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Outdoor Adventure Cannabis Tours Are Coming to Vancouver

By: Amber Gibson

Amber Gibson

Vancouver is well-known for its natural beauty; the idyllic mountainous regions, bountiful trails and its west coast vibe draws in tourists and expats from around the world. With legalization right around the corner some people are predicting cannabis to be a rising star attraction of British Columbia, and some, like Tristan Slade, founder of High Definition Tours, are counting on it.  

Tristan’s tours combine his love for outdoor adventures with his experience using cannabis as a tool to enhance his physically active lifestyle. Yet, he wasn’t always a  cannabis enthusiast or a ‘cannasseur’ as they’re often referred to, in fact, his curiosity emerged only after moving to Vancouver in 2007 for University.

“I read that ultra marathoners were consuming edibles… [and] it opened me to the idea that cannabis could be used to enhance fitness.”

“I grew up in a suburb in Chicago where cannabis was pretty taboo” says Tristan. “It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver… that I saw cannabis being consumed at a larger scale and a little later in my university years that I started consuming cannabis and exploring what it was.”

Eleven years on and his relationship with the plant has transformed both his personal, and soon, his professional life.

His first introduction to the conversation that fused cannabis and fitness occured in 2012, after reading an article centred around the changes occurring in Colorado as a result of legalization.

“I read that ultra marathoners were consuming edibles in Colorado and explaining that they would go for runs and that it helped their training regime,” he says. “It opened me to the idea that cannabis could be used to enhance fitness or to overcome problems that you might have when trying to to get fit.”

Thanks to the growing number of cannabis publications, people are increasingly sharing their  personal stories and highlighting ways in which communities are combining cannabis and healthy lifestyles. For Tristan, cannabis boosts his energy, helps with motivation and enhances his experience in nature.

“I think cannabis and the outdoors go well together, they’re a natural combination” Tristan explains. While cannabis is a great motivation for fitness he consumes to improve different aspects of his life, experimenting with the growing number of cannabis products currently available at Vancouver dispensaries.


He believes it’s all about finding the right balance when exploring the great outdoors or engaging in physical activity. Whether hiking up a mountain, playing recreational sports or kicking a ball around with friends, different products have different effects and he’s mindful when choosing something to suit his desired experience.

“With a wide range of products available it’s not just about smoking a joint anymore, but about enjoying cannabis in everyday life.” He goes on to say that the trend of microdosing being adopted by the mainstream is an indication that the tides are turning. “We’re learning more about this method of consumption now that products like tinctures are available and quantities can be measured per dose.”

Tristan prefers strains and products with a lower THC content when hiking to minimize the psychoactive effects of cannabis. He also benefits from the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis that can help with the muscle aches and pains that come with exercising.

“I like to consume a higher CBD ratio when focused on fitness activities, with a little bit of THC.” When consuming a cannabis tincture, he likes to use a 4:1 product, which refers to the CBD to THC ratio.

“Consuming something like that before doing an activity or going outside provides a little bit of relaxation but at the same time focus and energy.”

“I see my role as somebody who is experienced in consuming cannabis and may be able to help educate and destigmatized cannabis for others,”

Ultimately he says it comes down to experimentation, “[I] play around with different strains to find out which one matches or enhances the experience.”

Tristan’s experience and enthusiasm for cannabis first led him to cannabis and fitness, and eventually with his passion for the outdoors. Increasing the accessibility to people looking to learn more about the progressive wave of grows, dispensaries and products entering the Vancouver market is a driving force behind High Definition Tours.

“I see my role as somebody who is experienced in consuming cannabis and may be able to help educate and destigmatized cannabis for others,” he says.

The diversification of cannabis business and its growing link to health and fitness is an opportunity to redefine its place in a modern setting. It gives people an opportunity to explore cannabis through a different lens. “I think one of the main goals of the industry as a whole is to slowly introduce people to cannabis and then to help guide and navigate their experience.”

You can find out more about High Definition Tours here.


Disclosure: The information shared in this post is a personal experience and not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a health practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

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