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Latest Update: January 29th, 2023: By now, many individuals are familiar with ILGM within the realm of cannabis seed commerce – but is their fame justified? In this analysis of ILGM, we will dissect my individual encounter with ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com and ascertain if I endorse them!

ILGM Review – Quick Look

Seed Quality:10/10
Customer Service:10/10
Overall Rating:9.5/10

Overall ILGM is one of my favorite places to buy cannabis seeds online, and I highly recommend them to anyone! All my experiences with ILGM have been easy, convenient, and delivered extremely high-quality seeds.

An Introduction To ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM):

The best introduction to the I Love Growing Marijuana website and seedbank service is an introduction to the founder. I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM for those in the know, is one of many cannabis-related projects run by a chemist named Robert Bergman, who very obviously does love growing marijuana… and anything else related to marijuana. 

ILGM Reviews

Bergman has been infatuated with growing since the early nineties, when he started (as most of the folks reading this probably did or will) with just a few plants at a home-grow operation. Over the next 25 years, he has mastered many parts of the trade, especially how to best care for your harvest, which can change quite a bit from strain to strain. He truly seems eager to share his knowledge via the ILGM website, and there is plenty of free information to drink up as you start your first harvest, or look at ways to improve you own trade. 

In addition to the website, Bergman is the author of many books, including the extensive Marijuana Grow Bible which is available for about $35 in paperback, and is definitely a sound investment for beginners. Advertised as a book that “will teach you how to grow marijuana to be happy” just seems appealing to any stoner, but add in his sterling past as a grower, and you can be as confident as you are giddy when reading through his extensive how-to guide on making your buds as big and plentiful as you can. 

Ilovegrowingmarijuana reviews

In addition to the book, and the information spread across the webpages of the ILGM website, Bergman also has an online “lab” called Bergman’s Lab that has a lot of the same information as the book, but is delivered in a more photo-centric way, with regular updates and comment/feedback features to help you learn from others’ questions. The lab has guides and videos on watering, growing techniques for indoor v. outdoor, how to adjust your grow based on climate, how to increase yield, and much more. 

All in all, ILGM is the seedbank website extension of Bergman, who is, by all internet accounts anyway, someone very passionate about helping people learn how to grow quality marijuana. 

History of ILGM:

I Love Growing Marijuana began in 2012, and though it quickly evolved into a very popular and trusted seedbank, it began as more of an outlet for aspiring growers to learn tips and tools of the trade. No doubt, that focus on helping others “grow” is a reason for its continued success as a seedbank, as Bergman is a trusted figure in the marijuana industry with a reputation for putting customers’ needs first. 

In addition to the quality personnel behind the ILGM site, it also quickly became a hub for other professionals to share their knowledge with aspiring growers. The forum aspect of the site only added to its growth, and with Bergman’s expertise meshing with the expertise of other visitors to the site, it was only a sensible business move to monetize it and offer up some quality materials to go with the quality knowledge. 

ILGM Website Usability:

The website isn’t the most modern and visually appealing one that exists as far as seedbanks go, but it certainly qualifies as professional. Advertisements are non-existent, and nothing about the site would suggest it’s anything less than a quality option for people looking for seeds to buy. 

General ease-of-use of the ILGM website is very high, with another nod to the fact that there aren’t advertisements popping up all of the time, making it difficult to navigate. The most prominent tab on the top of the page is, indeed, the one highlighted in red that reads “BUY SEEDS,” but it is right next to tabs for the aforementioned “FORUM,” as well as tabs for the blog and downloadable guides. 

Ilovegrowingmarijuana.com review

The smaller tabs on the page, which are also very easy to find as they are located right beneath the main tabs, include troubleshooting, strains, journals, deals, about, and support, all of which load quickly and don’t take you on a guided goose chase to get you to go to the purchasing part of the site. The customer care focus certainly shines through, as the home page boasts large images for grow guides, as well as a link to YouTube videos of different strain reviews so people can learn about their different options for growing from third-party users who were in the same shoes not long ago. 

The specials are well-laid out, but not in a sense that they are being shoved down visitors’ throats, either. The list of grow guides is extremely easy to navigate, with large icons for the 9 different areas of the guides, including Starting Out; Plant Biology; Grow Stages; Growing Indoors; Growing Outdoors; Mediums; Nutrients; Troubleshooting; and Advanced Techniques.

Scrolling even further down the home page, you will find links to contributors to learn more about the people teaching the growing ways, and why their words should be heeded. There are also calendars available that show growers the best times of year to grow outdoors if, indeed, they are in an area where outdoor growing is possible. They also have plenty of information on indoor grows, too, so fear not if you live somewhere that isn’t suited for outdoor growing. 

Having also viewed the website on a mobile phone, the desktop version was certainly a bit easier to navigate, but that tends to be normal regardless of what site you’re going to. If you are doing a lot of actual comparing and contrasting, we would definitely recommend the desktop version, but if you know what you want, and are just looking for a quick order, mobile access will more than suffice. 

In a nutshell, the website is full of information, but still very easy to use and very much geared towards the customer experience, rather than a “Buy, Buy, Buy!” situation as often exists on the internet. 

Payment Methods:

Overall ILGM does a great job of being accommodating with payment methods. They accept most traditional payment methods including:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Bitcoin (Save Up TO 15% By Purchasing With Bitcoin Via ILGM)
  • Bank or Wire Transfer
  • Cash
  • Check

Unfortunately they don’t accept additional payment options like Paypal Account or Cash App. If you need to use those payment methods, check out our guides on seed banks that accept those.

Seed Quality:

As great as the website is, the seed quality is even better. As mentioned in the introduction, the founder of the site comes from a chemistry background, and when chemistry and a passion for great cannabis get together, the results are oh-so-tasty! In addition to any of the classic strains new growers tend to reach for, Bergman and his team have also created some uniquely fantastic strains in the lab, and offer seeds for those as well. By almost all review accounts, the quality of the products that I Love Growing Marijuana delivers to consumers is top-notch. 

ILGM does not have a ludicrous amount of strains available like some seedbanks, but they still have a hefty amount, with more than 70 options at any given time. This should be viewed as a “quality over quantity” approach, as they are able to divvy up the team’s expertise, ensuring that what you read about each strain will be properly researched and described, to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Seed Selection:

As mentioned above, the selection isn’t ridiculously large, but they certainly offer something for everyone. When visitors to the site navigate to the Strains tab, they are once again treated to a very user-friendly depiction of what is available for them to purchase. Ultimately, the site offers more than 70 strains, including autoflowering, feminine, and more, but the way they allow users to find which is best sets ILGM apart from the norm.

They offer three ways of searching for a strain that will meet all of your needs, and each way is broken down into three categories. The first is by popularity. For many people new to any industry, following a trend is normally a safe bet for newbies. If you’re in this mindset, your search for seeds on ILGM should be done under the “Popular Seeds” search area, which allows you to search the most popular overall, the most popular strains to energize, and the most popular strains to relax. 

For folks who may have a better idea of an exact strain, the second search option is by plant type. This trio of strains is separated by indica, sativa, and hybrid, making it ideal for those growers who already know they want a nice heady buzz, a nice couch potato strain, or something offering a little bit of both worlds. 

The third way the strains are broken down is by potency. Though not too many people seem to complain about the fact that weed gets stronger and stronger every single year, there are still plenty of people who prefer a lighter high, and this section allows visitors to search for strains by the amount of THC found in them, or by CBD strains, which are quickly gaining popularity both on the site, and in the real-world (most likely a causal relationship based on the latter). 

ILGM Best Sellers:

ILGM recommends their autoflowering seeds for beginners because, as the name would suggest, they tend to be the hardest seeds to screw up during a grow. In addition to their autoflowering seeds, which sell very well, they also have a few strains that customers reach for more often than other. ILGM is touted for their Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, White Widow, and Blueberry strains, all of which are often offered on some sort of seasonal special. 

Shipping Policy:

The first tip of the hat, as far as shipping goes, should be directed toward the fact that it’s free on all shipments within the United States. This includes large shipments for those beginners who need to order a full grow pack and all of the supplies to start their operation. 

Shipping is also 100% guaranteed, so even if your delivery issue was beyond control of ILGM, such as in a case where legal issues caused the shipment to be stopped, the folks at I Love Growing Marijuana’s stellar customer service team will make sure you get a refund or a replacement. Fear not, however, as this is a very rare occurrence and a vast majority of reviews point to a very discreet and timely delivery of their order. 

Other Cool Stuff From ILoveGrowingMarijuana:

Mix Packs

ILGM Seed Bank Mix Pack

If you find yourself shopping around and realizing you don’t want just a single strain, ILGM offers many different mix packs where you get a few different strains of seeds. They have a LOT of options, too, from autoflower mixes, to beginner mixes, and more focused ones such as Classics, The Heavy Hitters Mix, The Sweet Mix, mixes for high-yeild grows, mixes great for baking, fruity mixes, berry mixes, and many more. 

Grow Kits

Though the pieces can be purchased individually, as well, ILGM has created a few grow kits that include seeds, fertilizer, plant protectors, and other nutrients to ensure your grows go smoothly. Don’t forget about all of the online resources to help you that ILGM makes extremely easy to access and use. 

Germination Guarantee 

If your seeds don’t grow, ILGM will replace them for free! They also provide a handy guide on how to quickly introduce germination in your seeds!

Delivery Guarantee 

If your seeds don’t arrive, ILGM will replace them for free!

Is ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com Legit?

Yes ILGM is Legit!
The name of the site says it all, and it’s very obvious that the folks at I Love Growing Marijuana do, indeed, love it. If there is one thing that they may seem to love even more than growing pot, however, it seems to be their dedication to helping others find passion in the hobby, and ILGM.com provides everything and more that an aspiring or proven grower would need. And if they don’t, customer service has a great reputation for guiding you to your answers or your desires, even if ILGM can’t directly offer you what you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts On ILGM:

After reading this review, you should rest assured that ILGM is one of the best cannabis seed providers around! Every experience I’ve had with them has been extremely smooth and pleasant. They are my #1 go to when I’m looking to purchase cannabis seeds online! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on ILGM reviews and I hope it’s given you some reassurance to test out ILGM!



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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