced and first time growers speak highly of them, an important requirement that even most seed banks cannot muster today. Even growers that love to experiment will get a lot of options with Nirvana.

Seed Selection (3.5/5.0):

Nirvana’s seed selection game is well above average. There are a lot of strains you can choose from, ranging from auto-flowering seeds to feminized ones. They also have seed varieties for cannabis plants suited for indoor and outdoor.

As of 2020, their strain selection is about 40, and some of the most popular ones include Jock Horror, OG Kush, Raspberry Cough, Papaya, Sour Diesel, etc.

Nirvana Seed Shop

To their credit, you can find both the most basic seed strain and the most exclusive ones in their collection. This cannot be said for many seed banks.

Their selection extends to other grower items and kits you will need for your startup. They have various collections for growers, an example is the indoor starter bundle that contains feminized skunk seeds (5), root pouches (5), a propagator kit, sponge pots (10), and a yield kit for as many as 5 plants.

Buying their collection bundle will make your growing journey start seamlessly because the collection does not save you money, they reduce the error threshold that most starters face with cannabis growing.

There is another collection bundle that is exclusive to only outdoor growers, kits for quick germination and yielding, and other kits for marijuana enthusiasts and medical users.

These many alternatives make it easy to think that Nirvana seed bank is more concerned about the journey of their customers as growers.

Although you can argue that they are making money from sales if it is that easy, wont other seed banks invest more in this aspect of the business?

Seed Quality (4.0/5.0):

It is common knowledge that no matter how well-rated a seed bank’s strain selection is if the quality of seed is not good enough, it counts for nothing.

Nirvana seed bank understands this so well, and the seed quality is just as good and rated as the strain selection. A lot of growers have used them over the years, and they keep coming back for more. Definitely, this won’t be possible if they are not doing something right as a seed bank.

Aside from their customers, a lot of seed banks trust them enough to sell their products as distributors all around the world. Some of these brands build their reputation as resellers and will not accept seeds from any bank with a poor record. Some distributors even go as far as vetting the seeds to ascertain their quality.

Thousands of growers that started out with Nirvana seed banks right from their inception are still with them till date.

Nirvana seed bank is simply the perfect choice for growers whose only concern so far is the yield of the seed.

Customer Service (4.5/5.0):

Sometimes, a company is only as good as it treats its customers, and this is why a lot of people will enquire about the customer service of a company before doing business with them.

Nirvana seed bank customer team is very professional, one of their edges over rivals in the industry.

You can easily reach their customer service department, and they have many options for you to do so, such as live chat and direct call.

If you have any pressing issue with aspects of their services, you can open a ticket via live chat where they will closely monitor and help you solve your issue.

Nirvana seed banks customer service

Nirvana customer service is not only there to help you when you have difficulties, from time to time they have live chat sessions where they help with seed growing tips and how you can properly handle your seeds for germinations.

Their website has a grow solution section to help with information for the challenges that growers might face on a daily basis.

Most of their customers will tell you that the representative that picked the call to respond to their issues is usually friendly and most importantly, helpful.

It’s simple, Nirvana seed bank values its clients a lot and will stop at nothing to ensure that they render them the best services, this is displayed in how their customer service operates.

Nirvana’s Shipping Policy (3.0/5.0):

When it comes to shipping, Nirvana can deliver anywhere on the globe except Japan, Australia, and Argentina. But you do not have to bother about the seed reaching you if you stay in any of these places because the products are quite popular and a lot of Nirvana distributors find a way to ship into these countries.

If you place an order with Nirvana, you will receive it within 4 business days. As soon as your order is ready for shipping, they will send you a confirmation mail.

For orders from anywhere in Europe, expect your package to arrive within 1 to 2 weeks. If it’s from the USA, then the duration is 3 to 4 weeks. From anywhere else in the world, the order will arrive within 3 to 4 weeks.

Nirvana Seeds Shipping Policy

However, the company does not offer guarantees that your order will get to you. But so far, their record for delivery is quite good.

Their website does not carry any details on returns for orders. But in case you have a cause to return a product reach out to their customer service.

For orders above 100 euros, Nirvana will not charge a shipping fee, otherwise, the shipping fee is 4 euros.

Seed Pricing (4.5/5.0):

When it comes to pricing, Nirvana seed bank is a very economical choice. They are the perfect choice for growers with a moderate budget that need great yield for their seeds.

Aside from their seeds, other grower’s products they sell also come at a fair price, better than what you will get in the market. The fact that it is even in collection bundles makes it more cost-effective.

Their payment options are also diversified. Even though they have been in operation for more than 20 years they still make use of unconventional payment options like cryptocurrency.

Other payment options include bank transfer, online payment, and credit card payment. The currencies they support are such as Euros, Pounds, Japanese Yen, Canadian and American dollars, etc.

If you want to pay anonymously, the recommended option is bitcoin. They will also help you with a guide on how to create a bitcoin wallet and send payment if it is your first time.

Note that Nirvana will not accept payments such as western union, cash after delivery, PayPal, money order, and check. Not many seed banks accept Paypal so it’s definitely a great option if you’re looking to use PP.

Promotions and Discounts (4.0/5.0):

Nirvana has enticing discounts for their customers to encourage them to buy more and save more money, just like every company that is concerned about what their customers should do.

If you place an order of at least 100 euros, your shipping will be free of charge. For other bulk orders, the company will offer you a decent discount.

There is also a special offer discount that you can access from the special offer page on their website. Here you can find as many as 30% discounts, but this is based on the seed strain you are buying.

Aside from the fact that they have one of the most affordable prices in the cannabis industry, they also give away free seeds regularly, and you do not need a discount code to enjoy this.

To benefit from their free seed promotions, regularly check on their sales page. When it’s promo time, you can get any of their products at no or little price.

Note that their free giveaway is not only for cannabis seeds.

Is Nirvana Seeds Legit?:

Yes, Nirvana Seeds is legit, and they ship worldwide!

Nirvana seed bank is one of the most perfect choices for growers who are buying high-quality seed on a budget. Most of their seed strains and growers’ supplies are cost-effective and of great yield.

When it comes to price, you will not see a lot of cannabis seed banks offering a better deal than Nirvana. Also, buying at lower prices from other companies without reputation is dangerous because you do not know what you are getting.

Nirvana seed bank reputation over the years has been consistent. They are a trustworthy cannabis company that is not only concerned with making sales but meeting their customers’ demands.

Even though a lot of cannabis enthusiasts in the industry see low pricing as a red flag, Nirvana reputation speaks out for them. New growers love them because apart from the seeds they help with other important supplies for a first growth.

Their strain selection is perfect for various conditions, and regardless of if you are choosy or not, there is a perfect option for you.

Their customer service is great. They offer promotions and discounts, and their shipping is secure with discreet options.

Final Thoughts On Nirvana Seed Bank:

So, is Nirvana seed bank a perfect choice?

Although there are luxury seed banks in the industry today, you can still make a case for Nirvana seed bank as one of the best for economic reasons.

If you want high yield cannabis seeds and you are on a stringent budget, this is a perfect choice for you.



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

David Rhodes