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The state of Indiana is crucial to the American Corn Belt, generating 65% of the country’s corn. Despite the evident growth of corn in The Hoosier State, one might wonder, how conducive is it to the cultivation of cannabis? In this article, we will decode the ideally suited cannabis strains for growing in Indiana!

Best Strains To Grow in Indiana at a Glance

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYieldFlowering Time
Super Skunk14%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
Blue Cheese19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks
White Widow19%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant10-14 Weeks
Durban Poison20%Sativa19 Oz Per Plant9 Weeks
Northern Lights18%Indica5-15 Oz Per Plant7-10 Weeks

Indiana is one of 13 states that does not legally allow consuming or possessing marijuana. Despite this, hemp production is legal, and most citizens support legalization. It’s only a matter of time until Indiana joins the rest of the country.

best strains to grow in indiana

The freezing winter months and below average sunlight of Indiana are not ideal conditions for cannabis. However, that doesn’t mean weed can’t grow in The Corn Belt, or if you need cannabis strains for Missouri, we have you covered as well. Here are 5 of the best strains to grow in Indiana.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these cannabis strains.

1. Super Skunk

The 80/20 Indica dominant Super Skunk strain of cannabis is an easy-to-grow hybrid of the Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica plants. The resulting strain has dense buds that are pungent — hence the name — and provide a very relaxing high. The benefit of its Sativa blend is a physical high that doesn’t cloud the mind.

super skunk strain

Super Skunk is an optimal strain for Indiana as it grows best indoors. Due to climate and local laws, growing this compact marijuana plant inside will be your best bet. Because Super Skunk has a short flowering period, it will be possible to have multiple harvests if timed correctly.

Characteristic of its parent strains, Super Skunk has a heavy skunk smell. While it’s an acquired taste, many smokers enjoy the bold aroma of the smoke. The strain’s effect is one of deep physical relaxation and couch lock while avoiding mental fog.

2. OG Kush

OG Kush is a unique hybrid from Florida that crosses several strains, including Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Hindu Kush. The result is an Indica dominant 75/25 blend with high THC and a uniquely complex flavor of earthiness and fuel. Smokers love this strain for its relaxing and deep body high. 

OG Kush Cannabis Strain

We recommend growing OG Kush with autoflower seeds indoors. While the strain can grow outdoors, it’s much easier to grow in a climate-controlled greenhouse. Keeping the plant free of bugs, diseases, and powdery mildew is difficult even for experienced growers. Autoflowering seeds will ensure that any lack of sunlight will not prevent OG Kush plants from their flowering stage.

The OG Kush high is notoriously intense. It’s a hard-hitting smoke that will relax your mind and body while locking you in the couch. Because of the effects, this strain is best at the end of a long day. 

3. Purple Haze

You know the weed is good when its name comes from a Jimi Hendrix song. The Purple Haze strain is a 70/30 Sativa dominant strain that comes from the parent strains Purple Thai and Haze. This classic marijuana strain is true to its Sativa roots by providing a burst of euphoric creativity, just like a Hendrix solo flowing from your speakers. 

Purple Haze marijuana strain

The Purple Haze strain traditionally produces high yields and has a high disease resistance. These characteristics make the plant a viable option for novice cannabis growers that want to maximize the product they get from their growing efforts.

The high amount of THC in Purple Haze means that this plant has a powerful and long-lasting high. Many smokers prefer the heady buzz from Purple Haze to coffee. For relief from stress or anxiety, this strain is hard to beat. The classic high is matched by an earthy blueberry flavor, making for a great daytime smoke. Just be sure to pace yourself!

4. Jack Herer 

The Jack Herer strain takes its name from The Emperor Wears No Clothes author and cannabis activist. This strain is a balanced 60/40 Sativa Indica blend, initially bred as a medical strain from Skunk Indica, Haze Sativa, Shiva Indica, and Northern Lights #5 Indica. 

Jack herer strain

Jack Herer is widely grown across the globe because it is disease resistant, compact, and offers high yields. For cannabis growers in Indiana, this compactly sized and high-yielding strain is ideal as it is discreet and maximizes small grow operations.

Developed for medicinal purposes, the Jack Herer strain provides an uplifting high that benefits those with depression, stress, and anxiety. Because of its Sativa parent, it also boosts energy levels. Its high THC levels ensure that the benefits from a few tokes last throughout the day. 

5. Sunset Sherbet

The 85/15 Indica dominant cannabis strain Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid of the Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies strains. The resulting smoke is a strong, full-body high with a pleasant flavor and aroma. Though Indica dominant, the strain eschews couch lock with its Sativa blend balancing its relaxing benefits with a light, heady euphoria. 

Sunset sherbet marijuana strain

While the Sunset Sherbet strain doesn’t produce a high yield, its resistance to mold and mildew makes it low maintenance for beginning growers. Indiana outdoor growers should be aware that extreme temperatures are not ideal for the plant. 

Sunset Sherbet gets mild, herbal, and sweet flavor and aroma from its Girl Scout Cookies genesis. The pleasant smoking strain produces immediate and long-lasting euphoria that relaxes the body. By virtue of its Sativa blend, the high also helps boost mood with a light cerebral buzz.

Final Thoughts On Cannabis Strains To Grow In Indiana

Though there are several deterrents to growing cannabis in Indiana, green thumbs can still yield healthy marijuana plants. Growing in a greenhouse or outdoor growing is still possible in this basketball-loving state, though handling outdoor growing with extreme caution is essential due to the current state laws.

One of the most important things to consider when growing marijuana, whether you’re a novice or a professional, is the characteristics of a strain and how they relate to the surrounding you’re growing them in.

Our hand-picked selections of Super Skunk, OG Kush, Purple Haze, Jack Herer, and Sunset Sherbet are the best strains to grow in Indiana and should make growing cannabis a breeze in The Hoosier State.

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David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

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