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Crop King Seeds, a seed company based in Canada, conducts a significant portion of its business online, in line with other seed banks. They are recognized as one of the top Canadian seed banks in the market! Though their website may come off as a tad flashy, it is backed by numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, demonstrating a professional demeanor. They offer an above-average level of customer service, including a live-chat feature for any arising issues. With guaranteed delivery and a wide selection, most customer feedback coincides with ours, highlighting Crop King as an organization dedicated to their customers, delivering high-quality seeds and top-notch service. In these Crop King Seeds reviews, we will be exploring everything you need to understand about CKS!

Our Crop King Seeds Review 2024 – Quick Look!

Seed Quality:9.5/10
Customer Service:8.5/10
Overall Rating:9.5/10

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with all my experiences with Crop King Seeds, and they are one of my go-to seed providers! They have an excellent reputation, very high seed quality, and they are extremely helpful and supportive with any questions or purchase issues!

History of Crop King Seeds Seed Bank:

Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King Seed Bank has been doing “his” thing and servicing Canadian customers since 2005, but had to shut down for a few years due to local legislation. It’s probably safe to say they kept in contact with their customer base, because when recreational pot became available in a few U.S. states, the folks from Crop King were some of the first in line with selling seeds to the industry, and also straight to consumer, as was the initial business plan. 

In 2013, the proverbial floodgates of seed sales opened when medicinal growing laws were firmly put in place across the (very large) country of Canada. With these floodgates open, Crop King re-focused their business in Canada, and they now supply seeds to dispensaries and consumers, alike, all across Canada, as well as the United States and other foreign countries. 

CropKingSeeds.com Website Quality:

CropKingSeeds.com Website

No denying that the Crop King Seeds website is a bit cluttered, both desktop and mobile. But cluttered doesn’t particularly mean difficult to navigate, and if your mission is buying cannabis seeds online from a seed bank, it’s pretty easy to find what you want from Crop King Seeds. There is an unavoidable pop-up, but it’s offering chat customer service, so not worthy of a knock, by any means. It’s easy to tell that the creators of the website were having a good time, and even the chat is amicable and friendly. 

Ordering from Crop King Seeds is easy, and the automated response systems are great as well from their customer service department. The seed bank site could use a touch of 2024 design scheming, but that, of course, is subjective and they probably like it just how it is! Perhaps you will, too. 

Crop King Seeds Seed Quality:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

According to most internet reviews, the seed quality from Crop King Seeds is what makes customers turn in to returning customers. Both large-scale growers and at-home grow-to-use crowds give props to the folks at Crop King for the quality of the marijuana seeds. As is always the case with online reviews, there were some negatives sprinkled in, but most seemed to be from the type of folks that find something wrong with anything they spend money on in hopes for a refund or something. 

Crop King Seeds Germination

Speaking of refunds, even if the cannabis seeds were trash (which they are not, at all) the Crop King Seed germination rate guarantee would be enough to give them a try. If 80% of your marijuana seeds don’t grow to completion, no matter the reason, Crop King Seed will replace all of the cannabis seeds. This in and of itself speaks very highly to a seed bank, both from a customer service standpoint and a confidence in their product standpoint. You have nothing to worry about, they only sell high quality seeds!

Crop King Seeds Seed Selection:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A lot of seed banks with high ratings for seed quality have a limited number of different strains, which is often an issue with some customers (and mentioned in reviews such as this one). On the contrary, some seed banks with seemingly infinite selections of marijuana seeds often pale in comparison to the smaller folks when it comes to quality. 

Crop King Seeds Seed Selection

Crop King Seed Bank has both! We already told you about the quality, but the selection is almost equal, as far as comparing the site to competitors. The likely reason for their ability to have high quality and a huge selection is the fact that they cultivate all of their strains themselves, ensuring that every product grown is meeting their own high standards each step of the way. This is a good thing if you’re looking for strains for cold climates such as New England climate or especially the Pacific Northwest climate, these strains will do great! They do note that because of their self-cultivated plants, that your own experiences may slightly differ, as plants produce different seeds depending on the conditions with which the parent plant was grown. 

Crop King Seeds have their own versions of the majority of your favorites, but they also spend a lot of time in the lab, and have produced many award-winning strains (and plenty of great strains that just didn’t get on the awards radar). 

Crop King Seeds autoflowering options are aplenty, and most of their house-strains are offered in this vein, as well as most favorites like Jack Herer, a lot of Haze options, and AK-47. CBD strains are also aplenty at the Crop King seed bank, and can be legally shipped virtually everywhere in the United States now. They offer autoflowering CBD seeds, and some of their top-sellers are CBD White Widow, Auto CBD Cheese, and CBDiesel.

If you like a dependable variety, go dig around on their site for a while, as it’s easy to narrow down your search and find a strain that fits your flavor and high profile perfectly. Compared to any other seed bank, CKS does a great job in terms of selection!

Types of Cannabis Seeds Offered by Crop King Seeds:

AutoFlower Seeds by Crop King Seed Bank:

CropKingSeeds Autoflower

Crop King Seeds has 92 different autoflowering strains available for purchase, with some local Canadian strains as well as popular fan favorites from all over the world. If you are looking for a popular strain, they most likely have it, and if you’re looking for something new, you’ll be sure to find that as well.

Autoflower seeds transform into the flowering stage of the growth cycle much easier and with less intervention, which means you a much easier growing process. These are recommend for both beginners and advanced growers alike!

Crop King Seeds Best Sellers

Some of the best sellers were touched on in the introduction, and the majority of those are autoflowering, as the home-grower trend continues to grow itself. Top sellers in Canada mimic those of the U.S., with White Widow, Purple Kush, Blue Cookies, and Green Crack topping the charts at present. Along with this, they are constantly coming out with new strains for you to check out!

Pricing is slightly higher than a comparable seed bank, but as previously mentioned, Crop King’s stellar reputation for both high quality and huge selections makes the price tag increase justifiable. More that that, even, is their 80% germination guarantee, meaning you will never wind up with a dud batch, or at least one that isn’t going to be replaced for free. From my testing, their germination rates are some of the best in the industry, and even if you have an issue with your order’s germination rates, they’ll send you replacements!

For their most popular products, the autoflowering seeds, customers can expect pricing to be roughly $75 for a pack of 5 seeds. For regular seeds, and CBD options (non-autoflowering), 5 seeds is approximately $50, depending on the season and the strand. 

For bult purchasers, however, prices are much more comparable to competitors, and probably because the odds of 80% of a large group of seeds flowering are better than the odds of someone ordering 5 and having 2 that don’t work out. Even for the mid-level home-growers, prices are comparable, as well, with 25 regular seeds costing under $150. For feminized or autoflowering seeds, the price is about $250, and $10 per seed for feminized and autflowering seeds is a great deal no matter where you’re growing. That being said, they occasionally will have deals running where you will get 10 seeds for free during a purchase of a certain amount.

Crop King Seeds User Reviews:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

According to Trustpilot consumer reviews, more than 80% of customers reported an above-average experience when shopping via Crop King’s website. Many of the comments regarding these positive experiences gave a tip of the hat to the seed selection of this seed bank, but a solid portion also touted the good customer service as being speedy and understanding of their issues. 

North of the border, Crop King Seed Bank has store fronts as well, and the reviews regarding them are in line with the online experiences: good people and good products. Being able to cultivate all of their own plants, and sell them only at their own storefronts or online, means that Crop King Seed can truly inspect every inch of the process, and hold all parts of the team to the same high standards. Judging by our experiences, and those of the majority of 2,500 reviewers on Trustpilot, that business model translates to a great product and great service, ultimately meaning loyal, returning customers. 

Crop King Seeds Shipping Policy:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

First and foremost, Crop King Seed Bank takes all necessary precautions to ensure your shipment is discreet and quickly delivered. There are 2 main purchasing options, and each offers an added level of shipping peace of mind, and one that is guaranteed shipping. It should be noted that many seed banks offer free shipping that is also guaranteed, and this is one of the few places Crop King Seed is below the median… however, very few reviews were regarding failed delivery. 

Crop King Seeds Shipping Policy

For $10 (all prices in USD), customers can go with regular shipping, which guarantees US delivery in 7-14 days (US orders ship from a bank in LA), and delivery outside of the US and Canada in less than 21 days. This $10 also applies to Canadian customers! For $30, customers may choose Express Registered Shipping w/Tracking and guaranteed delivery insurance. For North American customers, express shipping gets you your seeds in less than a week (and sometimes as quick as 48 hours), though overseas customers may still be waiting 21 days. With this $30 payment, though, customers are guaranteed a replacement delivery if the product happens to be seized (which they estimate about 5% of their overseas orders do). 

Payment Methods Accepted by Crop King Seeds:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Crop King Seeds is one of my favorite seed banks simply because they accept a huge variety of payment methods. Many seed banks will only accept credit cards because it’s easier for their reporting, but Crop King Seeds puts an effort to be inclusive and really try to accept payment options from many different sources. They currently accept payments from:

Other Cool Stuff From Crop King Seed:

Though not guaranteed, a hefty portion of reviewers noted that they received extra seeds with their order and a thank you note from CKS seed bank. Things like that make the few negative marks seem to disappear, and makes it obvious why so many people go back to Crop King as repeat customers. 

They were at the forefront of the shipping battle during COVID, and many other Canadian seed banks can thank Crop King Seed leadership for being part of the push to allow distribution centers to continue delivering their essential product. 

Final Thoughts On Our Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King is dependable, and that is probably their most touted trait, but certainly not the only. If you can get by the mildly gaudy website, then you’re in for a treat. The selection is great, they constantly come out with new strains, the quality is highly reviewed, and the customer service stands out above all. Prices could be a touch lower, both for seeds and shipping, but you pay for quality, and Crop King delivers just that. Overall if you’ve learned anything from this Crop King Seeds review, it should be, if you’re looking for cannabis seeds online, Crop King Seeds is a great choice!

Be on the look out for their next 10 seeds free deal from Crop Kings promotions!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our personal Crop King Seeds review, and I hope you have as great of experiences as we do!



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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