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Those with a knack for gardening understand the satisfaction of cultivating plants to live a flourishing life, whether it’s a vibrant summer garden filled with vegetables and herbs, a collection of cacti beautifying the entrance porch, or a lush fern creating a natural curtain for a front window. Most garden enthusiasts also acknowledge that before introducing any new plants, it’s crucial to consider factors like climate, temperature, and lighting conditions.

One way to mitigate these factors is to grow indoors, and California-based SuberCloset has everything one needs to demystify this process. From plant nutrients and accessories to grow lights to advanced hydroponic technology, this is a true one-stop-shop to get things growing. Check out our SuperCloset Reviews where we cover a wide variety of their growing products!

SuperCloset’s History

SuperCloset started much like many indoor gardening projects have begun: in a garage! CEO Kip Anderson founded the company in 2002 to give customers the consistency of owning their very own greenhouse, but without the logistical hurdles that generally accompany this once daunting undertaking. 

SuperCloset Reviews

Greenhouse-level consistency allows growers to achieve similar results across a wide array of climates. Anderson’s initial growing boxes offered a way to cultivate this environment in personal homes of all sizes. The company has grown since then and won numerous awards throughout the mid-2000s. The ample variety of products offered by SuperCloset makes them popular among pro-growers and enthusiastic amateurs alike, and their grow boxes of all shapes and sizes can be found in a multitude of spaces across the continent. 

Pros and Cons of SuperCloset

Wondering if a grow box from SuperCloset will meet all of your growing needs? Or perhaps you have a hydroponic or soil setup already running and would like to see how SuperCloset’s equipment and accessories can interface with it? Here are some general pros and cons of the company and more specific product reviews to give you a taste of what to expect. 

The superbox is by far the most popular offering from SuperCloset and the one that put them on the map in their early days. These varying boxes of all shapes and sizes remain bestsellers, and reviews showcase three popular options. 

They range from traditional to a deluxe model for more ambitious projects and even a “stealthy” model for growing anything you may want to keep away from wandering eyes. This monolithic-looking option mimics any cabinet or safe found in an ordinary office or home. Its charcoal filtration system is a uniquely sneaky addition for the interest of stealthiness. Still, the LED lights and wifi monitoring smartphone connectivity are prominent examples of SuperCloset being more than just a manufacturer of boxes. The accessories offered by this California institution and options to house both soil-based and hydroponic operations sum up one of the company’s most significant advantages: their wide variety of products. 

This is what earns SuperCloset their reputation as a one-stop-shop and allows them to create such complete and excellent packages for novice growers who may have been otherwise daunted by moving their floral passions indoors. While maintaining excellent quality and not marketing anything at a genuinely excessive rate, these units are not bargain-basement purchases either. 

The price point of a SuperBox could be considered one of its few cons, but it is not necessarily an issue the company needs to make haste to remedy. This is because these are indeed some of the best-built products available. They are surpassed only by substantially more expensive products, and finding a cheaper option to fulfill one’s growing needs would require severe do-it-yourself knowledge. 

An advanced grower may opt to upgrade and join a different price point, or they may be handy enough to fashion a suitable alternative. Still, most enthusiasts who fit neither of these categories will be far from dissatisfied with a SuperCloset product. If a customer values taking something out of its packaging and being ready to use it on time, these products are worth their price tag. 

A further selling point, literally and figuratively, is that any product issue one may incur can be remedied by SuperCloset’s outstanding customer service. Their hands-on approach to communication is emphasized on the company’s website and corroborated by numerous customer Supercloset reviews. Curious to learn more? Let’s take a look at some specific products across the SuperCloset line-up. 

SuperCloset Products Comparison

SuperCloset SuperBox Review – Soil Grow Box

With relatively compact dimensions, the Superbox Soil Grow Box is about as practical a box as one could want while taking up minimal space in the room it occupies. Rather than having to grow cannabis in your closet, you can use this grow box! More experienced growers will be happy about its ample functionality packed into a smaller than usual size. At the same time, beginners will appreciate the ease of use that comes with one of SuperCloset’s most straightforward offerings yet. 

supercloset superbox review

The SuperBox’s simplicity and practical physique take nothing away from the advanced technology longtime customers became accustomed to, with its LED lights being controllable via smartphone or tablet app. 

The app also allows viewing of your precious botanicals from anywhere in the world where there’s wifi, and customers unconcerned with being “secretive” will still no doubt appreciate the secure locking door and carbon odor-removing air filter. Complete with fans to keep airflow circulating within the SuperBox. This product is a perfect compact system for entry-level growers and seasoned gardeners alike. 

SuperCloset SuperStar Review

If space is not an issue and you wish to explore a larger yield of plants from your indoor growing setup, you will soon realize why the SuperStar grow box is the best-selling product SuperCloset has to offer. As discussed in the pros and cons, this company prides itself on making its customers happy. 

SuperCloset SuperStar Review

One of the few negative comments to arise more than once pertains to boxes being slightly too small to fit a customer’s needs. These shoppers had often started with the SuperBox and were more satisfied upon upgrading to a slightly larger product like the SuperStar. Of course, this is subjective, and a curious customer can find all pertinent dimensions in inches and feet listed on the SuperCloset website, but this may be the perfect device to provide ample growing yield while still maximizing floor space. 

Like the SuperBox, the SuperStar features security features and compatibility with all standard smartphones. If you don’t yet believe the SuperBox is suitable for your needs, let’s investigate a third option that is separate from the box realm. Grow tents are a flexible alternative for growers seeking more plant space without playing Tetris with a rectangular piece of equipment. 

SuperCloset 2’x4’ Soil Grow Tent Kit

Suppose SuperCloset weren’t already presenting itself as an ideal company for growers who desire a helping hand getting started. In that case, their Soil Grow Tent Kits even come with instructional videos to get things sprouting. Much of this information is available in the aforementioned smartphone apps, but it truly drives the point home that these products produce a user-focused experience. 

SuperCloset Grow Tent Review

Have a goal for those new hot pepper seedlings, herbs that just don’t seem to get the right amount of light outside, or perhaps more hands-off crops that are picky about their humidity levels? The 2’x4’ Soil Grow Tent Kit can turn any room into a suitable growing area and comes equipped with all of the necessary equipment to keep this environment perfect for a high yield, low-stress crop of whatever you desire. 

With a flexible height and width, grow tents are more versatile than their box alternatives and come with many features that can be added to your purchased package. Alongside the aforementioned instructional video guides, the grow tent comes with the same lifetime grow-support that its box brethren includes and app technology to monitor your plant progress from any compatible smartphone. 

Final Thoughts On SuperCloset Growing Products

Suppose the most consistent qualm with SuperCloset products is their price point. In that case, they counter this in the way that any high-quality manufacturer does: by standing true to their products and making sure that they are worth every penny a customer will spend on them. Approaching 20 years in the business, it’s no wonder SuperCloset knows what they’re doing. 

What is more impressive is that they have maintained innovation alongside this steady growth. Customer support is an age-old concept in one form or another, but to offer smartphone apps alongside tutorials and call support shows that this is a company committed to its customers. 

Suppose you’re finally ready to take those basil plants inside for the winter, try out a strain of hot pepper you have only recently discovered on the Food Network, or seed a bountiful cannabis plant the moment your region decides to legalize. In that case, you now know an excellent place to look for all of the appropriate infrastructures. 

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About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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