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Selecting seeds for your personal cannabis cultivation is a big decision. The seed you choose directly impacts the specific phenotype that will be grown, as well as the plant’s effects, potency and quality. Growers Choice Seeds has been steadily gaining recognition as one of the top seed banks in the cannabis seed market, but does it live up to its reputation? In this article, we thoroughly investigate actual reviews, company information and benefits to find out more. Let’s discover more about Growers Choice’s seeds in our Growers Choice Seeds Review and see if it can be regarded as one of the most reliable seed banks in the industry.

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Growers Choice Seeds History:

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews

Grower’s Choice Seed company is California-based and strives to be a west-coast influence on the cannabis lifestyle, and seed industry. Although in the US, they’re an international seed breeder that has a focus on health and wellness, with a wide range of cultivars for medical and recreational use. Not only is their team well-versed in cannabis, but have medical and horticulture experts on staff to ensure their seeds are multi-faceted for strong, healthy, and potent plants. 

One of the key features of this seed bank is its commitment to crafting unique and classic genetics with its seed selection. You’ll find the latest in the up-and-coming strains side-by-side with legendary genes, giving growers a diverse selection right off the bat. Another unique feature that adds to the company’s premium status is their high quality seeds are all packaged in medical-grade glass vials, that are sealed for optimal freshness. 

The company is set on selling for ‘long-term’ customers and has grown quite the community of fans, and repeat purchasers on message boards. Like anything, however, there are some naysayers who have had issues with the Grower’s Choice Seed company living up to their reputation. Most of the customer reviews, cite shipping delays, or issues with seed germination as a source of contention. But now, Growers Choice Seeds germination guarantee is helping to qualm the concerns. 

Here are a few other key details about this seed bank to keep in mind when comparing to others for purchasing – 

  • Offers extremely detailed instructions for germination of their high quality seeds, to qualify for their germination guarantee. 
  • While they do cover the costs of the replacement seeds for their germination guarantee, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. 
  • The seed bank offers wholesale or bulk pricing on large orders. You’ll have to contact customer service to inquire, but this is a key benefit for larger operations. 
  • Grower Choice Seeds guarantees germination at 90% which is higher than any other current seed bank. 
  • Their website is in-depth with growing information, and advice even featuring their own forum for growers to communicate and discuss growth together. 
  • Since Grower’s Choice seed company is based in California, their packages and seeds don’t have to go through the long customs process for purchasers here in the US. 
  • Uniquely, you can find Growers Choice seeds online and also in retail locations, which are searchable on their website. 

Quality of Seeds From Growers Choice Seeds:

No matter what a seed bank says about themselves, it all comes down to the quality of their seeds when it comes to reputation. So, what do real purchasers have to say about the quality of Grower’s Choice? For the most part, the seed bank gets rave customer reviews. Many consumers note that not only do Growers Choice seeds for sale germinate quickly, but grow high-quality plants, too. As well as offer high quality On the flip side of things, there will always be negative customer reviews with positive reviews. 

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?
Growers Choice Seeds Strain Selection

If you learn anything from this Growers Choice seeds reviews post, you need to know they’ll have what you’re looking for! As for seed selection, they is the cream of the crop with a wide range of high-quality options. Meaning, if you’re seeking those top-shelf premium strains that can be hard to come by, the seed bank typically pulls through. Their genetics come from in-house breeders across the Globe, which adds to their repertoire of classic and internationalized genetics. Because their team includes horticulture and medical experts, they specialize in strains that offer the best of both worlds for vigorous growth, and high cannabinoid counts for treating specific ailments. 

Below are the main seed categories that Growers Choice Seeds offers, and additional information you should keep in mind when deciding what to purchase. 

AutoFlowering Seeds:

Many growers prefer auto-flowering cannabis seeds for indoor grows, due to their small stealth size and quick flowering nature. Grower’s Choice Seed company has a wide selection of auto-flowering plants, but in the genetics you know and love. Allowing you to grow your favorite strains, like Growers Choice Gorilla Glue auto-flowering, Northern Lights, Cheese or Blueberry auto-flowering, too. 

Feminized Seeds:

Of course, on the regular side of cannabis seeds, feminized seeds are ideal. That way you don’t lose time (or cannabis seeds) on sexing plants, and identifying males when they sprout. Grower’s Choice Seed company offers a plethora of fully feminized seed choices from trendy newcomers, to long-standing legends. In addition to feminized regular cannabis seeds, they also sell feminized high CBD strains, and feminized auto-flowering strains, as well. 

High-CBD Medical Strains:

Again, with a versatile and well-versed staff in breeding, you’re treated to classic strains with a high CBD twist. Growers Choice Seeds for sale include high CBD versions of strains like Blueberry, ACDC, and Critical Mass, along with others that are amplified in levels of CBD. They refer to their CBD seeds as ‘medical cannabis seeds’ giving you a preview of the type of medicinal effects, the quality plants will produce. 

Customer Service Overview:

Customer Service is big in any industry, but especially the cannabis seed game. Considering the purchase is so precious for shipping, typically comes with a high volume of questions, and can require some feedback after purchasing and the beginnings stages of growth. So, does Growers Choice Seed bank have a customer support department that’s robust enough to handle these types of requests? Yes, and they do so beyond most buyer’s expectations. 

In all the Growers Choice Seeds reviews, you’ll find very few negative things to be said about the customer service department at the brand. Even on their TrustPilot reviews site, each review – negative or positive, is replied to directly by the company which really goes to show the effort of their customer service team. Showing that they go above and beyond to address any issues, even with the most disgruntled of customers who run to review sites quickly to complain without contacting the customer service team directly, first. 

During regular business hours, Growers Choice Seed bank customer service representatives are available from multiple avenues. Including – 

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Or, social media messaging 

This allows you to get in touch with someone on the customer service team who can help, with high-quality cannabis seeds purchasing questions or purchase issues, in an easier manner than most seed companies. Another special touch to the seed banks customer service offerings is their in-depth website that delivers the information you’d normally have to ask of others. The Growers Choice Seed company website is chock-full of helpful information, including lengthy descriptions for strains, detailed information on what to expect from purchasing, and helpful guides for growing, too. Overall I’m very happy with the Grower’s Choice Seeds customer service team.

Germination Guarantee:

Another benefit of this company is that they do seem to stand behind the quality of their seeds, they backup all their purchases with a germination guarantee. This is extremely important because if you’re spending the money on seeds you want to be sure that the product you’re receiving will actually germinate and you’re not spending your money on duds.

They offer a pretty impressive 90% germination guarantee, and they’ll replace any seeds that fail to germinate. This guarantee lasts for 60 days following your delivery confirmation, and you do have to pay the price for reshipping. At the end of the day this is a generous perk, and should help you feel a bit more confident in your purchase.

Payment Options Offered From Grower Choice Seeds:

Again, at Growers Choice Seed bank they’re all about options. So, it’s no surprise they accept a variety of payment methods for growers to take advantage of, internationally or in the US. With a handy in-depth guide published on the Grower’s Choice website with detailed information on the choices they offer, and the ways to use them. Here’s a quick breakdown of each – 

  • Pay by mail – To be extra discrete, they offer payment by mail which not many seed banks still do. If paying by mail, they’ll even reward purchasers by sending an extra 3 pack of cannabis seeds along with their original order. When paying for your order by mail, you must send a cashier’s check or money order, as personal checks and cash are not accepted. When you purchase with the pay by mail option, you’ll grant Growers Choice Seeds a 3-5 day period of time, where they will process the payment and initiate your package for delivery. 
  • Crypto – Cryptocurrency is the next best thing in the payment world, especially when purchasing seeds which you may want to be somewhat untraceable, or discrete. Bitcoin is the crypto payment method that Growers Choice offers to buyers, which is anonymous and secure. The website also offers step-by-step instructions to pay with the Bitcoin method which includes screenshots to follow along with, too. 
  • ACH Electronic Checks – While they offer ACH electronic checks or transfers directly from your bank, they do not recommend it. The transfers can take up to 7 days, with processing and confirmation time, and the buyer will be subject to all fees associated with the transaction. 
  • Zelle or Mesh (USA Only) – Staying in-tune with the latest trends for payment options, They also give buyers an additional option of using the popular payment apps Zelle or Mesh for transactions, too. This also negates transaction fees that are often associated with debit/credit processing, or ACH electronic transfers. 

Like any big purchase Growers Choice Seeds also provides this additional information on their site as cautions to keep in mind when securing your transaction – 

  • No orders or products will be prepared for shipment until payment has been received in full.
  • Prices on our website are in US dollars.
  • Any bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Any credit card fees, exchange rates, processing fees, or service fees charged by the customer’s credit card issuer are the responsibility of the customer.
  • In countries where Duty or Import taxes exist, these additional charges are the responsibility of the customer.

As for pricing, surprisingly for the quality of their operation and seed selection, thankfully they are on the lower spectrum of costs. Their cannabis seeds are very reasonably priced, which also means Grower’s Choice doesn’t advertise specials or discounts very frequently. So, if you’re looking for an all-around good-priced seed pack, that’s high quality in nature, and you don’t have to wait for a sale to buy…then they aren’t for you. 

Shipping Matters: 

This Growers Choice Seeds Review wouldn’t be complete without talking about shipping! Shipping matters and discretion for shipping is usually on the top factors to consider for new seed buyers. Especially in countries, or areas where the lines are blurred on the legalities of growing your own cannabis. Growers Choice Seeds takes their shipping, and customer concerns, seriously, with the utmost care and discrete nature for packaging and mailing their cannabis seeds. For cannabis seeds buyers in the US, since the seed bank is located in California you won’t have to worry or have an issue with the packages going through a lengthy customs process.

If you’re an international customer, Growers Choice Seeds ships packages as discreetly as possible with no extra charge like some other seed banks. Another perk about the shipping process at Growers Choice Seeds is their flat fee per package, no matter the location or quantity. This ensures there are no hidden fees, and you can easily determine what your pricing will be, no matter the type of order you place. The seed bank also rewards larger than normal orders, with free shipping for purchases over $200. 

Here are a few other notes to keep in mind, when it comes to shipping and delivery with Growers Choice Seeds – 

  • All US packages are mailed through USPS, and come with tracking information. The flat fee for shipping is $9.95. 
  • International packages are mailed as ‘Express Registered’ and come with a $30 shipping fee. This option includes tracking, and no signature is required to receive your package when it lands. 
  • Orders shipped out of the US come with an estimated delivery time of 7-25 days. 

As for packaging, what you’ll see and get will depend on the type of order you place. The Growers Choice Seed bank website explicitly states, ‘we generally send our cannabis seeds in their original air-tight packaging, in some cases, we may need to remove the packaging to ensure safe and secure delivery, and we reserve the right to do so. All your products will be delivered in padded parcels to ensure they are not damaged during shipping.’

However, when reviewing Growers Choice Seed reviews, there were few issues with the way that the company packaged items. Even though many noted that shipping was often delayed or slow overall. On the plus side, all of their packages are stealth in nature without any brand labeling on the outside to give away what’s inside, which helps to prevent any lost seed shipments. 

Shipping Delays and Customer Concerns:

One of the biggest issues people have with Growers Choice is that they have a history of shipping delays on orders. Shipping is always a problem area for seed banks because it can be difficult to safely and reliably ship marijuana seeds around the world. There have been reports of some customers receiving seeds very quickly and others waiting weeks to receive their orders. Obviously, this level of inconsistency doesn’t help you feel confident that they’ll take care of your order.

This is hopefully something that they’ll be working on improving over the next few months.

Return Policy:

They offer a relatively generous return policy and refunds on unused seeds. That being said they won’t refund shipping costs and refunds will be issued in the same form as whatever payment method you used to purchase. They have an outlined refund and return guide to help show you through this process.

Website and Perks:

Last, but not least – how does the Growers Choice Seeds website compare to others? First off, it has a wide collection of grower advice, tips, and articles that help you produce the highest quality plants. Considering they also focus on being a ‘lifestyle brand, Grower’s Choice publishes regular culture articles and pieces that are helpful to those staying hip to what’s going on in the industry as a whole. 

Growers Choice Loyalty Program:

Even better, if you sign up for their email newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first order and a chance to win up to $200 worth of free seeds each month. Unlike other seed companies, Growers Choice Seeds also offers customers a loyalty program where purchasers can accrue points for purchases, setting up an account, etc., and turn into discounts on upcoming orders. If you’re buying seeds frequently, this is another way to save on their already low prices and maybe score some free seeds! 

If you are going to end up purchasing from them consistently, then it’s an easy choice to sign up for their loyalty program and you’ll end up saving some money in the long run and getting some free seeds!

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?

Yes, Growers Choice Seeds is legit, they provide cannabis seeds worldwide at a low and competitive price.

The Final Word On Growers Choice Seeds:

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Growers Choice seeds review article! As you can see, there are negatives and positive factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase from Growers Choice Seeds. While they have a wide product selection, good customer service, and a longstanding history – real-time reviews do share there have been issues with germination, and service-related issues. Like any company, there are bound to be issues running a smooth operation.

Plus, this could just be a sign that not every order comes out perfect when you’re outputting so many orders. Luckily, it seems that Growers Choice seed bank is more than willing to make things ‘right’ if they ever go ‘wrong’. Overall I’ve been very happy with my experiences with Grower’s choice seeds, and I still recommend them to all my friends who are looking to buy cannabis seeds! I hope you’ve enjoyed our Grower Choice Reviews!



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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