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Maine, located in the United States’ New England region, is the state at the farthest north. It spans a total of 35,385 square miles, ranking it as the thirty-ninth largest state. With approximately 1.3 million residents, it holds the position as America’s forty-second most populated state.

best strains to grow in Maine

Growing Marijuana in Maine might be difficult due to the hot and humid summer heat and the cold winter climate. Cannabis harvesting season is primarily between October and November. But growing seasons might be short. Therefore, caution is necessary while growing your strains.

Indoor growing, with the proper setup and equipment, can be beneficial because the environment is controllable. The outdoor setting can also be ideal. However, care must be given to guarantee appropriate water, air, sunshine, and plant nutrients.

Best Strains To Grow In Maine – Quick Look

If you’re growing in the Maine area, you should only select seeds that withstand the conditions. The following are our five best cannabis strains for farming in Maine:

  1. OG Kush
  2. Gorilla Glue Autoflower
  3. White Widow Autoflower
  4. Northern Lights 
  5. Sour Diesel Autoflower

Maine Cannabis Strains Comparison Table:

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYieldFlowering Time
Super Skunk14%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
Blue Cheese19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
White Widow19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant10-14 Weeks
Durban Poison20%Sativa19 Oz Per Plant9 Weeks
Northern Lights18%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks

1. OG Kush

The OG kush is an Indica dominating strain known for its powerful effects on its users. Because OG kush has intense THC levels, it is highly suitable to cure a variety of ailments.

OG Kush strain to grow in Maine

OG Kush is a one-of-a-kind strain with specific characteristics that cannot be matched to other marijuana strains. As a result, feminized OG Kush cannabis seeds are incredibly popular and freely available worldwide. This cannabis strain is a highly potent cannabis strain that is popular among smokers and medical marijuana users.

OG Kush has a powerful aroma and light citrus flavor. This is similar to fuel or strong cleaning products.  The effects of smoking weed are equally strong on both the physical and mental levels. 

Despite the fact that its genetics are mostly Indica, and its impact is Sativa. This potent cannabis strain has a vibrant flavor. It can relieve muscle spasms and relax the smoker’s body. The sensation of relief is long-lasting. It is also useable in the treatment of various ailments such as nausea and migraines. 

High THC content makes it popular with people suffering from anxiety and depression as it clears the brain and relaxes the body. In addition, it helps people who suffer from poor sleep and fatigue.

2. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

Gorilla Glue Auto is a potent strain. So it is not unexpected that Gorilla glue can achieve an extraordinarily high THC concentration of 24 percent with its weirdly productive trichomes. In addition, the Gorilla Glue Auto is a hybrid strain that combines Indica and Sativa characteristics. This means that gorilla glue’s effect is extremely calming while yet being euphoric. 

gorilla glue strain

In other words, it is a fantastic blend of a heavy body stone and a cerebral high. Gorilla glue can help with gum pain and muscular spasms. However, a low CBD level is not a good choice for persons who suffer from major neurological illnesses.

The high THC concentration is favorable for persons who have insomnia, appetite loss, OCD, and other symptoms. It can also help patients who suffer from chronic pain.

The high concentration of THC in this strain might worsen any mental disease, so use with caution. However, when used in moderate doses, it can be handy. It performs brilliantly both indoors and outdoors. With a bit of care, you may expect spectacular yields from this remarkable auto-flower.

3. White Widow Autoflower

The White Widow is a Sativa strain that was created by crossing South Indian and Brazilian Indica strains. It is well-known for its intense euphoric and energetic qualities. White Widow is a cannabis strain with a high THC content that belongs to the so-called “white family.” 

white widow strain

This Indica hybrid was already legendary. History has it that it was formed in the mountains of Kerala after years of cultivation and selection. As a result, the characteristics of both species from this cross are immediately recognizable. 

This marijuana plant’s buds are solid and compact, and they are covered with white crystals. As a result, it provides instant cerebral benefits that calm the body and provide mental serenity. White widow is famous among both newbies and veterans due to its ease of cultivation and high bud production.

It is a reliable strain that is suitable for daily use. Its psychedelic effects aid in enhancing essential experiences such as listening to music or viewing art. Because it has a more profound psychological effect, those suffering from mental problems may serve from this strain. 

Many people benefit from it when coping with mental problems such as ADD/ADHD. It also aids in the treatment of PMS. In addition, it alleviates physical discomfort, making it ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain. Finally, because of its sleep-inducing effects, it can be used at night.

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is another strain that many farmers say is one of the best cannabis strains to grow in Maine. However, Northern Lights is a common strain that is grown all around the world. The lineage comes from Afghani indica, which gives the strain a high level of resistance to cold conditions and frequent diseases that attack plants.

This resiliency makes it ideal for newbies with limited growing experience. Northern Lights can help to maintain your plants healthy throughout the developing process. Northern Lights is ideal for growing for New England!

This strain has a THC level of 18.5 percent and, unlike the other strains we’ve discussed so far, which are indica dominants. The majority of people use it to treat depression, stress, and a lack of appetite. However, its primary impact is to make you feel ecstatic. It tastes like sweet pine and soil.

Farmers grow this strain typically in mid-October, right on the eve of Maine’s growing season before it becomes too cold. At 18 ounces, the yield is pretty high.

5. Sour Diesel Autoflower

Sour Diesel is a weed legend known for lifting even the most miserable and sulky people to a high euphoria. Unfortunately, though, that type of euphoria leaves them unable to control the assault of classical cannabis chuckles.

sour diesel strain

Every toke of Sour Diesel produces fresh citrus aromas. Not only does this generate a lushly rich and diverse flavor, but it also makes a very smooth exhalation of two primary flavor notes. Ultimately, these notes combination has an earthy aftertaste. 

The high frequently propels you into cerebral daydreams, providing you with the energy and determination to make those daydreams a truth.  Sour Diesel is perfect for getting things underway, and with an essential vintage smell, it’s easy to see why this marijuana strain is a classic.

Our suggestion for this range: this strain will grow! To keep it contained, you should be familiar with plant training procedures such as topping or Scrog. It will perform well outdoors in Maine if you frequently hydrate and provide plenty of nutrients – It can be a ravenous monster!

The Cooler Weather In Maine Needs to be Considered!

When preparing to cultivate your strains, one of the first things to consider is the weather. Maine has a colder climate than other places, such as Florida or hot, dry climates.

Maine has winters that vary from 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but it also has very mild summers. Therefore, if you want to grow well in Maine, New York and New England, you must utilize high-quality outdoor strains. In addition, because the winter months can be so cold, it is likely that you will need to employ indoor growing equipment. Such as a greenhouse and grow lights if you expect to grow ideally.

The amount of sunlight in Maine varies greatly depending on where you reside, when you are cultivating, and the exact weather systems of the region. However, sunlight is essential for strains cultivation because it promotes plant germination and growth. 

If your marijuana plant does not receive enough sunlight, it will not grow or will develop slowly. But, when your plant is exposed to too much sunshine, it might dry out or even burn.

Growers in northern climates will always benefit from auto-flowering strains. However, these strains are a great choice to grow in cold temperatures. Whichever one is chosen, it will be beneficial to the farmer.

Final Thoughts On Growing Cannabis In Maine:

The perfect strains to grow outside in Maine no longer have to be a secret. Because you’ve learned all about the best cannabis strain here, you should understand enough about any of the strains to decide which ones are best for you right away.

If you have the time and patience to grow the perfect strains to grow outside in Maine meticulously, you will be rewarded. Learning about the climate in which to cultivate them can benefit you in your efforts. Thankfully these picks also carry over to outdoor strains for Vermont or New England as well!

Another thing to consider is where to go to purchase your strains. 

Therefore, you need a reliable and trustworthy seed bank to buy your favorite strain. Crop King Seeds is a superb online shop that offers nearly any type of strain you want. Plus, you can also get exciting promotions like free deliveries and much more!

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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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