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The proper growth of outdoor cannabis is greatly affected by climate. The moderately hot, subtropical climate of North Carolina provides an ideal growing season. Though North Carolina faces severe weather from time to time, occurrences of thunderstorms and hurricanes are rare.

There are three climate regions here, with latitude and altitude as the main climate influences. The rich soil in North Carolina provides the nutrition cannabis plants require, and the Bermuda High-Pressure system provides plentiful rainfall.

5 Best Strains To Grow In North Carolina – Quicklook

The climate here has numerous advantages for cultivation. The following are the 5 best strains to grow in North Carolina:

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYieldFlowering Time
Super Skunk14%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
Blue Cheese19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
White Widow19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant10-14 Weeks
Durban Poison20%Sativa19 Oz Per Plant9 Weeks
Northern Lights18%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
best strains to grow in north carolina

Strain 1: Maui Wowie

Known for its creamy pineapple finish, Maui Wowie is a ray of Hawaiin sunshine. With 2600 hours of sunlight annually, North Carolina is an appropriate location to grow this sun-loving strain of cannabis. 

maui wowie cannabis

The richness of the North Carolina soil combines with the 45 inches of rain averaged annually. These factors create a favorable environment for North Carolina cannabis strains.


Known for having uplifting, euphoric effects, this hybrid strain is Sativa dominant and smells of sweet, earthy citrus fruit. Maui Wowie is also considered an excellent mood booster and stimulates focus for a productive daytime high. You may experience dry mouth or eyes but keeping hydrated mitigates these issues.


Maui Wowie is known to help users find relief from certain chronic conditions. This strain can help with minor aches and pains. The uplifting effect is useful for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Strain 2: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the best strains to grow in North Carolina. It’s a hybrid strain with a high THC content that can get up to 21%. It got created by crossing the Blueberry Indica strain with the popular Haze Sativa.

blue dream marijuana strain

Favored Conditions

This strain originated in California and preferred a temperate subtropical or Mediterranean climate to grow to its full potential. Whether in the mountains or coastal plains, this cannabis strain is easy to grow in North Carolina weather.

The humid subtropical climate and the cooler nighttime temperatures favor cultivation.

Uses and Effects

Though users may experience the fairly common side effects of dry mouth and eyes, Blue Dream is considered an easygoing high. Imparting an overall feeling of well-being, this strain is good for treating chronic ailments. People use it to deal with migraines and inflammation, and it’s also used as a mood elevator.

The fruity smell evokes the aroma of blueberries, and the flavor is exactly how you would imagine a strain with this smell taste. All these aspects combine to make Blue Dream a great cannabis strain to grow in North Carolina.

Strain 3: MK Ultra

MK Ultra does really well in North Carolina’s humid climate. It grows best with the cooler nighttime temperatures and warm days.

MK Ultra cannabis seeds

Named for the alleged government project this is a 50/50 Indica and Sativa hybrid strain of cannabis. MK Ultra is unique in its ability to resist mold and mildew, making it a great strain for a humid subtropical climate like North Carolina. 

Uses and Effects

MK Ultra is a cerebral high. It is best used at the end of the day as users report feeling sleepy and relaxed. This strain has been engineered from OG Kush and G-13 strains and will not disappoint. 

This strain smells pungent, earthy, and has pine under notes. The taste is similar to the smell with prominent pine notes. MK Ultra is a great strain for:

  • Stress relief
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal ailments
  • Depression

Strain 4: Zkittlez

The name says it all! This strain is as fruity as the tropical rainbow candy that is its namesake. It’s a 70% Indica hybrid. Zkittlez is a strain of cannabis best grown in a mild subtropical climate as found in North Carolina.

Zkittlez Cannabis

The Zkittles experience is described as a moderate, mellow high. It can help those who suffer from depression as it’s a known mood booster. This strain also helps with minor aches, pain, and muscle tension.

Climate Preferences

This strain may be a bit harder to grow, but it is one of the best strains of cannabis to grow in North Carolina. It’s resistant to mold and enjoys a temperate climate. Both factors allow easy cultivation in North Carolina’s climate.

Strain 5: Godfather OG

This Indica heavy strain is a past high times winner and boasts THC levels up to 28%. Users will notice pine notes in the smell and taste of this strain. There is, after all, a reason that this strain is called Godfather OG.

Godfather OG strain


A cannabis strain like Godfather OG is easy to grow in North Carolina’s climate. With the ability to stand slightly cooler nighttime temperatures, this cannabis strain can grow year-round due to North Carolina’s moderate temperature fluctuations.

The ample moisture found in the coastal plains and the mountain areas of North Carolina provide the key elements needed to cultivate a great crop of this cannabis variety.

Uses and Effects

Godfather OG is the go-to for:

  • Stress relief
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea

The sometimes sleepy high will provide a mood boost. This strain leaves the user feeling relaxed and euphoric. A great way to end the day!

Final Thoughts on North Carolina Cannabis Strains

These are the five best strains to grow in North Carolina. All are well suited to the mild subtropical climate found there. Each of these strains is easy to grow and flourish in warmth and sunlight.

It’s easy to see why someone would choose North Carolina to grow their cannabis plants. Though these strains differ in their uses and flavor profiles, they do well with the cool nights and warm days in North Carolina. They will offer high yields each growing season, making them the best strains to grow in the state.

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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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