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A simple Google search will yield hundreds of results for cannabis seed banks, as well as an even greater volume of cannabis seed bank reviews. Due to the broad range of online seed banks accessible to buyers today, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are genuine, superior, or fake. Keep in mind that the eventual quality of your plants hinges on the seed or gene’s initial quality, so it’s not a cost you’ll want to reduce.

7 Best Seed Banks

That’s why we’re taking the work out of endlessly searching the internet for reputable high quality cannabis seeds. Here, we’ve compiled the best cannabis seed websites to purchase seeds from, based upon their history, reputation, selection, quality and general customer service. Without further ado, let’s begin our list of the 7 most top-rated cannabis seed banks online today. 

1. Crop King Seeds 

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Crop King Seeds earns its royal title at the number 1 spot on our list. The Canadian online cannabis seed bank has been in business since the early 2000’s, delivering its customers a long-standing, and trusted reputation right off the bat. Their history doesn’t come without bumps in the road, as the site was shut down for a brief period of time due to marijuana regulations and legal issues. Since the company has re-emerged onto the scene, they’ve reclaimed their spot as #1 quite quickly, and are definitely the best Canadian seed bank! Although it’s a Canadian company, it’s definitely one of the most reputable seed banks that ship to the US!

In addition to being a pioneer in the industry, Crop King Seeds also breed seeds in-house for exclusive and original gene selections. Including working towards improving potency, and quality for many of the strains they offer. But the selection doesn’t stop there. The online seed bank also partners with some of the top breeders to offer their best products, too. While you might expect high prices for high quality seeds and service, Crop King Seeds consistently offers varied discounts. Like their Feminized or Autoflowering mixed bags that deliver quantity and quality regardless of not knowing what strain will pop. 

Overall, Crop King Seeds’ website is easy to navigate and is chock-full of helpful information for growers to utilize for improved crops and processes. The navigation also helps easily browse their wide selection of seed types. Which includes autoflowering, feminized, regular, high CBD, fast version strains, new strains, and even dwarf genetics.  The cannabis seed bank also goes the extra mile in the customer service department, and are rated highly for responsiveness and care if any issues do arise. 

Considering Crop King Seeds’ exemplary track record as for shipping success, ease in purchasing, and quality growth – there’s no question the company deserves its spot as one of the best cannabis seed websites. 

Top Highlights – 

  • Free shipping with orders over $200
  • Free 10 seeds with orders over $420
  • Awarded the Top Seed Company in the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards
  • Discrete packaging
  • Multiple forms of payment accepted. One of the only seed bank that takes Paypal!

2. ILGM – ILoveGrowingMarijuana 

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One of the best sources for growing resources and education has transformed into one of the best online cannabis seed banks – that being, ILGM. Short for ‘I Love Growing Marijuana’, you’ll love the process just as much when choosing the top cannabis seed company. First off, ILGM guarantees shipping and guarantees germination. Which can provide assurance for many customers who are leary of receiving their package, and for beginner growers early in their game. 

Beyond guarantees, ILGM offers the most classic and notable strains across the globe. Which makes sense since the cannabis seed bank is based in the Netherlands – one of the motherlands of marijuana. To make shopping easy for beginning growers, and experts alike, ILGM conveniently categorizes their wide selection of seed types. Including separate sections for best beginner strains, high CBD strains, high yielding strains, high THC strains, along with autoflowers and feminized varieties, too. The navigation of specific types reduces the amount of time it typically takes to search and research other vendor lengthy catalogs to find which is best for you.

Another unique trait of ILGM is their expansive collection of seed variety packs. They offer over 4 pages of differing mixed bags, all with their own individual characteristics or theme. For instance, the ‘Bling Mix’ includes the icy varieties of Crystal, Gold Leaf, and Super Silver Haze. Or, their ‘Berry Mix Pack’ of Blueberry, Blackberry Kush and Strawberry Cough. This gives growers the opportunity to grow multiple strains at one time or overtime, and at a discounted cost. 

ILGM is one of the most cost-effective, top rated cannabis seed banks and maintains a constant ‘deals’ page for customers to take advantage of. Their grow guides and forum also make the seed bank one of the most beginner-friendly, and simplifies the growing process from seed to harvest. 

Top Highlights –

  • Free delivery to all US States
  • Easily accessible online customer service 
  • Stealth delivery
  • Germination guarantee
  • Embedded TrustPilot reviews on web site 

3. Seedsman 

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Seedsman may be one of the lesser known cannabis seeds bank on our list, but it’s quickly becoming known as one of the best. Hence, its spot as the #3 top rated cannabis seed banks. With over 29,000+ reviews it’s hard to deny Seedsman’s growing reputation for reliability, quality service and top-notch seed selection. Plus, while flying under the radar, Seedsman has been in business since 2002 serving its customers with discreet delivery, and diverse strains. 

The top cannabis seed bank is based in Barcelona, Spain but offers international delivery and easily converts currencies for pricing sake. If you’re an advocate of cannabis legality and reform, then supporting Seedsman supports the cause. The company is deeply rooted in cannabis genetic research, and political lobbying. In fact, a portion of their profits is spent on promoting the need for legal changes in the UK and other countries across the globe. 

Outside of their good deeds, the top cannabis seed bank strives to make the purchasing and strain selection process as easy as possible for the customer. If you don’t know the exact strain or seed you should grow with, no worries – Seedsman simplifies your choice, better than most vendors. First, they categorize their seeds by cannabis seeds vs. medical seeds. For medical strains, growers are able to choose what specific condition they may be targeting, and choose a list of strains that are best suited. 

As for general cannabis seeds, you can simplify your search by the following classifications – 

  • Flowering type (regular, autoflowering, feminized etc.)
  • Variety (indica, sativa, high THC, high CBD etc.)
  • Cultivation (indoor, outdoor, high yields, low odor, etc.) 
  • Strain type (kush, skunk, cheese lineages, etc.) 
  • Award winners 

For saving purposes, Seedsman rates high for regular discounts, including a loyalty program for those who are ordering seeds frequently or in bulk. In addition to treating each customer with a choice of ‘Freebies’ with orders over a certain amount. 

Top Highlights – 

  • Up to 25% off your order with Bitcoin payment method
  • Run free seed giveaways and competitions on Social Media platforms
  • Offers tracking with delivery
  • Has robust customer service database and exemplary support
  • Accepts money orders or cashier’s checks

4. MSNL  

seed banks that ship to USA

MSNL is the first UK online cannabis seed bank to make our top-rated list and by far one of the longest in business. The online seed bank has been in business since 1999, when two best friends traveled the world and began trading cannabis seeds along the way. They set out to build a collection of classic and improved strains that were accessible worldwide and set-up shop as one of the first online seed banks in the world. 

Now, MSNL continues as one of the top cannabis seed companies that ships internationally. Their central location allows for speedy global delivery, which is stealth and discrete in nature. The online seed bank boasts one of the highest delivery success rates on the market today, and continually stands by their promise of quality service and seeds. To sweeten the deal, they offer free delivery for certain orders and even add free seeds with every purchase made. 

MSNL offers a wide range of seeds to choose from, but they are less categorized than some others. Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for whether that be autoflowering, feminized, regular or high CBD varieties. They do specially classify certain strain types, like fruity versions, high yielding, low smell, etc. and offer a ‘top strains’ for top-rated sellers, too. As for quality, MSNL has been on the market for such a long time for good reason. Their plants overwhelmingly succeed with high-quality results, and receive top-rated reviews from long-time customers. 

To add to its perks, MSNL offers a robust rewards program for return and repeat customers that delivers deep discounts overtime. In addition to ‘value packs’ that are lower cost and deliver a mix of specific strains like budget, outdoor, high potency, and others.

Top Highlights – 

  • Highly discreet shipping
  • Frequent sales on a variety of strains
  • Easily convert currencies during purchasing
  • Accepts multiple payment methods including cash
  • Strains undergo rigorous testing for quality

5. Growers Choice  

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Grower’s Choice is one of the top rated cannabis seed banks for price, overall. While they don’t offer as big of a variety or stock as other online seed companies, their seed selection is highly affordable, and comes sourced from some of the best breeders. In addition, their customer service is one of the most accessible, considering you can reach the company via chat on their website, phone, or e-mail. Grower’s Choice also hosts their own user forum, where you can discuss and ask questions of other growers. 

Over the last 20 years, Grower’s Choice has dedicated their efforts towards industry research and remain dedicated to health and wellness initiatives. They’re so confident in their reputation and service, they offer a germination guarantee and will replace seeds that don’t germinate free of charge. One unique feature that highlights this dedication to quality, is their proprietary glass vials that all seeds are contained, and delivered in for ultimate freshness. 

Their website may not be as flashy or robust as some vendors, but is simple and easy to navigate. With seeds categorized by autoflowering, feminized, and high CBD versions, and detailed descriptions for each specific strain. Even though the seed bank doesn’t have pages and pages of seeds to choose from, they have an ideal mix of fresh and classic genetics. Like  ‘Mazar’ and internationally known strains, along with classics that have an autoflowering twist. Including Gorilla Glue Auto, Cheese Auto, and Blueberry Auto, too. 

Shipping wise, Grower’s Choice has the capability to send trackable orders to the US, Europe and Australia. Along with offering a simple flat rate shipping cost, the site additionally waives shipping for orders over $200. With shipping hubs in Spain, Canada, and the US, they’re able to easily navigate around customs, and speed up shipping in general. Plus, the online seed bank makes payment as simple as possible with a wide variety of methods, and detailed instructions of how to submit and complete purchases. 

Top Highlights – 

  • Offers wholesale quantities and pricing
  • Is available in retail locations and dispensaries
  • Stealth and discrete shipping
  • Has loyalty program for discounts and rewards
  • Supplies tracking information with shipments

6. Quebec Cannabis Seeds  

Coming in as our second Canadian top cannabis seed banks is Quebec Cannabis Seeds. Started by a group of growers who have over 15 years experience in the industry, the seed bank came to be in 2013. Since then, they’ve worked tirelessly to grow a community of growing customers by breeding top-quality seeds, and highly sought after strains. Their mission is to continually produce a wide selection of strains that strengthen our knowledge of cannabis as a whole for furthered genetic research and exploration.

Along with their industry devotion, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is highly active in advocacy efforts for legalization and enhanced research. These efforts coincide with their dedication to providing top-quality seeds, and high-quality service to their customers. In addition to their own in-house bred strains, they offer selections from other top- breeders like Bomb Seeds and Next Generation seeds, too. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds prides themselves on fast shipping, sending out all orders within 24 hours of payment and purchase. This also includes free shipping worldwide, for orders over $200. Plus, all customers receive free seeds with any purchase over $150. The online seed bank offers a wide range of payment methods, although has less detailed information on their website to answer common payment questions. 

In fact, out of all of the websites on our top seed bank list, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has the most room for improvement. However, that doesn’t take away from the quality of their product and selection overall. The website also embeds TrustPilot reviews, so you can peruse actual customer recommendations and ratings per each strain.  In addition to selecting strains from autoflowering, regular, and feminized varieties, the seed bank categorizes outdoor strains, and offers discounts with their mixed packs and bulk options. 

Top Highlights – 

  • Stealth and discrete shipping
  • Vast selection of classic and new strains
  • Easily accessible online customer service and support
  • Highly responsive to inquiries and assistance requests 

7. Ministry of Cannabis 

Last but not least, is another Barcelona based online seed bank, the Ministry of Cannabis. Don’t let the location spook you, as the cannabis seed company ships worldwide and guarantees delivery no matter your location. If you don’t receive your package within 30 days, the cannabis seed bank will re-ship your order, free-of charge. To keep their guarantees rolling, their germination rate is also guaranteed no matter the seed type or strain. 

On top of guaranteed delivery, Ministry of Cannabis offers free delivery on all orders over $75. All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of placing, and are trackable along the way. The international top cannabis seed company also allows for easy conversion of currencies on their site for even more ease and assurance while purchasing. For payment, a wide range of methods are accepted and electronic charges are ultra discrete for additional privacy. 

After 15 years in the industry, the leaders at the Ministry of Cannabis have a mission of offering high quality seeds as one of the top breeders in Europe. To back up their quality, they dedicate time and efforts to also providing top-notch customer service and are highly responsive to questions and inquiries. It also lends to their extensive collection of strains, that receive premium reviews for superior growth. The online cannabis seed bank has a variety of feminized, autoflowering, and high CBD strains to choose from that are all reasonably priced. 

One thing the site does lack is access to real-time reviews but with a quick search you’ll find out customers rave on quality, service and reliability. 

Top Highlights – 

  • Discreet and stealth shipping
  • Educational resources for beginner growers
  • Offers an affiliate program for earned sales
  • Accepts cash for payments
  • Is sold in limited retail locations 

Top Seed Vendors For Premium Growth

When purchasing seeds for premium growth, you’ve got to choose a trusted cannabis seed bank. Like any of the vendors, we’ve included in our top 7 list.  These cannabis seed companies stand out from the crowd with top-notch genetics, and strain selection, along with impeccable service.  Not to mention, a plethora of positive cannabis seed bank reviews. To nourish and flourish, it all starts with a seed – so, bookmark this helpful guide to reference for your next cannabis seed purchase. 

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