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Neptune Seed Bank, a seed bank located in California, has consistently been ranked amongst the leading seed banks in the US. Since its establishment, Neptune Seed Bank has fulfilled many customer requests and orders. The physical location of Neptune Seed Bank is at 1218 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA.

Neptune Seed Bank Reviews – Quick Look:

Overall, Neptune Seed Bank is a legit seed bank with a good selection of seeds to choose from. That being said, their website isn’t very user-friendly, and they don’t have a germination guarantee, which makes me select different seed banks over Neptune.

I recommend taking a look at ILoveGrowingMarijuana and Crop King Seeds instead!

Although their address is in North America, they ship to customers in many different parts of the world, excluding countries that the US government has placed on embargo. The company comprises of professional, experienced staff who have excellent knowledge of the cannabis industry.

Neptune Seed Bank Reviews

Neptune Seed Bank is popular for the large number of seeds it stocks. Being a part of a network of more than 100 breeders worldwide gives them the chance to supply a diverse variety of cannabis seeds. 

The company is committed to offering its customers the highest quality seeds at the most affordable price. They have strived to keep up a high standard throughout the many years of business and have carved an awesome reputation for themselves.

All the Cannabis seeds which the bank supplies are of premium quality sourced from breeders with high production standards. This company only works with breeders that have a track record of producing quality seeds. Many Neptune Seed bank reviews across the internet highlight their quality and efficiency.

Although Neptune Seed Bank has not been in the industry for too long, they have captured a wide section of it through their knowledge and professionalism. It is a good choice for growers in the US and other members of the world cannabis community.

Pros of Neptune Seed Bank

  • Partners with more than 100 different growers
  • Budget-friendly seeds
  • Tracking available for shipping
  • 1929 Seed options
  • Premium customer service

Cons of Neptune Seed Bank

  • No reviews on the website
  • Non-user-friendly website
  • Zero guarantees for germination rate

Neptune Seed Bank’s Seed Selection

As earlier mentioned, Neptune Seed Bank sells a wide variety of seeds. Customers can choose from any of the 1929 seed groups from over a hundred original, ingenious breeders in their system. Hence the seeds are of high quality and stable too.

neptune seed bank seed selection

Because they have a wide seed variety, Neptune Seed Bank caters to the needs of customers looking for auto-flowering, CBD, medicinal or feminized strains. Everyone can find what they need in their store regardless of how long you’ve been a grower. The store caters to both beginner and seasoned growers.

The company also supplies high-quality and less pricey stock, Sativa, Indica, and hybrid, including strong strains.

Some breeders they partner with include Pacific Northwest Roots, Geist Grow, Cannabis by Corey, Purple City Genetics, and Dungeon Vault Genetics.

Neptune Seed Bank offers so many seed types that might overwhelm you as you choose. However, this large stock collection makes it one of the most popular seed banks in the US cannabis community.

Among the strains provided by this company, the following are quite popular: Corn Cob, Crazy Hazey, Burnt Orange, Ice Cream Cone, Corn Cob, cherry pie, sunset sherbet, etc. 

Neptune’s Seed Quality

Neptune Seed Bank only partners with the best breeders who only supply high-quality, genetically advanced seeds, which can not be overemphasized. The strains are unique and are hardly found anywhere else. 

Neptune Seeds supply high-quality across all strains. But they cannot regulate the germination rate of the seeds due to their partnership with many breeders.

As such, you cannot get any germination rate guarantee or refund on seeds that refuse to germinate. The company recommends that customers stage direct contact with the seed’s breeders. The lack of refunds is one part of their service that will need refurbishing.

Anyway, although they do not refund, they help accelerate contact between the breeder and customers and help the customers get refunds. 

Still, it is not promised. 

If you are particular about buying seeds protected by a germination rate guarantee, you might want to look elsewhere. Companies like I Love Growing Marijuana offer refunds. This other company has a 100% Germination Guarantee policy which other seeds banks are yet to rival. They give the best guarantee because they sell high-quality seeds and attach free seeds for their customers.

Therefore, if you want to get Germination Guarantee, Neptune Seeds are unfortunately not the company for you.

Prices Of Seeds At Neptune Seed Bank

The price of seeds in the Neptune Seed Bank varies according to the breeder it is sourced from. Customers can find seed packs of around $10 per seed and others for $20 per seed. 

However, Neptune Seed Bank has very affordable seed prices regardless of the price variation.

That way, you won’t spend a lot of money purchasing seeds to plant your favorite strains.

Payment Methods Offered

The payment process for Neptune Seed Bank is incredibly seamless. The company accepts many different payment methods that are convenient and discreet for customers.

Some of them include:

This company allows all the most popular payment methods except for wire transfer. 

Since the wire transfer is not available, customers who want to pay discreetly can still use cash and Bitcoin.

All the payment methods they provide are secure and safeguard customers’ transactions. Neptune Seed Bank does not release customer information illegally. If you are looking for other payment methods, take a look at seed banks that accept Paypal, cash app, Venmo, and Zelle!

Shipping Policy

Neptune Seed Bank is famous for its top-notch, speedy, and budget-friendly shipping to customers in different countries. Shipping is done with USPS to almost all the world countries except for countries with which the US has trade embargoes.

There are different kinds of shipping options to suit your specific needs. They include:

Standard Shipping: This costs $6 and delivers between 5-10 days for addresses within the continental USA. The estimated number of days for other destinations is not specified. The label is scanned and issued with a tracking number automatically sent to the customer.

Discreet Shipping: This is available at $12.00. the package is double boxed and shipped as a priority. Ideally, the package gets to the destination in 2-3 business days. The customer also receives an automatic email indicating the tracking number after the scanned label.

Signature Shipping: This costs $20. The Seed is double packaged, shipped on priority, and can only be claimed on delivery by a signature. This is the best delivery option for customers who live in places where packages are easily stolen. Like the others, the customer receives an automatic email of the tracking number after the label is scanned.

Guaranteed Shipping: This costs $25. This shipping option is double boxed and shipped on priority. The customer receives the package within 2-3 business days. This package is the most secure because it is reshipped without asking questions if it is lost on transit. The customer also receives an automatic email of the tracking number when the label is scanned. 

The company currently ships with USPS but is willing to use any other option requested by their customer. However, international orders are at the owner’s risk, and no compensation will be made for missing deliveries. If you are looking for free shipping, then check out ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com!

Customer Service

Neptune Seed Bank is committed to its number one goal of supplying premium, original strains to its customers. The second priority is giving the perfect shopping experience to their customers. 

The need to satisfy their customers is why they have several fast shipping options, provide affordable seeds, and support customers to contact them when they have issues with their orders.

Although you cannot find reviews on their website, Neptune Seed Bank reviews all over the internet are positive. Many relevant cannabis publications and blogs have reviewed the company, and these reviews usually rate them high among the top US-based seed banks. 

On TrustPilot, past customers have given them over 27 reviews earning them a score of 3.7/5 stars. 

Neptune Seed Bank’s customer service staff exude positivity and ensure that customer needs are met. The staff is enthusiastic and willing to assist. Even though Neptune Seed Bank does not offer returns or exchanges of seeds gotten by customers, the staff helps the customers connect to the original breeders for more information.

Many users across the internet agree that they have purchased seeds from the company without having any bad experience with the attitude or cooperation of their staff. Despite having many activities to keep up with, they try to be very professional. 

A certain customer once wrote a review stating that they got many orders from Neptune Bank. After contacting the owner of Neptune bank, it is certain that Neptune Seed Bank actually cares about its customers.

The company also offers some freebies for their customers and fast and discreet shipping which is every customer’s delight. You don’t have to sit wondering if this company has sent your package.

Is Neptune Seed Bank Legit?

Generally, Neptune Seed Bank is renowned and safe. Cannabis growers in the United States and worldwide can buy their seeds from them due to the large variety of their seeds. The seed collection is of high quality and priced affordably. 

Although customers face slight inconveniences navigating the Seed Bank’s website, buying their seeds is totally a great idea. Although they are among the best currently, they will be higher rates if they fix some of the problems with their refund policy and website.

Take a look at other seed banks that ship worldwide!



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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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