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Having a wide array of choices can make the selection of the optimal seed bank to purchase marijuana seeds quite daunting these days. Consumers certainly aren’t short on options. Yet, inadequate investigation prior to the purchase could result in financial loss and an overall negative experience. Therefore, we come into play to guide you in picking the top seed banks.

This time around, we will be doing an in-depth review of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. This in-depth review will discuss all the crucial aspects you may need to know before making the purchase. We will talk about seed quality, seed prices, seed selection, shipping, etc. We will also include details such as the business history of the seed bank. Lastly, we will also include our verdict of the seed bank so that you can have our opinion to help you with the decision.

AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com Review

Overall AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com is a legitimate seed bank, and they will deliver you your seeds. That being said, in my experience their seed delivery has been quite slow, and their prices are significantly higher than other seed banks around. So they are a decent choice, but there are better options around.

I would much rather use ILGM if you’re located in the United States and Crop King Seeds if you’re located anywhere else in the world.

AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com Review

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds History

This business dates back to 2002. The seed bank is named after Amsterdam, the city where it is situated. It was started by a weed grower who goes by the name Joe Green. Joe is a weed enthusiast who has been growing weed for over twenty years. His vast experience in the field has helped him establish himself as a notable person in the marijuana industry.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has now been turned into a weed empire after all these years in the industry. Even though the business is still situated in Amsterdam, they have transformed into one of the biggest seed banks online. This has been possible due to several business practices of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. We will talk about them in a bit.

The Dutch weed giants target all kinds of weed enthusiasts. They have something for everyone out there. They target commercial weed growers and small-scale weed growers both. People who enjoy growing weed as a hobby can find something as well.

Like most seed banks, they have some pros and cons. We will discuss the pros and cons in great detail as we progress through this article. The pros of buying from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are:

  • They offer free worldwide shipping to their customers
  • Orders are guaranteed to reach the customers. They also have workarounds if customs seize the package
  • Germination guarantee for some of the seeds that they sell
  • Established reputation for excellent quality marijuana seeds
  • Beneficial customer service team to answer your queries

There are some bad aspects to their business as well. They can be boiled down to:

  • They do not ‘truly’ ship worldwide. They do not ship to some regions
  • Customers have reported that shipping takes a long time before the package is received
  • Discretion of the package is not always apparent
  • Some customers feel that their products are expensive
  • If you are based in the USA or Canada, shipping is known to be slow

This seed bank would be a great option for customers living in Europe from what it feels like. Customers from North America might want to look at other options if they wish to have faster shipping. They could continue to order from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds if the slow shipping is not a deal-breaker.

Is Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds a Legit Seed Bank?

They are one of the oldest names in the business. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have been operating for about 18 years now. Moreover, they have a significant presence online as well. Their customer service team is active on several weed forums online. You can get in touch with them to learn more about their products or even file complaints if you have any.

Customer service has been great from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Getting good customer service from online weed banks is rare, and only a select few are famous for providing good after-sales service. The average rating of the business is 7 out of 10 on Trustpilot. This means that most reviewers had a positive experience with the Dutch seed bank.

Moreover, most reviews and testimonials had lots of praise for Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. These reviews and their presence in the weed industry for so long are good indicators that they are legit.

Seed Selection at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

As soon as you open the website, you are greeted by a well-built and aesthetically pleasing website. It is relatively uncommon for seed banks to have useful websites. Most seed banks do not have good websites. Some are barely functional even. This might come as a surprise because most of their business is done online. Unlike other seed banks, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have spent a good amount of money to have a proper website online

AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com seed selection

The homepage of the website has lots of seed selections to choose from. Each seed has its name and price labeled next to its image. Each seed also includes tags such as ‘Premium,’ ‘Feminized,’ or ‘Autoflowering,’ etc., to make it easier for users to browse through different seeds online.

There are separate web pages for feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Moreover, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds also offer combo packs that contain different seeds. You can browse through other combo packs to buy the one that has all the seeds you need.

They have a vast range of seeds on their website. Each seed has the necessary specifications listed right next to them. Seeds have dedicated web pages that include specifications and details about the strains. You can select the seeds that suit your needs. The details of each seed make the selection process easier for customers looking for a specific strain.

They have more than 120 weed strains to select format their store. This is a decent range of seeds. Having too many low-quality options is not a good idea. The powerful search system on their website allows you to look for seeds based on their seed type (auto-flowering, feminized, or regular), strain type (indica, hybrid, Sativa), climate (indoor, outdoor), THC levels, plant size, yield, etc. The search system helps you to locate the seed that meets your set criteria quickly.

They also stock famous strains such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Northern Lights, Pineapple Express, White Widow, and many more.

Seed Quality at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Several weed forums online can attest to the quality of seeds sold by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Most customers have had unique experiences with the seeds bought from the Dutch seed bank. The reviews online have praised Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds for providing them with high-quality seeds that had huge yields. The seeds have helped to grow plants that were healthy, strong, and abundant plants.

Each seed that is up for sale at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has reviews from Trustpilot. This is an excellent feature as the user does not need to look for the specific seed on Trustpilot to get their review. It is all in one place, making the purchase easy.

It is inevitable not to see any bad reviews. There were some negative reviews amidst the many positive reviews online. When we looked deeper, we concluded that most negative reviews talked about issues with the germination of seeds. While this issue could be because of poor quality seeds, it can also be attributed to poor planting practices employed by the customers.

From the look of several reviews online and their official website, it is safe to say that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have good quality products that you can trust. Their official website shows 86% approval from its customers. This rating was aggregated from 8928 ratings. You can look at this rating on the header of their official website.

Seed Prices at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Pricing of different seeds can turn away a lot of customers. Some customers are looking to shop seeds from seed banks that have low dirt prices. However, most seedbanks with low prices are known to have low-quality seeds with poor germination rates. An important aspect to keep in mind is that higher prices do not necessarily mean that the seed quality is good. It would help if you did your research before buying to have an idea about the quality of the seed.

AMS seed Prices

The seed prices at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are known to be a tad bit higher than their competition. However, not many competitors offer germination guarantees on their top-of-the-line seeds, if any. If you are looking to buy marijuana seeds on the cheap, then this seed bank just might not be the one for you.

If you like to have good customer service with your purchase, then I would advise you to choose Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. They are popular among weed enthusiasts for their customer service team that is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.

Payment Methods Available at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Unlike other seed banks, you have lots of options for making your payments at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Most seed banks do not allow for credit/debit cards for processing of payments. However, at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, you can use your favorite bank card to make the payments. Credit/debit cards make for easier payment. It is important to note that they only support Mastercard and Visa cards at their business.

Other payment methods include Bitcoin, bank transfer, cash, and Western Union. Bitcoin is another modern form of payment that is not found at many seed banks around the world. Bitcoin allows for discreet payment for seeds, and it is quick. AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com prefers Bitcoin as the payment method due to its swift processing. The payment can be confirmed in about an hour when made through Bitcoin. This is faster than any other payment method listed on the website. The additional payment method, credit and debit cards, can be processed within the next forty-eight hours of the payment.

Bank transfers can take longer to process. Their processing time is mainly dependent on the country it was made from. In most cases, the processing is done in about three to four working days.

Lastly, cash takes the longest to be processed. The processing time depends on the international courier service that the customer uses to pay for the order.

A good service that they offer is the complete anonymity on the payment made to their website. Hence, they prefer Bitcoin as the payment method—bitcoin for easy and anonymous transactions. Comparatively, payments made through your bank cards or bank transfers are the least anonymous as the payment will be processed through a bank and all the details will be posted on your bank account.

However, they fulfill their promise of complete anonymity by not mentioning marijuana in the description of the sale made on your bank account. This anonymity is necessary for customers who live in countries where marijuana is not legal. If you’re interested in other payment methods such as Cash App, Venmo or Zelle, then other seed banks offer those payment methods!

Shipping Methods at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

The cherry on top is that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer free shipping to most countries around the world similar to ILGM.com. It might be a deal-breaker for you if your country is not present in the list of countries where they ship for free. You can look at this list by going to their website. The list does not include countries that have strict custom laws.

Shipping times are slightly longer than some other seed banks. Orders made in Europe are expected to be completed in about 9 to 15 working days. It can take 15 to 21 working days to receive your seeds if you are based out of Europe.

They will send you your order for free if you do not receive it in 21 days. Guaranteed shipping is a great added service that was provided for free by them. Most seed banks charge extra for it. Moreover, any order that was stopped by the customs is resent by the seed bank.

If you do not receive your seeds, you should contact the administration before the 60 days from the date of shipment are passed.

The shipping is discreet and stealthy. This allows for a safe passage for the seeds through the customs.

Final Thoughts On AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com

Overall to put it simple, my review for AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds.com is a 4.5/5.0!

We believe that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is a great place to buy your seeds. If you live in Europe, then this seed bank should be among the seed banks you choose. People from Canada and the USA might look at some other options due to the extended shipping time for their packages. I’d recommend taking a look at Crop King Seeds or Seedsman for quicker shipping options to the US!



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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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