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Looking for a producer that offers high-quality marijuana can be a challenging endeavor. However, if you’re in search of the superior seed bank, you’ve landed at the correct spot. Given the multitude of choices available currently, determining the ideal one has become more complicated for you.

BC Bud Depot Review:

BC Bud Depot has a great repuation and overall they are seen as a trustworthy seed bank to choose from. That being said, they are very expensive compared to other trusted seed banks. Along with this, they don’t offer a germination guarnatee, which is unfortunate because this means you could spend money on seeds that aren’t guaranteed to grow.

BC Bud Depot Review

So, I’d recommend you use ILoveGrowingMarijuana if you live in the United States, and Crop King Seeds or WeedSeedsExpress if you’re located outside of the United States!

My Thoughts On BC Bud Depot:

But don’t worry when we’re around. Our in-depth BC Bud depot review will provide you with all the information you need. Marijuana has been a hot topic for quite some time now, and they are gaining more popularity with time with more seed banks shipping online. Therefore, it is necessary to find a brand that will provide you with top-notch seed quality.

BC Bud Depot seed bank has made its name in the market today. They have a reputation as a breeder in the marijuana market. The company produces some of the world’s best cannabis seeds with worldwide delivery today.

BC Bud Depot has won multiple awards for providing quick deliveries, having an excellent selection of seeds, and is available worldwide. In addition, you can get access to cannabis seeds quickly through the BC depot company.

We have provided detailed information in our article from its good qualities to its drawbacks. So if you’re looking for an honest, unbiased review on these cannabis seeds providing companies, then keep on reading. Let now get into our unbiased analysis of BC Bud Depot company.

How Do They Stack Up To Competitors?

Since there are hundreds of competing online seed banks available, it’s only fair to see how they all stack up to one another and find which of these popular seed banks is the best for you!

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The Pros And Cons Of BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot is a well reputable seed bank that has been in the business for over 20 years. They have been providing quality products along with customers satisfaction for years. But with every company, there are different sets of pros and cons.

We are here to shed light on some of them in our article today. Here are some of the pros and cons of a highly reputable company.


●     SSL Certification Integration

●     Offers more than 515 high-quality strains

●     Offers shipping guarantees

●     Has received more than 35 cannabis awards

●     The germinating seed rate is about 90%


●     It is costly compared to competitors

●     It doesn’t offer many customer reviews

●     Don’t promote their products

History Of BC Bud Depot

This BC Bud Depot review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about the history of BC Bud Depot. The BC Bud Depot seed bank was founded over two decades ago in British Columbia, Canada. The company’s primary goal was to produce some of the best marijuana seeds available worldwide, along with being fast, discrete, and affordable shipping costs. This was all possible with years and years of hard work by the company. They are striving to take the claim as the best Canadian seed bank available online.

BC Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot had spent a long time trying to find the best strains possible for their customers. As a result, each of their strains is researched well, and they go through highly selective processes before they are considered for the BC Bud Depot catalog.

The seed bank itself has created a positive reputation in the market through the years with its hard work and dedication. There are awards to prove their claims as well.

BC Bud Depot has bagged over 35 awards. They were awarded “Best Seed Bank” by the grow up awards back in 2019. They won the “#1 Indica Cup” in the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2014 and even won “#3 Sativa Cup” in the Canadian cannabis awards back in 2017.

The generous amount of awards the company got has marked the companies name in the market. Because of the awards, their strains are also known to many cannabis cultivators on the sites that sell marijuana frequently.

But with all the positives, there are things that bothersome customers when they look into the BC Bude website. For example, the lack of reviews and the extremely high prices are a definite throw-off for some people.

Is BC Bud Depot A Legit Seed Bank?

The BC Bud Depot company has been around for quite a long time, so they are highly reputable and are credible sources for cannabis seeds. The company has gotten a ton of awards and has gained recognition in the market. The awards are proof of their quality, their services, their reputation. The company is well known to most people that are aware of the cannabis seeds business.

Definitely consider checking out the BC Bud Depot company because they offer quality and customer support. In addition, the products are safe to buy from this company, and the company itself is a legitimate cannabis seed bank.

They offer many policies, including shipping guarantees, quality guarantees, and germination guarantees. You’ll get all these policies, and your purchase will be protected as well.

The Bud Depot website has an SSL certificate Integration which will protect any momentary transactions there may be. This will also add an extra encryption level to your website.

But again, very little is known about this company due to its limited number of customer reviews. Most of their promotion is because of the awards they have won or their strain-specific coverage in growing forums.

Even though this is a good thing that lets you assess the quality of the products, it’s still hard to know how they operate their business. Therefore, customer reviews are essential for new customers. So they are aware of the brand, its aims, and its credibility.

Seed Quality

BC Bud Depot is definitely in the top running for the best quality seeds available in the market today when it comes to seed quality. BC Bud Depot has made quality its top priority. They also claim to have some of the best cannabis strains in the world. This is due to their extensive research on the breeding and strains of the seeds. The company has spent years and years trying to find the best strains for its customers.

Their claims can’t be looked over, though, because of the company’s awards from highly reputable and recognized groups in the cannabis industry. They have accomplished their goal of having high-quality strains with high yield levels.

But that’s not all. BC Bud Depot makes sure to follow through with strict testing to ensure high-quality and well-packed products before any of them are ready to be shipped out. In addition, they stand with their quality by offering a 90% germination rate guarantee to their customers.

Lastly, BC Bud Depot has experts that ensure the quality of the seeds. If you want to discover more about their germination rate guarantee and seed quality, then hop on their website. They offer all the information on the germination rate guarantee guide you’ll need.

Seed Selection

As we mentioned earlier, you can find more than 515 seeds in their catalog so it’s safe to say that BC Bud Depot strains are quite abundant. You can buy auto-flowering, feminized, and CBD seeds from the Depot company. You’ll also be able to find some seeds, including limited edition seeds, scorpion crew seeds, High CBD seeds, DNA genetics seeds, and BC depot seeds.

The good thing about this seed bank is that they have given the customers the convenience of finding the seeds they need with easy-to-use website filters. You can filter the price of the seeds within the seed tab. You can also search for the right seeds through tags.

Giving the customers the option of filtering their needs on the website has elevated the brand and its reputation because customers satisfaction is also one of their top priorities after the quality of their seeds. It makes your buying decision much easier if you see negative reviews of an individual strain on their website.

You’ll also find their newest top strains on the website, including Tangie cookies, BC God bud, The cake, and Star fruit. BC Bud Depot strains have something for everyone, so take a look and see what’s perfect for you!

Seed Prices And Promotions/Deals

Unfortunately, the biggest downside of BC Bud Depot is its pricing. BC Bud Depot has incredibly high prices compared to its other competitors. BC Bud Depot indeed offers high-quality products with great shipping times and packaging, but their prices are still immensely high.

BC Bud Depot Strains

A comparison between Seedsman and Bud Depot seed bank helps you see the price difference between the two seed banks. BC Bud Depot offers six sour diesel feminized seeds for $16.67 per seed, while a seedsman with ten sour fişek feminized seeds is $5.92 each. That’s over $10 of a difference.

Sure the BC Bud Depot may have quality seeds, but most consumers don’t have a big budget. So before thinking about buying the Bud Depot seeds, you should be aware of your budget.

The seed bank occasionally has some sales, promotions, and giveaways on the social media pages, but they aren’t that useful when you look at their high prices. They offer sales of around 10-20% on their website but your money can still go farther if you choose a different seed bank.

The giveaways, however, consist of some lucky customers getting free seeds. You won’t have much luck finding affordable seeds on their website. The selection for that is highly limited compared to other seed banks.

Shipping Policies

Perhaps the best thing about BC Bud Depot is that they offer worldwide delivery which is great for a seed bank. So you can get quality seeds to your doorstep anywhere in the world. BC Bud Depot will ship out their products with a lot of care and offer discreet shipping. So you won’t see any mention of the marijuana seeds on your box when you buy it.

Perhaps the thing that drives most customers towards BC Bud Depot is their delivery guarantee which most seed banks don’t offer. When we buy products online, we are mainly concerned about whether they have reasonable shipping policies. BC Bud Depot offers replacement of your order if it is not delivered. This is a massive deal with a seed back within the cannabis industry.

A problem most encounter with online shopping from a seed bank is that the packages get lost or are seized most of the time. So the customers never really get their package. But this shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to BC Bud Depot.

Payment Methods

You can get all the payment convenience you need with BC Bud Depot seed bank. You get numerous payment options, and your payment will be discrete. Some of the payment methods include the following:

●     VISA debit cards

●     Mastercard

●     Bitcoin

●     Cash

●     VISA credit card (both prepaid and postpaid)

Your orders are completely secure on the BC Bud Depot website, and the payment will show up discreetly on your bank statement.

Moreover, BC Bud Depot also allows you to pay with a debit or credit card over the phone or online. The convenience with the payment methods has given this over others. The anonymous payment methods are necessary for the cannabis industry, and BC depot offers them.

Customer Service

If you’re sick of poor customer service, then look no further. Every customer wants the best possible customer service from the company they are buying their products from. BC Bud Depot offers precisely that and more. Their readily available customer service department is available seven days a week. You can contact the BC Bud Depot support through their email or telephone number. BC Bud Depot’s customer support accessibility has proven the real intentions of the company. The companies intentions are to satisfy its customer’s needs. Isn’t that what all customers ask for?

BC Bud Depot urges their customers themselves by telling them to contact the customer service department if they have any problems. Problems regarding payments, any queries or questions, etc. After all, the customer and their queries come first. Furthermore, you can call them to ask about delivery options and how securely they send your packages, etc.

Lastly, even though BC Bud Depot claims to offer all these services, we are still in the unknown for the most part. Because there are hardly any reviews about the website, you will only find a few reviews on the website and its services, which is a big drawback for most people. Get rid of poor customer service, and take a look at BC Bud Depot!

The Final Verdict

I hope you have enjoyed our BC Bud Depot review as well as learned a thing or two about BC Bud Depot seed bank and its quality of service. The company has its highs and lows like any other company. However, their incredible selection with over 515 strains, awards, shipping methods, germination rate guarantee, and many other qualities have set the company apart from others.

The amount of awards and the recognition BC Bud Depot has received has given the company the boost it needs today. Most marijuana consumers or people that are in the marijuana industry know of this brand. They know their capabilities and their aims. That is unquestionably the ultimate goal for any company.

However, BC Bud Depot needs to focus on some things, including customer reviews and their extremely high prices. With a little more attention to the details, this company will be on the list of the best global seed banks in no time.



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

David Rhodes