Growing cannabis outdoors can be a difficult task regardless of the climate that you live in. That being said, because cannabis obviously relies on sunshine for growth and each strain has different requirements in terms of weather, different climates can face additional challenges when attempting to grow cannabis outdoors.

That being said, different strains of cannabis are better suited for different climates. Depending on where geographically a strain of cannabis was originally found, can impact its ideal growing conditions.

For example, Afghan-based cannabis strains are used to being growing naturally in Afghanistan and around the Hindu Kush Mountain Range, so they are relatively used to cooler weather and are a bit more hearty and survivable. But a tropical strain such as Hawaiian Kush is used to extremely warm temperatures and plenty of moisture. If you were to swap these two strains in terms of climates they wouldn’t get the conditions that they require, and they could die or have reduced yields in their grows.

Our Cannabis Climate Guides:

Because different strains require different conditions and will perform better in their optimal climates, we’ve created resources to help you understand the best strains for an individual climate. Here are our climate-specific guides:

That being said, growing cannabis outdoors is 100% doable in just about any climate in the World, but you have to be smart on the cannabis strain you select. You want a strain that can survive and thrive in your individual climate. The main factors you want to consider are Temperature, Amount of Sunlight Per Day, Amount Of Rain, and Wind Severity. Thankfully if you just pay attention to our climate-specific resources, you’ll get a headstart on selecting cannabis strains which will survive your climate!

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