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Several methods exist for purchasing seeds, including from local supermarkets or hardware stores, garden centers, and catalogs. Nonetheless, the trend in recent times leans towards buying online. A myriad of websites and platforms exists, facilitating the sale of nearly every seed variety.

MJ Seeds Canada Review:

MJ Seeds Canada is a decent Canadian seed bank. They have a decent seed selection and their prices are relatively competitive as well. That being said, recently there’s been some mixed customer reviews which has made me a bit wary of MJ Seeds Canada. At the end of the day, you might be fine ordering from MJ Seeds, but I personally prefer a different seed bank.

I suggest you simply use Crop King Seeds whose based in Canada and offers extremely fast shipping throughout Canada and across the world, is extremely trustworthy, and has great deals and prices on seeds.

So, purchasing seed strains from online seed banks is now easier than ever. Customers now have far too many choices to pick from, thanks to the availability of the internet.

Other Seed Banks To Consider:

There are hundreds of seed banks to consider online, and thankfully we’ve gone through most of them to find the best seed banks available, as well as ones to steer clear of. Below are some of our favorite seed banks!

Seed Bank

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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Pacific Seed Bank

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Elev8 Seed Bank

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Fast Buds Seed Bank

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I49 Seed Bank

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BC Bud Depot

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Blimburn Seeds

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Expert Seed Bank

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True North Seed Bank

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Nirvana Seed Shop

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Attitude Seed Bank

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GTA Seed Bank

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Sensible Seeds

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Rating: 3.2/5.0 | CannabisSeeds.com Review

MJ Seeds Canada

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Gorilla Seeds

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Highgrade Seeds

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BC Seeds

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Sannies Seeds

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Humboldt Seeds

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Neptune Seed Bank

Rating: 3.0/5.0 | Neptune Seed Bank Reviews

But choosing an online seed bank has become more difficult as choices are increasing. Without any doubt, making the wrong decision can lead you to a bad experience purchasing substandard seeds.

That is where the reviews come in. We have done all of the deep, time-consuming research for you that will give you a clear picture of whether the seed bank you are going for is worth it or not. Yes! The seed bank we’ll be reviewing today is MJ Seeds Canada.

This account will provide you with an in-depth, all-inclusive, and unbiased analysis of this seed bank. We will be covering all areas, including seed quality, seed costs, strains available, shipping rules, and so forth. Lastly, we’ll evaluate the seed bank and whether or not it’s worth using.

About MJ Seeds Canada

Marijuana Seeds Canada is a 100 percent employee-owned company. It was found in 2009 and is known as a world-renowned seed bank, which supplies high-quality marijuana seeds across the world. As the name suggests, it is a Canadian Seed Bank, but ships worldwide.

MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada has a diverse range of marijuana strains, some of which are extremely popular. They range from CBD, regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and much more. MJ seed also accepts bulk orders at reasonable rates with worldwide shipping.

Are MJ Seeds Canada A Legit Seed Bank?

There is no wonder that there are many online scammy seed banks out there that will take your money and then disappear.

Luckily, MJ seeds are not among those seed banks. They have been selling marijuana seeds for over 12 years and are a well-known and respected brand in the market.

MJ Seeds is an entirely legit online seed bank as they are receiving great feedback on their products and customer service. Furthermore, purchasing from them is completely secure! They do not keep personal information.

After considering all of these criteria, there is no doubt that MJ Canada Seeds is a legitimate online seed bank worth considering more.

Pros And Cons Of MJ Seeds Canada:


  • Excellent quality strains are available
  • All products are at affordable prices 
  • A wide range of seed to choose from and buy
  • They frequently offer many free seed and shipping deals.
  • Multiple payment options are available.
  • Discretely worldwide shipping with a guarantee (80% guarantee)


  • Most users don’t leave reviews, but most of them are largely positive
  • Between 5 and 10% are seized by customs going into some countries
  • They don’t offer a 100% germination guarantee.
  • Purchase can only proceed with dollar currency. (Or Canadian dollars)
  • They do not ship COD.

Seed Selection:

MJ Seeds has a large selection of seed strains to choose from. Feminized, auto-flowering, Sativa, Indica, hybrid, and more varieties of seeds are available. The website is also ideal for organizing the various options offered based on seed type, making it exceedingly simple for users to browse.

Marijuana Seeds Canada

Each category can be accessible from the main page. And each product has a price and description alongside its image.

Their entire product line is of high quality and reasonably priced. Blueberry normal, Amnesia feminized, Purple haze feminized, and Pineapple express are some of their most famous and effective strains.

 With such a diverse range of strains on sale, there will definitely be enough seed strains to meet all of your requirements. It is absolutely crucial to keep in mind that the availability of specific strains may vary according to the time of year and may be out of stock as a consequence.

The Quality Of The Seeds:

This online seed bank ensures that all of its seeds go through procedures to ensure that users receive only the highest quality seeds. Their seeds are hand-inspected before shipping to their valued customer.

They go through some more extra methods to ensure that all seeds are exceptionally potent and provide a high yield.

The downside is that MJ Seeds offers an 80% germination guarantee. This is understandable given that germination depends not only on the seeds but also on the customers’ practices.

We saw several favorable reviews online from customers who stated that the seed quality was excellent and yielded high harvests.

Seed Prices:

The pricing that a seed bank char can reveal a lot about their company. The majority of the time, customers prefer seed banks that give the lowest possible pricing.

They are unaware that there is always a catch with these low-cost offers; they are frequently of poor quality and fail to grow.

In this regard, MJ Seeds Canada has the fairest pricing ad these are not too low that you’re concerned about the seed quality. When compared to competitors in the industry, their rates are quite affordable without losing the quality of their products.

Many other seed banks charge higher prices, owing to their germination guarantee. Perhaps this is why MJ Seeds’ pricing is often lower than theirs.

If you happen to be on a mission to find a seed bank that assures germination, MJ seed bank is for you. And if you consider the numerous positive reviews regarding the quality of seeds, MJ Seeds Canada may be worth a try.

Payment Options:

The fact that MJ Seeds accepts a variety of payment methods is a bonus. They accept mail-in cash and money orders and Interac e-transfers (Canadian customers only), and PayPal.

MJ Seeds also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Payment Transfer, and Bitcoin as payment methods. You can also contact them, and they will provide you the payment instructions if you have any other preferred way of payment.

Their seed prices are displayed in US dollars. If you place the order from within Canada, you will be charged the amount in Canadian dollars. Because MJ Seed Canada is a global firm, they prefer to process orders outside Canada in US dollars.

Shipping Policy:

MJ Seeds Canada ships all orders within 24 hours after payment receipt. Orders with normal post take an average of 7 to 21 business days to arrive across North America.

It takes roughly a week for orders to be shipped express. Before they can be delivered, all packages must clear customs.

With the $20 or $40 shipping options, they also guarantee delivery. These shipping options include tracking and insurance, allowing us to determine whether or not your package was delivered.

They provide guaranteed delivery, which means replacing it at no additional cost if your product is not delivered.

This is something that most seed banks do not do, and it demonstrates MJ Seeds’ commitment to client happiness.

The great thing is that they offer worldwide shipping, so you never have to worry about being unable to purchase their products because of your nation of residency. Your seeds will be delivered in a secure box.

The delivery techniques are continually changing; they could transport your product inside anything from electrical equipment to toys.

Orders placed outside of North America are usually shipped inside birthday cards. Furthermore, before shipping, all seeds are appropriately examined for faults and put in discrete crushproof packing.

This ensures that the product passes through customs smoothly and arrives at its recipient on deadline.

Customs officials seize a small percentage of orders (between 5 and 10%) in some countries. When you select the guaranteed delivery option, you can be confident that we will reship your order in the event of postal service loss or customs seizure.

 There are two possible reasons why your product may not arrive:

  1. Importing marijuana seeds is illegal in your country.
  2. Importing agricultural products such as seeds, fruits, or vegetables may be prohibited in your location.

MJ Seeds Canada Promotions And Free Deals:

MJ Seeds is accommodating by providing numerous value-packed deals to its valuable customers. They include free seeds equal to the cost of $420 with your order if you spend $420 with MJ Seeds Canada.

They will give you five extra feminized seeds if you order feminized seeds. You will also get ten extra regular seeds if you order regular seeds.

For all total item orders over $200, free shipping applies. Simply order enough seeds, and we will cover the cost of shipping. That sounds interesting!

Final Thoughts on MJ Seeds Canada:

While considering all the good things about MJ Seeds Canada, we can get many benefits. Such as affordable prices, high-quality products, worldwide shipping, promotions, free deals, and high-value seed strains

At the same time, we can see some drawbacks about MJ Seeds. For example, an incomplete germination guarantee and limited payment methods for people around the world.

But overall, MJ Seeds is a good seed bank to buy from. Because they facilitate their customers a lot with exciting deals, it is a big deal that’s definitely worth a try!



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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