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How Cannabis Changes the Way I Live My Life

By: Rachel Garland

Rachel Garland

Seven years ago, I never imagined just how much cannabis would change my life. In fact, if you had told me a plant would radically change the course of my entire future, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, cannabis has done exactly that. In fact, I strongly believe I would not be the person I am today without cannabis. Here are just a few of the many ways cannabis has positively impacted my life.

Cannabis Elevates My Consciousness

Cannabis challenges me to question my outlook on the world. Like many young adults, I grew up in a culture that encouraged conformity and compliance. Granted, I was a child of an artist so I certainly had a healthy ability to challenge the status quo. Nevertheless, to say that my environment didn’t have an impact would be ignorant. Cannabis was instrumental in breaking beyond these cultural barriers. When I studied the history of cannabis, I realized just how inaccurate the information regarding it was. This period of self study opened my eyes to the level of corruption that has taken place under prohibition. Cannabis has been a catalyst in my life, elevating my consciousness of the social, political, and environmental injustices plaguing our planet today.

Cannabis Enhances My Personal Awareness

One of the most powerful ways cannabis has changed my life is by increasing my self-awareness. Mindful cannabis consumption has helped me develop a stronger sense of self. I feel more centered, observant, and confident. Incorporating cannabis and meditation has been instrumental in achieving these effects. In addition, I’ve found that keeping a journal has brought a lot of value to my life. Journaling before and after consuming helps me monitor how I feel on and off cannabis. These insights have been life changing for self growth.

Cannabis Improves my Health

My mother passed away from stage IV lung cancer when I was just 14. This experience deeply influenced my outlook on health. At the time, I was completely unaware of alternative forms of healing. I also did not understand just how much personal power we have when it comes to our own well-being. Cannabis radically expanded my perspective. My experiences with cannabis sparked an interest in plant medicine. I discovered that cannabis was one of many plants with medicinal value. This passion has fueled me to take a more active role in my health care and help others do the same.

Cannabis Strengthens my Relationships

Cannabis is directly responsible for bringing a lot of wonderful people into my life. In fact, I would have lost out on amazing relationships if it were not for cannabis. In my experience, consuming cannabis with others is drastically different than consuming alcohol. Instead of ego and bravado, there is a genuine sense of connection and understanding. Cannabis also crosses cultural and language barriers. There is something truly beautiful about sharing cannabis with someone who may not speak the same language as you but somehow you are able to communicate. The connections I have made through cannabis has enriched my life on multiple levels.

Cannabis Gave me a Great Career

I wake up every day in gratitude that I get to do something I love. Some days, it still seems pretty surreal. For years, I hid my cannabis use. In fact, it was one of the primary reasons I never pursued employment in healthcare or education. Sadly, I knew my cannabis use could be career ending. Today I am thankful to share my cannabis use loud and proud. Cannabis was instrumental in empowering me to become an entrepreneur. Working as a cannabis writer and advocate has by far been one of the most rewarding things I have done with my life. I am honored to play a part in bringing the message of cannabis worldwide.

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Rachel Garland is a cannabis advocate and writer living in Mexico dedicated to spreading cannabis education across the globe. She is the founder of Women of Cannabiz which aims to elevate female cannabis entrepreneurs worldwide.

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