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In the beginning of my cultivation journey, my sole focus used to be on one aspect, and that was yield.

How much was I going to get for each square meter of plant?

As a recreational grower I’ve contemplated this problem more times than I care to admit. I would do everything possible like injecting CO2, adding growing screens, to laser controlled temperature readings. 

You could say I went slightly overboard.   

That was until last year when I had to move, and my growing location radically changed. Instead of a nice tall room with all the bells and whistles, I was stuck with a space you would consider rather small for growing my buds.  

Like, only 4 feet in height small… 

If you’ve ever tried to grow cannabis, you know this isn’t going to cut it. That’s barely enough room to grow tomatoes, let alone marijuana. 

How in the world am I going to get any production? 

Best Yielding Dwarf Strains – Quick Look

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYieldFlowering Time
Super Skunk14%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
Blue Cheese19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
White Widow19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant10-14 Weeks
Durban Poison20%Sativa19 Oz Per Plant9 Weeks
Northern Lights18%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks

So, here I was stuck with this problem, seriously considering purchasing a POD container to grow in.

Until I came across dwarf strains.  

What Are Dwarf Strains? 

Glad you asked! As you can probably guess, these strains are short, really short in fact. Almost all the dwarf strains grow to a maximum of 3 feet in height. The best part is they typically grow out instead of up, which means you’re still getting great yield. 

And that’s exactly what we’re covering today! The best yielding dwarf strains to get maximum production with minimum space. 

Whether you’re growing outdoors and want to keep pesky neighbors away, or you’re growing in a tight space like myself, you’ll want to use these high yielding strains for the best production possible. 

1. Superbud

This crossover of Super Skunk and Big Bud is going to knock your socks off. It’s a powerful indica strain (over 80% in fact) and produces a bud with excellent THC levels (typically over 17%). 

best yielding dwarf strain

This is the number 1 strain recommended because it’s so perfect for beginner growers. Not only is it tight and compact – it only grows to about 3 feet in height – but it produces massive yield for its size. Upwords of 900 grams per square meter of plant. 

It’s an autoflowering plant with an expected harvest of 8-9 weeks. Superbud is often recognized as the perfect strain for newbie growers entering the space. 

The high otherworldly too. You’ll experience relaxation at nirvana levels. With one hit you’ll be slipping into comfy pants and melting into the couch letting your stress wash away. Think of it like a full body buzz with the goal of relaxed and tranquil thoughts. If you have chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety then this bud’s for you. 

Be warned though, Superbud is known for stimulating appetite, so you better have good food around when you smoke this strain! 

2. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Brought to you from the great hills of California comes Girl Scout Cookies, our number 2 strain for best yielding dwarf plants. 

This potent strain is a crossover of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It’s another powerful indica strain (80%) with atmospheric THC levels (upwords of 24% on average). 

dwarf cannabis strains

GSC Extreme is recommended because it typically only grows to about 4 feet, but the yield is amazing. You can expect upwards of 600 grams per square meter. Making it a very high yield indoor or outdoor plant. 

It’s also a highly recommended strain to grow for beginners because of its mold resistance and fast flowering time. You wont need to spend a lot of time caring for your plants. 

Expect GSC Extreme to flower in about 10 weeks from germination. 

As for the high. From the first smell you’ll realize why they call this strain girl scout cookies. It smells like earthy cookie dough with a rush of chocolate and a slight minty smell. You can expect couch-lock from smoking this strain. 

It’s known to create massive euphoria and deep body relaxation. If you’re experiencing any chronic pain, anxiety, or appetite loss then you’ll want to grow this strain. 

3. Black Jack

This strain is a cross of the indica Black Domina and sativa Jack Herer which is known for its productive head high when you smoke it. 

This strain comes in at number 3 because of the production value. It’s a 50/50 hybrid between the indica and sativa varieties, but the THC composition is nothing to scoff at (you can expect an average of 20%). 

high yielding dwarf plants

There are 2 different varieties of Black Jack. One produced by the growers Nirvana and the other by Sensi Seeds (who interestingly enough wrote the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes). 

You can grow Black Jack both indoors and outdoors, but it’s highly recommended you grow indoors if you want to keep the plant dwarf size. When it’s out in the sun it has a tendency to stretch. You can expect a flowing time of 9 weeks, and a typical yield of about 500 grams per square meter. 

The effects of Black Jack is described as very head high and energetic, almost to the point of paranoia. If you’re depressed or need a little boost, you’ll love this stain. 

4. Big Bud

Ahh Big Bud. One of the oldest commercial strains ever created. In fact, it won the second-ever Cannabis Cup from High Times in 1989. There’s a reason it’s loved all over the world by both growers and enthusiasts. 

Big Bud is a mix between Afghani and Northern Lights. It’s a primarily indica strain (over 80%) with an average THC composition of 20%. 

big bud dwarf

This plant is perfect for tiny growing locations. Because it’s an indica you can expect it to grow short and bushy, only about 3 feet but very wide. The production value of the flowers blows away the competition though. The buds are dense, chunky, and full of trichomes making it look “wet”. 

The flowering is relatively quick at about 9 weeks on average, but for production you’re looking at nearly 600 grams per square meter of plant. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. 

The high is perfect for listening to movies or watching TV. Big Bud does no credit to the common “lazy stoner” stereotype. It’s meant to knock you into a hazy sort of foggy feeling with a near psychedelic trip. The beauty of this strain is how it provides massive pain relief for chronic aches. If you need to fall asleep peacefully, use this strain! 

5. Gorilla Glue

Get ready to get smacked to your couch and never get up. At least that’s how you’ll feel after just one hit of Gorilla Glue or GG for short. 

This powerful indica strain came into the scene rather recently, in 2016, but has quickly taken over as a favorite of newbies and vets alike. GG is a 50/50 strain which is mixed with Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel and produces an insane 28% THC composition. 

Gorilla Glue

GG is loved by beginner growers because it’s relatively easy to grow and cultivate, although it’s recommended to grow indoors because it can get taller then you want if grown outdoors. You can expect a flowering period of only 8 weeks, and a production of about 500 grams per square meter of plant. 

The high is a total body stone, no head high at all. It’s been known to produce an almost tranquilizing effect for the enthusiasts. GG is a heavy strain not recommended for beginner smokers because it will produce couch-lock with its ultra-relaxing high. 

If you have chronic pain, use this strain. 

6. Mohan Ram 

This beautiful strain is a mix between the elite White Widow and S.A.D. (Sweet Afghan Delicious). 

Mohan Ram strain

Mohan Ram is nearly all indica at 85% composition with a fairly high THC content of 18% on average. If you’re looking for a short, stumpy, plant with very high yield for its size, then Mohan Ram is the perfect strain for you. 

It’s rated as an easy grow because of the mold resistance and quick flowering time. If you’re a beginner grower with a small tight space for growing, then you’ll love this strain. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors, but it’s recommended you provide a nice Medeterainian climate for optimal growth. You can easily expect about 450 grams per square meter of plant for yield after about 8 weeks of flowering time.

The high is very indica heavy. Expect a strong body euphoria and relaxation. You won’t get any uplifted mood or energy from this strain, instead be prepared to melt into your couch with a good movie playing in the background!

7. BubbleGummer

An amazing cross between American Bubblegum and Skunk Special comes Bubblegummer. 

bubblegummer strain

This strain is last on our top picks for high yield dwarf strains, but don’t doubt it yet. This strain comes in at a solid 50/50 hybrid with high THC levels of 17% on average. 

It’s perfect for novice growers looking to get a high yield short sativa strain. Expect about 350 grams per square meter for indoor growing, with it only getting about 2 feet tall at most, and quickly flowering in about 8 weeks. 

The first taste will remind you of little league baseball and big league chew. It’s a sweet and euphoric high meant to keep you uplifted through the day without any drowsiness. If you have depression or need a boost, give this strain a quick toke and you’ll be good for the day!

About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

David Rhodes