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Are you seeking to buy cannabis seeds online and prefer to use the Cash App for payment? You might be wondering whether there are any seed banks that accept Cash App as a method of payment. What are the pros and cons of using the Cash App to purchase marijuana seeds online? Fortunately, we provide answers to these questions in our detailed report below!

I recently crawled the internet to identify every single reputable seed bank and asked them their payment methods, and surprisingly not many actually considered using Cash App.

Seed Banks That Take Cash App:

Crop King Seeds
Based In BC, Canada
Ships Worldwide!
Accepts Cash App!
Accepts Credit Cards!
Special Offers Offered!
Visit Website!

Which Seed Banks Will Accept The Cash App From USA and Abroad?:

As we just mentioned, finding a seed bank that will take Cash App as a payment can be difficult, but not impossible! We crawled the internet and found the best options available:

Crop King Seeds:

If you are new to the cannabis industry, then you might not have heard of Crop King Seeds, but they are some of the biggest cannabis seed providers in the industry!

buying cannabis seeds with cash app

They are based out of British Columbia, Canada, and are known for their huge cannabis strain selection and truly having some of the highest quality seeds in the industry. Crop King Seeds not only ships worldwide but they also have a few physical locations in Canada. No matter what payment method you’re looking to use, I’d recommend Crop King Seeds no matter what!

They offer an extremely easy to navigate website which will help guide your purchase decision to a cannabis strain that will be perfect for your grow and your needs. They offer pretty much every strain known to man, so you’ll find something perfect!

When purchasing their seeds via Cash App, you’ll simply navigate through the site and find some seeds you’d like to purchase and add them to your cart. From their you’ll navigate to the checkout screen. From here you’ll fill out your shipping information and select that you’d like to purchase via Cash App and they will provide you more details on who to send the money to and the following steps. Overall they make it extremely quick and easy!

Why I Recommend Using The Cash App For Marijuana Seeds:

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Cash App was first created in 2013 by Square and has rapidly become one of the most popular and used mobile payment methods around! With millions of users flocking to the platform because they make setting up an account extremely easy and allows you to receive and send payments right from your phone within seconds! This is definitely quicker and safer than using a credit card or using a Mastercard.

seed banks that accept cash app

If you’ve ever used services such as Venmo or Zelle, you’ll find that Cash App is pretty similar and provides quick and easy ways to transfer or send money. This is makes it easy to purchase things without having to whip out your credit or debit card like usual. You can literally open up your phone and purchase cannabis seeds within a minute or less, relatively similar to buying cannabis seeds with Paypal.

Disadvantages of Using The Cash App:

I’ll keep it simple, there are more advantages than disadvantages to using the Cash App for cannabis seed purchases, but we should cover our bases.

The main disadvantage is that not many seed banks actually accept Cash App as a payment method. The reason for this is that many of these seed banks would rather stick to more business traditional payment methods which might be easier for their annual business reporting. That being said, there’s at least one seed bank that is up with the times and accepts Cash App!

Final Thoughts on Purchasing Marijuana Seeds With Cash App:

As you’ve probably gathered from our review, there really aren’t that many seed banks that accept Cash App simply because it’s relatively cutting edge and most seed banks are a bit more traditional.

That being said, you definitely can’t go wrong with Crop King Seeds. They are known in the industry as one of the best and their customer service is top notch. I’ve you’re planning on purchasing seeds via Cash App, then Crop King Seeds will ensure you get everything safely!



About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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