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Date Published: November 4, 2022
best strains to grow in Tennessee

Last Updated November 10th, 2023:

Tennessee’s subtropical climate means that its hot, humid, and long summers are ideal conditions for growing cannabis. The state averages over four inches of rain a month, making it the sixth rainiest state in America. But this also means that not all cannabis strains can handle this climate. Thankfully we’re going to introduce our top 5 best strains to grow in Tennessee!

Cannabis loves humidity and rain, so Tennessee has a leg up on other states for growing weed. This agreeable climate opens up the possibility for growing operations outside a greenhouse during The Volunteer State summers – which many growers can’t do elsewhere. Here are 5 of the best strains to grow in Tennessee.

Best Strains To Grow in Tennessee at a Glance

Whether you decide to grow inside or outside, we’ve selected the best cannabis strains for Tennessee. Let’s explore each strain below.

1. Godfather OG 

While the origins of Godfather OG are murky, what’s clear is just how potent this strain is. The 60/40 Indica dominant cannabis plant averages 25% THC levels. Experienced growers can see levels up to 30%. That makes this strain a clear winner for regular smokers that have built up a tolerance over time.

Godfather OG strain

Godfather OG loves to grow in Tennessee because of the warm summers and cool winters. Your only setback with the strain is its preference for drier climates, going against Tennessee’s humid nature. Growing cannabis inside a greenhouse will ensure temperature control and allow the plant to reach its highest THC level.

Known for its potency, Godfather OG will lock you in the couch in no time. It elicits a blissful and relaxing full-body high that will elevate your mood and melt away stress. Be warned, the strength of this strain is no joke. This strain is best smoked when the day is over, and all that’s left is snacking and sleeping.

2. Zkittlez

For smokers that have a sweet tooth, there’s the Skittles reminiscent cannabis strain Zkittlez. This Indica dominant strain gets its sweet flavor from a hybrid of Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains, which provide the plant with fruity and sweet notes. Along with its brilliantly colored buds, this strain is like smoking the rainbow.

Zkittlez cannabis strain

Zkittlez is a strain that thrives in humidity, making Tennessee an ideal spot for growing. Even cooler nights that might be present at the beginning of the growing season will benefit this strain. In fact, just as long as it stays 50 degrees, the cooler nights will impart the bud’s infamous deep purple color. 

The high from Zkittlez is balanced thanks to its 70/30 blend of Indica and Sativa. Smokers will enjoy the subtle mood-boosting effects that work in tandem with the light body high that physically relaxes. Along with its sweet-tasting smoke, Zkittlez is an excellent treat that works well as a social toker.

3. Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is a Sativa dominant strain of cannabis that has become a favorite for generations of smokers. This Hawaiian bud is a deliciously sweet smoke that will get the mind buzzing with creativity and keep the body loose enough to hit the waves or trails.

maui wowie cannabis strain

Since Maui Wowie is from the rich volcanic soil of Hawaii, it’s generally best to grow this cannabis strain indoors. Don’t be intimidated by the tropical requirements, though. This strain is easy to grow. Just be sure that your growing setup has plenty of headroom, as Sativa strains tend to grow fairly tall. 

Maui Wowie is notorious for stimulating the mind. This comes from its heavy Sativa roots. A few puffs of this strain will help with creativity and focus. Instead of couch lock, users will feel energized and motivated. The smoke has a light pineapple flavor that juxtaposes nicely with its earthy notes.

4. Blue Dream

The Blue Dream cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant plant that derives from a hybrid of the Blueberry and Super Silver Haze strains. This beautiful blue bud is popular with daytime smokers because it lacks a couch lock and uplifting, heady buzz. In addition, the alert yet relaxing effects of Blue Dream are seen by many as therapeutic.

blue dream marijuana strain

When it comes to growing the Blue Dream strain, it lives up to its name – it’s a dream to grow. Not only are the buds stunning eye candy, but the hardy nature of the plant makes it easy to grow. Furthermore, it prefers dry climates, so an indoor grow is optimal over a wet Tennessee July.

The mellow and long-lasting high from Blue Dream makes it ideal for social, daytime smoking. The strain’s smoke has a subtle scent that won’t overpower neighbors or roommates. Its blueberry flavor combines with notes of pinewood for a fresh taste.

5. White Widow

White Widow is a classic 60/40 blend of Indica and Sativa that gained prominence in the coffee shops of Amsterdam in the 1990s. This hybrid of Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica has a fast-acting high that balances the best of a mind and body high.

white widow auto flower strain

The White Widow strain is a resilient cannabis plant that grows well in most setups and climates. While a greenhouse always allows for the most temperature control, White Widow is more than capable of growing in cooler climates. The strain is a great option for novice growers because of its hardy build.

Smoking White Widow is a relaxing experience that eschews intense couch lock or paranoia. The balanced high mixed with the strain’s earthy and sweet smoke is the best of both marijuana worlds, making it a mood-boosting wonder fit for daytime smoking.

Final Thoughts On Cannabis Strains To Grow In Tennessee

Tennessee is a great state for growing cannabis. Many strains will grow nicely in the state’s humidity and heavy rains. Even for beginners or those who wish to keep their grow operations smaller – the long Tennessee summers will benefit even a casual windowsill plant.

With the relative ease with which cannabis plants grow in Tennessee, many different strains are options for growers. While having options isn’t the worst problem, it can make deciding where to start difficult. 

We recommend Godfather OG, Zkittlez, Maui Wowie, Blue Dream, or White Widow for great growing and smoking in Tennessee. You’ll get high yields and satisfying highs from any of these strains!

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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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