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Where I Buy Craft Grown Cannabis in Squamish

By: Bethany Rae

Bethany Rae

On the way to Whistler from Vancouver, BC, sits one of my favourite towns in Canada, Squamish. A destination unto itself, Squamish is a rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, kite surfing, backcountry skiing and mountain biking dream town. The most famous mountain landmark, ‘The Chief’ dominates the skyline and is a popular day hike for tourists and Vancouver city folk. Further out back is a playground of mountain trails winding for miles and offering warming huts for shelter. There are plenty of campgrounds for family camping, my favourite is at Alice Lake, where you can kayak and stand up paddle board or hit the trails on foot or bike.

When I arrive in Squamish for my adventures, I always head first to GrassRoots Medicinal. This cannabis storefront self regulates as a medical cannabis dispensary, meaning you must have confirmation of a diagnosis to sign up and become a member. Located in the Garibaldi Highlands, on Tantalus Rd, GrassRoots Medicinal is where I buy my Cannabis in Squamish for the following reasons.

It’s a Farm to Table Experience

The cannabis flower, concentrates and infused products at this storefront are all coming from local cannabis craft growers and artisans in British Columbia. A large selection of their offerings are coming from farms within the sea to sky corridor such as Liberty Farm and Bakers Farm. They even sell chicken eggs from chickens who have been fed a raw cannabis diet. I like the idea of supporting local businesses in the town or area that I am visiting and shopping at GrassRoots Medical does exactly that.

They Offer Strains Higher in CBD and Lower in THC

Worried about consuming cannabis that will get you too high? You are not alone. When I shop for cannabis I’m often looking for strains and products that have higher levels of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD, and lower potency of the psychoactive cannabinoid compound, THC. I’m doing this because I like the medicinal pain relief and relaxing qualities of CBD and find that THC works better for me in micro dosed quantities. At GrassRoots Medical they also seem to have strains available that are high in CBD so I like to stock up on these. They also carry concentrated CBD only options such as oil, capsules, tincture and more. Squamish adventures can make my muscles and joints sore so I appreciate the variety of CBD options.

It’s Healthier Than Drinking After Exercise

Exercising outdoors and then following the effort with a hangover doesn’t make much sense to me. We spend time and money looking after our bodies so why not celebrate in a healthier way? It’s with this mindset that I prefer to end my adventures with cannabis not alcohol. Sometimes even during, depending on the type of consumption. On a big hike to Elfin Lakes, I vaporized a high CBD strain to relieve muscle soreness. When camping in Squamish, my friends and I prefer cannabis to alcohol. This way we feel more in touch with nature, in control, relaxed and sociable. These effects come down to choosing the right strain and method of consumption so it’s important to take the time to learn what’s best for your needs.

I hope you enjoy your adventures in Squamish. Do take the time to stop in at GrassRoots Medicinal for you local cannabis needs. Let me know your other favourite places to stop for cannabis around the world, leave a comment below!

Disclosure: The information shared in this post is a personal experience and not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a health practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

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