Are you looking to purchasing cannabis seeds online, but you want to use Venmo? Struggling to find a seed bank that actually accepts Venmo?

Well have no fear, we spent the past few weeks searching for reputable seed banks that will take Venmo as a payment method, as well as rating them on their seed selection, seed quality, customer service, and delivery speed!

Seed Banks That Take Venmo As A Payment Method:

Crop King Seeds

BC, Canada

Shipping Worldwide

Bitcoin Accepted

Credit Cards and Venmo Accepted

Special Offers!

Visit Crop King Seeds

Why You Should Use Venmo When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online:

If you haven’t heard, Venmo has been around for just over 10 years and has really picked up a following in the past few years. Venmo was created to help make transferring and sending money easier and quicker, all directly from your phone. Venmo makes it extremely easy to set up an account, connect your bank account, and then you’re ready to send and receive cash payments quickly! When sending money via Venmo all you need to know is someones Venmo Username (which the seed bank will provide to you).

Using Venmo to purchase cannabis seeds online is similar to using Zelle or Cash App. Once you have your account set up, all you’ll need is the seed banks username and you can send them your payment.

I’d say Venmo is slightly easier than using a service like Paypal because you can get your account created in minutes, and it’s definitely easier to understand than using Bitcoin.

Cons of Using Venmo:

Although Venmo is an extremely beneficial payment method to use, it does come with a drawback or two.

The main issue is that because Venmo is really designed for personal transactions rather than business transactions (and it’s still relatively new), not many seed banks actually will accept Venmo as a payment method. During our review we were only able to find one reputable seed bank that accepted it (Crop King Seeds).

So if you’d like to purchase from a seed bank other than Crop King Seeds, you’ll have to switch to a more traditional payment method such as Credit Card or Mastercard.

What Seed Banks Accept Venmo?:

As mentioned earlier, not many seed banks will take Venmo because it’s still relatively new as a payment processor, but thankfully we did our research and have made a list of the ones that do.

Crop King Seeds:

If you haven’t heard of Crop King Seeds, they are one of the biggest online cannabis providers in the industry, and are based out of British Columbia, Canada. They have been around for around 20 years, and they even have a few physical locations based in Canada.

cannabis seeds and paypal

Crop King Seeds is my go to seed bank regardless of payment method, and thankfully they are very cutting edge and accept pretty much any payment method I could think of.

Along with this, they have a huge strain selection on their website and ship worldwide! That being said, one of my favorite things about Crop King Seeds is their customer service.

They offer 24/7 customer service via phone and chat service which allows you to ask any questions about strains or even get an update on your order. I personally recommend them, because you can really trust that they have your best interest at heart.

Final Thoughts on Venmo and Cannabis Seeds:

It can be a headache to purchase cannabis seeds with Venmo, but thankfully Crop King Seeds make the entire process very easy and smooth. All you have to do is checkout as usual, and select that you’ll be paying via Venmo and they’ll provide you their Venmo username, and you’ll pay for your seeds.

If you’re planning on purchasing seeds via Venmo, I’d 100% recommend CKS as they’re the best in the business!