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5 Reasons I Combine Cannabis and Meditation

By: Rachel Garland

Rachel Garland

It was a cool spring day when my seventy-five-year-old neighbor invited me to meditate with her.

She had been practicing meditation for over forty years. Despite our 50-year age gap, we had become close. We share surprising similarities, like the fact that we are both writers originally from Indiana who had a burning passion to leave the Midwest and travel the world. We also both love and respect cannabis.

I was new to meditating and was curious as to how her practice of combining cannabis and meditation could enhance the experience.

Before we started she explained her preference to vaporize a small amount of cannabis prior to meditation. She described how consuming cannabis deepens her practice and adds a number of benefits to her life like enhancing her senses, increased focus and heightened levels of awareness.

The small amount I breathed in from her vaporizer instantly relaxed my body. Instead of operating at hyper speed, I became tuned into the present moment and, for the first time in a long time, I felt still, clear, and calm.

Today, combining cannabis and meditation is a regular practice for me. I’ve found that with a mindful approach and clear intentions, it is a transformative experience. Here are a few reasons why I continue this practice:

Cannabis and meditation relaxes me

After meditating I feel completely rejuvenated. Throughout the day my mind races from one thought to the next. Before I know it, I’m thinking myself to into stress. Cannabis and meditation help me slow down. Instead of running on overdrive, I feel at ease. My stress levels drop dramatically. My body is relaxed. The tension in my muscles slowly fades away. These effects are long lasting and extend far beyond a single session.

Cannabis and meditation enhance my self-awareness

One of the reasons I love cannabis is because it has challenged me to dig deeper. Unresolved issues are brought to the surface, connections occur, and realizations are made. Combined with meditation, I find these effects of cannabis are amplified. Cannabis helps me search inside myself. Incorporating cannabis and meditation into my life has given me a much deeper sense of self-awareness.

Cannabis and meditation increase my focus

Breath is something I focus on a lot while meditating, especially during the early stages of my practice. Consuming cannabis helps quiet the noise in my mind. I’m able to focus my thoughts, slow down, and be present. I find that it also makes the experience more meaningful. By increasing my focus, I’m able to step away with valuable insights and reflections from my practice.

Cannabis and meditation improves my body awareness

Cannabis and meditation have increased my body awareness. I notice tension I may be holding on to. Or physical ailments I need to address. This has been an empowering experience. Consuming cannabis alongside meditation has heightened my awareness of the mind body connection. I feel happier and healthier from learning to be more cognizant of this connection.

Cannabis and meditation helps me feel more connected

Incorporating cannabis and meditation into my life has deepened my interpersonal relationships. The more I meditate, the more connected I feel. By increasing my own awareness, I am able to hold more space for others. This has allowed me to truly listen and connect with people on a deeper level.

Meditation and cannabis are both ancient tools of healing and incorporating them into my life was transformational.

If you’re considering combining cannabis and meditation, I would encourage you to really listen to your body. Pay attention to your physical, emotional, and mental responses. Be cognizant of what you are consuming as every strain will affect your body differently. I recommend experimenting by microdosing (consuming small amounts of cannabis at a time) to see what works best for your body. I also advise keeping a notebook or digital diary. This way, you can jot down the strain, dosage, method of consumption and overall effect. It will help you keep track of your sessions and gain more from your experience.

Have you tried meditating with cannabis? We would love to hear about your experience!

Rachel Garland is a cannabis advocate and writer living in Mexico dedicated to spreading cannabis education across the globe. She is the founder of Women of Cannabiz which aims to elevate female cannabis entrepreneurs worldwide.

Disclosure: The information shared in this post is a personal experience and not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a health practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.

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