Last Updated February 21st, 2023: Although the answer is quite simple, it’s often a common question when you’re getting into growing cannabis.

How Many Weed Seeds Do You Use In A Pot?

You only need to use 1 weed seed per pot of cannabis you’re looking to grow. A single cannabis seed will lead to one plant, and you don’t want multiple plants in a normal-sized growing pot because they won’t have enough room to each grow which will lead them to compete against each other for resources.

By sticking to one cannabis seed per pot, you give your plant the best chances of growing big buds in a healthy manner.

Along with this, if you’re planting multiple cannabis seeds in one pot it increases your risk of plant disease and issues such as spider mites which can effectively destroy your grow before you even get to harvest.

how many weed seeds per pot

So no matter if you’re looking to grow cannabis in your closet or you’re looking to grow cannabis outdoors, you need to stick to only one weed seed per pot.

Why Should I Only Use One Marijuana Seed Per Pot?

Although it can be tempting to save some resources and planting pots by only using one pot for multiple seeds, in the long run it’s not a good idea.

When cannabis is planted in a pot the seed opens and roots begin to grow and start to form a solid foundation for the growing plant. When you have multiple seeds in one pot it limits the room the roots have to grow which can mean the cannabis plants can’t form solid roots.

Along with this, soon the cannabis plants begin to actually compete against each other for water and nutrients, which means that all the plants under perform!

So although it can be tempting to do otherwise, you should only use one cannabis seed per pot!

Final Thoughts On How Many Marijuana Seeds Per Pot:

Cannabis seeds are too expensive to have some of them die as they’re trying to grow. If you are looking to purchase cannabis seeds take a look at our guide on how to buy cannabis seeds online and get them delivered straight to your front door!

Happy Growing!

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