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Discovering a trustworthy firm that fulfills every criterion you seek in a seed bank is more challenging than you may presume.

Mainly because you must know the right balance of important factors before settling for a seed bank.

So, how does Attitude Seeds fare with these factors? Here is a review on their reputation, history and what to expect from their customer support, pricing, shipping, seed quality and selection.

Attitude Seed Bank Review:

Overall Attitude Seed Bank is a relatively reputable seed bank to order from, but they can feel slightly behind the times. They do provide a solid product, and you will receive your order. That being said, their website is a bit dated, their prices are a bit higher than competitors, and the overall order process isn’t super streamlined and clean. That being said, they do have a solid seed selection, and they offer stealth shipping which is a nice plus!

That being said, I do recommend you use ILGM if you’re located in the USA, or Crop King Seeds if you’re located outside the USA because both of these shops offer an overall better experience with great prices, and seed selections!

With this review, you will be able to understand Attitude Seeds mode of operation and if they should be your seed bank choice or if you should try out other ones.

Attitude Seed Bank Review

Compared To Other Seed Banks:

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History Of Attitude Seed Bank

Attitude Seeds have their headquarters in the United Kingdom, and this is about just the only meaningful information on their history that you can find online.

Their website is littered with a lot of colorful pictures and texts, especially on the homepage. It is also void of an “about us” page that should carry necessary information about their experience and history.

Although they have a FAQ page, and one would think that it would make up for the “about us page” and contain the needed information, this is not the case.

A lot of people only get to trust them as a seed bank due to buyer’s reviews and word of mouth.

However, the reality is that Attitude seeds are not new in the cannabis industry. They’ve been around for a few years now, and they’re known in the industry to a certain extent.

Attitude seeds’ location in the UK makes shipping to other European countries relatively easier than most seed banks.

Their website carries a tagline that refers to them as the largest store of cannabis seed in the world today.

attitude seeds

Attitude Seeds Reputation

Going by the reviews available online, Attitude Seeds’ reputation is a mixture of good and bad.

Some of their customers claim that they are one of the best things that happened to the cannabis industry, while others can’t even stand them or their products.

If you’re relying on these reviews to give you a hint about their reputation, you might be left confused.

But, what is the reason for the varying reviews?

Most of the complaints online had to do with the quality of products in stock at Attitude Seeds.

The company sells a lot of strains from both unknown and reputable breeding companies. Hence, the possibility of unfortunately ordering bad products. 

The best way to go about this is by carefully doing your research before purchasing any strain.

By going through the reviews, you will most likely notice the comment pattern on some particular seed strains. With this, you can draw a conclusion on what brand to buy, and what not to buy from the company.

Attitude Seeds do not have the most perfect reputation for a seed bank, but if you want to go by the positive reviews, you can take a risk on them. After all, there will still be a lot more customers with good experiences who haven’t found reasons to drop an online review.

Attitude Seeds Selection (3.0/5.0)

Attitude Seeds selection ranges thousands strains from reputable breeders and even those without much history all over Europe.

Some of the most popular brands they are in business with include Big Buddha, Dutch Passion, DNA genetics, Serious Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Delicious Seeds, etc.

They have a very long list of affiliated brands giving rise to the swelling number of seed strains. Going through the list available on the website could last more than 24 hours.

If you have unsuccessfully checked for strains in some seed banks, then you might want to try out Attitude Seeds. Their selection is so reliable that Marijuana recreationalists visit the website to randomly select seed strains to try out.

The strain ranges from feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflower seeds and other popular ones, to latest seed strains and the unrecognized ones.

As if their options are not enough, they have one of the most interesting selection features you will ever come across for a seed bank. This is the Pick and Mix feature. With this, you can place an order for the selection of your most favorite seed strains according to their breeders.

It is obvious that only a few seed banks will be able to rival Attitude Seeds’ selection.

Attitude seed bank review

Attitude Seeds Seed Quality (2.5/5.0)

Seed quality is undoubtedly the most important thing to look into before investing in a seed bank. Some people think pricing outweighs it, but won’t you rather pay more for a quality product than pay less for a bad product?

A major disadvantage for Attitude Seeds is every tom, dick and harry can be considered a breeder which produces piss poor quality..

However, if you only use Attitude bank as a middle man to purchase seeds from a favorite brand that you can swear by their quality, you definitely won’t have any seed quality issues.

But this does not mean that Attitude Seeds can’t be held liable for those brands with poor seed quality, because there is a lot they can do to ensure that this does not affect their reputation.

This makes it seem like Attitude Seeds is just all about making money from the products since customers still find poor quality seeds leading to waste of investment.

Attitude Seeds poor quality seeds put a big dent on their selection varieties because customers have to tailor their strains and select only brands with good reputation. Choosing unknown brands means they risk buying a bad quality seed.

On the part of Attitude Seed, they need to put more effort in improving their stock’s seed quality and on the long run, convincing customers to buy at random, or else their seed selection variety will be seen as a joke.

One way the company can go about this is by investing in quality control and not accepting products from breeders that refuse to improve seed quality.

But as it is right now, they do not care about the quality of seeds they sell.

Customer Service (3.0/5.0)

Attitude Seeds focus on satisfying their customers however they can, an interesting attribute of the company.

Generally, their team of customer representatives are friendly and welcoming. Except on some few occasions, they will offer as much help as possible.

However, for situations that have to do with germination and quality of seed, do not expect much from them because the company wants the breeders to be liable for product quality.

They do not offer germination help and tips because they do not want to be seen as promoting cannabis, especially in countries that have strict laws against the nurturing of marijuana.

One situation where you can rely on them is if the seeds get damaged during shipping. As long as you have proof, most likely pictures, they will step in to help you.

Attitude Seeds give customers a lot of options to reach them. They have a dedicated hotline for European customers and other ones for international calls.

They also provide various email addresses on their website, and you can choose to send them a message on anyone based on the complaint you have.

There is also the option of sending a mail to a physical address provided on the contact us page.

Tip: If you send mails that have to do with seed quality and germination issues, you most likely will not get a response.

Attitude Seed Bank Customer Service

Shipping (4.0/5.0)

Shipping is another serious factor to consider before choosing a seed bank.

As expected, Attitude Seeds offer shipping globally with various delivery options to choose from while placing an order.

Some of the options include removal of the brand label, using crush proof packaging for the seeds, and making use of stealth materials like a mug, cloth, or any other non-marijuana product.

For additional stealth products, Attitude Seeds will upgrade the order to Guaranteed Shipping, so in case of custom officers confiscating the seed, there will be a free of charge reship.

However, the company have exceptions to guaranteed shipping such as:

  • A package yet to be received but declared as delivered by the mailing company. In this case Attitude Seeds cannot verify if truly the package got to the customer or not.
  • Filling incorrect delivery details such as names and addresses.
  • No guaranteed shipping for customers in Iran and Mexico. Although Attitude Seeds will still make use of stealth packaging, but should the package not get to the customer, they won’t accept full responsibility in these regions.

If you request a tracking number, Attitude Seeds will be glad to provide it. For online order they will send a mail confirming the order, and another mail after dispatching the shipment.

For phone order, ask the representative for a tracking order after completing payment.

Pricing (3.0/5.0)

Attitude seeds have a tough time controlling price because they mainly act as a bridge between breeders and customers.

Their pricing is fair at best, and there isn’t much significant difference if you are buying directly from the brand.

As it always is, expect to pay more for brands that guarantee high seed quality. In rare cases of poor seed quality, most of these brands will come through for you with a refund.

Attitude Seeds make payments easy for their customers, and this is why they offer various methods like Gift Cards, Visa Cards, Debit and Credit cards etc.

Take note that they will not accept checks and postal orders outside the UK. Also, cheque payment in the UK will undergo a validity period of 2 weeks.

However, they still lack some of the 21st century payment methods like cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, they get on board soon.

Promotion and Discounts (3.0/5.0)

Promotions and discounts are becoming increasingly important in the cannabis industry today. Customers already have the mindset that only seed banks that offer discounts have their best interest at heart.

Due to this, seed banks try to outdo themselves with the type of discount they advertise to entice customers.

This is not different for Attitude Seeds and when compared to rivals, they offer some of the best promos and free seeds.

But sadly, you may have to work for these free seeds because their website is quite cumbersome and if you are not patient enough, you may not find the promotions.

Quick hint, focus on the top section of the website, and depending on the brands’ product you are buying, you will see various promos you can add to your cart.

Also, for every order you place, Attitude Seeds will give you a free seed, which is pretty nice.

Final Thoughts on My Experience With Attitude Seeds

Quite frankly, if you are adept with the cannabis industry, you know the seed strain you want, and you know the brand to get it from, you will not have a problem buying quality seeds from this company.

But for those without enough information and knowledge about brands, placing an order with Attitude could be a hit or miss. If you are not lucky enough, you might end up buying poor products.

The best alternative for this will be researching reputable brands and buying directly from them since Attitude Seeds will not be liable for poor quality or germination.

That aside, you will not see a lot of seed banks with better discreet shipping and stealth options like Attitude Seeds. Don’t forget they also offer a guarantee shipping should in case things go wrong.

On a larger note, Attitude Seeds is the bank you should go to for your one stop seed strain shipping. But for a more decisive seed shopping, the original breeders are better options.



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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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