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The topic of misting cannabis buds with water is highly disputed and contentious. Some individuals advocate for it citing its impact on the plant’s potency, while others perceive it as a potential health risk for the plant.

Spraying water on your bud is not the problem but doing so during the flowering stage when water cannot stand on the leaves for a long period as the cannabis plant has only young leaves at that point. Water sprayed cannot easily penetrate the bud or evaporate, and such water accumulating in the bud or leaves can lead to mold or insects such as whiteflies or spider mites

Furthermore, it is vital to consider the fact that there is a difference between misting the cannabis buds with ordinary water and spraying them liquids with extra nutrients in the form of minerals. Tap water may be the most used, but it doesn’t turn out plain as there could be the existence of some mineral deposits like calcium.

Although water can assist in clearing the tiny pores in the outer layer of the plant and enhance their ability to breathe in and out, the plants may focus on absorbing the nutrients regardless of whether they are safe or not. Let’s consider some of the points for and against this argument.

Should you mist your cannabis buds?

Advantages Of Spraying Your Cannabis Buds With Water

Spraying the cannabis flowering plant may seem very risky, but there are some attached benefits to doing it. 

First, water sprayed on fan leaves and buds helps to clean up the tiny layers known as the stomata for respiratory activities. Improved respiration of your plant can allow for a better quantity and quality.

Spraying your bud and leaves can help protect it from the less humid situation that a sunny environment provides. Plants grown in desert areas may be able to breathe better with regular spraying of water. Also, plants grown in an indoor setting may perceive such water spraying as the usual early morning dew or droplets of rain in a hot weather condition.

Disadvantages Of Spraying Your Cannabis Buds With Water

The existing positive effects of spraying buds with water can, in turn, pave the way for negative impacts causing damages as serious as the death of the buds if everything isn’t done well. Let’s take a quick skim through some of the negative effects of spraying buds with water.

The flowering phase of your cannabis buds requires a humidity of nothing more or less than 40% to 50%. Spraying with water can intensify the humid condition of your plant. Spraying done inappropriately can result in moisture or mold in which the bud may begin to rot or have a fungal virus.

Spraying buds with water at a time when the evaporation process is quite slow is as good as giving fungi the go-ahead to feast on your plant. During the light phase, humidity is less likely to rise above the recommended 40 to 50%; hence the plants may be less prone to molt or fungi attack.

When And How To Mist Your Cannabis Buds With Water

These pros and cons of misting buds with water all boils down to timing and the quality of water, albeit used in moderation. So how often should spraying be done, and what are the tricks to getting it done effectively? Let’s get around some tips to help guide you in spraying your cannabis buds with water.

First off, it is important to note that at the seedling stage, your plants will do better with a two times daily frequency. The vegetative phase may require that spraying be done once every two days if a large container is involved and once daily if a small container or pot is being used. The flowering stage ideally requires spraying every two to three days. 

The container used in growing your plant is a major determinant of how the spraying should be done at the various stages. Cannabis buds may absorb water slowly when grown in small pots; hence the spraying must be monitored at this point more than those in a large container. A different variant of pot that can allow for the plant to breathe properly can be used.

Now let us discuss some of the pointers to follow for beneficial spraying of buds with water.


This helps a whole lot. It is recommended that one with little or no experience of when to check the soil (to know the volume of water needed) should abstain from regular spraying of the buds with water. A more preferred option should be creating a good and spacious atmosphere where it can get natural light, natural rain droplets, and even dews. 

The quality of water

It is possible to live in an environment where the quality of water available does not match the quality needed for spraying your buds or leaves. Sometimes, the water sprayed to buds may contain some sensitive minerals or bacteria that the plant may not react well to, and they may begin to die off. Other times, the water may be plain or contain nutrients that greatly benefit the buds. However, to be on the safe side of not having to waste so much of your time, energy, and resources, a switched osmosis purification process can be done.

The pH observation

It is not enough to get the quantity of water needed to spray your buds. The quality matters too. The quality of water comprises the mineral content and the nature of acidity or alkalinity of the water being used. A pH scale shows from point 0 to 14, indicating the acidity and alkalinity and having point 7 as neutral, which is the ideal point for clean water. A pH meter may help measure the ph level for water before spraying on buds. A 6.5 pH level has been speculated to be the best for your cannabis plant growth. 

It may be shocking how much hard work is required to grow a cannabis plant if you are new to it. A healthy plant outcome is a worth so much effort hence the need to know the appropriate watering steps and the suitable nutrients for your cannabis plant.

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About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

David Rhodes