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15th December 2017

5 Cannabis Stores I Visit on a Weekend Trip to Seattle

By: Bethany Rae

Bethany Rae

Travel in Washington state will never be the same since they legalized cannabis for adult use back in 2012, with the first retail stores opening in 2014. I love that I can enhance my travel experiences to Washington with cannabis, like when I’m heading to a live show, or go camping the the pacific northwest mountains.

As with anywhere, not all cannabis stores in Seattle are equal, so here are some of my top picks for discovering the best cannabis in the evergreen state.

Vela Cannabis

1944 1st Avenue South; Seattle WA 98134

Have you seen cannabis plants in the grow cycle? Vela Cannabis is your chance. Not normally permitted in a cannabis store, Vela has managed to work a grow house into the back area of their modern cannabis store which creates an opportunity to discover cannabis on all levels.

Education and technology drive the service and sales at Vela where ipads helped me navigate the extensive menu. I loved the special selection of woman focused products and I left with a purple sour diesel Pax Era vape pen to help enhance my evening mood.


Have a Heart

115 Blanchard St. Seattle, WA 98121

Seattle cannabis store Have a Heart. (Photo via Leafly)

I made it to Have a Heart early on a Friday evening when I was at the end of a run along the sea wall and headed back into the heart of the city. I could feel the buzz and excitement in the air for a cannabis enhanced weekend rather than the boozy weekends getaways of my past. Pumping energizing tunes like a popular dance club, Have a Heart has gotten me excited for the future of cannabis nightlife.

Have a Heart – which has multiple locations in the region – is a unique concept store which displays all products like art in glass cabinets lining all the walls, and attendants make notes of your requests before sending you up front to pick up your selection.

I was drawn to the impressive and colorful selection of cannabis infused drinkables where I snapped up a cannabis infused drink, the Sparkling Pomegranate Blueberry Cannabis Quencher,  to help me cool down on the walk back to the hotel.

Diego Pellicer

2215 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Seattle cannabis store Diego Pellicer. (Photo via Leafly).


If a Italian wine brand did a high class cannabis store it would feel alot like Diego Pellicer. I felt like I should don a robe and relax to some classical music, it was a classy and tasteful experience.

There had a very impressive selection of products well explained by their friendly staff. I was headed into a lowkey evening so I walked out with a packet of Goodship mints to microdose with during my stay.


1728 4th Ave. S., Seattle, WA

Seattle cannabis store Dockside. (Photo via Leafly).

Dockside cannabis is classy and well rounded, feeling like a place I could lounge and read a book for a few hours. With cannabis art and educational resources dockside is an excellent choice to bring a travel companion who hasn’t been in a cannabis store before.

I left with a gram of pennywise 1:1 (THC:CBD) flower to vapourize in my Davinci portable vapourizer. Pennywise is a strain I find helps me with anxiety and mild pain as it’s well balanced with CBD to smooth out the enhanced time.

Discovery Bay Cannabis

282023 Hwy. 101, Port Townsend, WA

Discovery Bay cannabis store. (Photo via Leafly).

All aboard! The next Seattle area cannabis store I plan to visit is the quaint Discovery Bay Cannabis located near Port Townsend. This storefront is nestled in colourful train cars right along the bay. It was recently dubbed by Leafly as one of the nine most unique dispensaries in the US.

A friend of mine made a stop over there on her way to camping in the Olympic Peninsula and picked up some Green Baker gingersnap cookies and some PM Formula High Tea from Forever Green Herbal.


With legalization around North America, cannabis is changing the way we relax when we travel there and there never ending itinerary to explore!

Have you discovered a city with the impressive selection of cannabis stores? Leave your comment below, we’d love to explore your favourites!


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