About GTA Seed Bank

GTA Seed Bank is a renowned seed bank based in Canada. They sell one of the best strains produced by industry-leading breeders. This Canadian seed bank is famous among the masses for its swift, stealthy worldwide shipping. This company is well-known for its connections with the best cannabis breeders from around the world. It had a traditional brick-and-mortar store which was shut down in 2014. Ever since then, GTA Seed Bank has operated through a website. In this GTA Seed Bank Review we’ll be walking you through if you should trust GTA or if there are better options available.

This seed bank has lots of pros and cons. The notable pros are:

  • Shipping is available all over the world
  • The prices are reasonable
  • They are home to more than 750 strain varieties
  • Pretty high quality strains
  • They have auto-flowering, feminized and regular strains as well

Like all things, they have their cons as well:

  • The website looks very old and is not pleasing to the eye
  • No guarantees on germination rate
  • Only payment methods are money orders, money transfers, and cash

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Is GTA Seed Bank Legit?

It can be hard to trust businesses that only have an online presence. Trust is still one of the biggest concerns when shopping online. Hence, we have done our homework so that you no longer need to worry about it. GTA Seed Bank is known to be safe and legit. They had been in the business for a long time, and they even had a physical presence before shifting to an online store.

GTA Seed Bank Review

It might be worrying to see that there are zero reviews by Trustpilot for the business. Moreover, they are listed as ‘gray’ on SeedFinder. The ‘gray’ means that there is not enough information to serve as the basis for a recommendation. That being said, if you’re looking for the best seed bank possible, then I’d trust some companies that have hundreds of positive reviews.

However, reviews from different users on SeedFinder have helped GTA Seed Bank to rack up the rating of 8/10 for product quality, 8.83/10 for delivery time, and 8.42/10 for customer service. These numbers are indeed encouraging.

The individual reviews on Trustpilot for the company have increased to 3200, which has helped them amass a rating of 4.2/5.

Their global presence and experience in the industry show that they are a legitimate business.

Seed Selection at GTA Seed Bank

Like we have mentioned earlier, GTA Seed Bank has a great variety of strain selections. There are lots of seed varieties that you can choose from. You can find 150 auto-flowering, 300 feminized, and 300 traditional seed varieties. This brings the total variety of seeds to 750, which is an astonishing figure. Not many seed banks offer such extensive variety.

Their collaboration with industry-leading breeders has made them popular among customers. They work with many different breeders. They also share an affiliation with legendary cannabis breeders such as Barneys Farm, DNA Genetics, Dinafem Seeds, Green Seed, Paradise Seeds, and TGA Subcool.

While it is advisable to buy seeds directly from breeders, this is often not possible. This is because some breeders do not sell seeds to individuals. Moreover, some breeders do not have an online presence or do not ship to your location. There can be a lot more hassles included as well. In such scenarios, it is easier to buy the required seeds from the seed bank instead.

Hence, buying the seeds from GTA Seed Bank is a sweet alternative. You can head over to their website to look at their seed selection. The seeds are grouped by their company and types. Each product has a picture of the strain and includes essential information regarding it. If you cannot decide which seed to buy, the provided data could help you make the correct decision. Moreover, information such as flowering time, yield, height, THC and CBD levels, taste, etc., is good to know before buying new seeds.

Seed Quality at GTA Seed Bank

It is important to buy good quality seeds that have high germination rates for a good experience. Seed quality determines the germination rate and potency of the strain. This might feel like an overwhelming experience for newbies, but you can easily shop for the best seeds if you take some necessary steps. Reading reviews of users can help you to gauge the quality of the seeds.

GTA Seed Bank has a diverse range of seeds. Their affiliation with industry-leading breeders allows them to sell high-quality seeds. Reviews from several forums and websites dedicated to cannabis have vouched for GTA Seed Bank and have had good things to say about them.

Another advantage of buying from GTA Seed Bank is that they ship the seeds in the original packaging of the breeders. This confirms that the seeds you are receiving are authentic and from the respective breeder.

The vast range of seeds available at GTA Seed Bank means that the quality of the seeds will vary depending on the breeder you choose to buy from. Some seeds will be better than other seeds when compared, of course.

A good strategy is to look for reviews before buying seeds from any breeder. You can look at the reviews to predict germination rates and the quality of the produce.

The fact that GTA Seed Bank works with so many different breeders, they do not include any germination guarantee on their seeds.

Seed Prices

GTA Seed Bank has a massive variety of breeders onboard. Hence, the prices of the seeds can significantly vary. In most cases, the prices were usually reasonable. They were slightly more expensive, but that is understandable, considering that they are a middleman.

When comparing the prices of Sour Diesel at different seedbanks, we were able to conclude that the prices at GTA Seed Bank are on the higher side of the spectrum. GTA Seed Bank sells 10 Sour Diesel seeds for $96. Seedsman sells the same product for $59.24. I Love Growing Marijuana has 10 Sour Diesel Seeds for sale at $99. MSNL has put them up for $77.3. Weedseedexpress has the same seeds available for $82.75.

This comparison shows that the prices for the same product are slightly higher. However, this will vary depending on the product and breeder.

Lastly, GTA Seed Bank also provides lots of promotions and discounts. They usually have some sales online. You can head over to their website to check them.

Payment Methods

GTA Seed Bank likes to keep a low profile. They do not offer lots of payment options like other seed banks. Hence, it could be a hassle to buy from GTA Seed Bank if your favorite payment option is not supported.

You can pay for your purchases using either one of the three methods: money orders, email money transfers, or cash. They have mentioned on their website that they do not accept any other forms of payment. This isn’t very reassuring because credit/debit cards are convenient forms of compensation. Moreover, they do not support Bitcoin either, a more modern and discrete form of payment.

So, to confirm your order, you will need to fill a money order or an envelope with cash with your attached order details. You will have to send this over to their provided P.O. Box address available on their website.

Hence, the lack of payment methods makes it a hassle to order from them.

Shipping Policy at GTA Seed Bank

Most breeders have limited shipping options. The limited shipping options stop people from trying out strains and seeds from other famous breeders. This is where GTA Seed Bank steps into the picture. They work with different breeders and ship their seeds worldwide. It allows consumers to try seeds that might not be available in their region.

They have swift and stealthy shipping for all their customers. The seeds come in discrete packages and have no return address on them. Stealthy packaging helps when you are living with roommates or want some privacy with your parcels.

The shipping cost is $15 if you live in Ontario, and it costs $20 if you live outside Ontario. Moreover, you can also add insurance to your package if you wish. Insurance costs $2.5 for every $100 worth of product insured.

Reviews have confirmed speedy delivery from GTA Seed Bank. Orders are dispatched after the payments have been received and cleared. They use 3-day express post delivery to send out orders.

Final Thoughts on GTA Seed Bank

GTA Seed Bank is the business to turn to if you are looking for a wide variety of high-quality seeds. They have stealthy worldwide shipping, which makes it a sweet deal. Most breeders do not ship worldwide, and that is disappointing to many cannabis users around the world. GTA Seed Bank is bridging the gap by providing its services all around the world.

Moreover, the prices are pretty reasonable, and the reviews have been excellent from the customers that have used them in the past. Their website is old and has poor formatting. This makes for an impression that they are not a legit business. However, they have been in the industry for a long time and only moved online after closing their physical store in 2014.

The positive reviews online show that the business is to be trusted. They offer seeds in the original packaging of the breeders as well.

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