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Taking your geographical location into account, the climate you reside in will be crucial in deciding which strain of cannabis to cultivate. Cannabis and various other plants generally have trouble thriving in high temperature environments. This struggle is due to the excessive heat drying up the soil, decreasing water absorption, reducing nutrient concentration in the soil, and potentially sunburning the plants. However, don’t worry! Our team at FlowerAndFreedom, with years of expertise in cultivating cannabis globally, has compiled a list of the optimal strain for high-heat growth, along with some guidance and techniques for guaranteed successful cultivation in hot climates.

If you want to set yourself up for success when it comes to high heat climates, you want to select a cannabis strain that has the genetic makeup that will allow it to thrive in higher than normal temperatures. Each strain has it’s own set of genetics and preferred climates, by selecting a strain that genetically does better in warm temperatures, it will survive and even flourish in high temperatures. Below is a quick look at our top 5 strains to grow in high heat climates.

Strains For High Heat Climates:

Tips For Growing Cannabis In High Heat Climates:

Depending on where you are, your high heat climate can vary slightly. It could be a hot and dry climate or it could include humidity. Both of these can make it difficult to grow marijuana outdoors successfully. The generally comfortable range of temperatures for outdoor grows are between 70 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it gets a bit more difficult when temperatures are consistently warmer than that. That being said, if you use the right strain of seeds you’ll have more success.

best strains to grow in high heat

For example, if you’re planning on growing outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, you’re going to need drastically different seeds than if you’re growing in Florida, Oklahoma or even a Greenhouse. Every climate is different in terms of temperature, humidity, wind, and seasonality, so it’s important to pick a strain specifically for your climate.

Below are a few good tips on growing cannabis in high heat climates:

Use The Right Soil Nutrients:

One of the biggest reasons growing in high heat is an issue is because the heat will dry out the soil and drastically reduce the nutrient content in the soil. As you know soil nutrients are incredibly important to ensure your cannabis plants have the nutrients they need to grow and to stay healthy.

Depending on your specific climate you should look into a nutrient-boosting soil that will ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients they need while not being too heavily affected by the heat. You’ll want soil that’s high heat approved and will last over the growing season.

Keep Your Plants Watered And Hydrated:

Growing cannabis in high-temperature clients is also difficult because the sunning is baking down on the plants and drying out the water from the soil. You’ll have to keep an extra eye out on the level of moisture in your soil and water it much more than in other climates.

high heat cannabis grow

During different growing cycles, cannabis requires different amounts of water, and during the flowering stage, you’ll have to ensure that water is plentiful for your grow. I usually recommend checking on your plants in the morning, mid-day and at night to ensure that the soil doesn’t feel dried out.

Add Shade From The Sun:

Although sun is one of the biggest providers of energy for most plants, too much of it can actually cause damage to your cannabis grow. If your plants are getting too much sun they risk having the soil dried out which would constrict their water consumption and they also can get sunburned. Sunburn on your plants causes yellowing of the leaves, and will eventually cause your leaves to canoe or curl and then die.

If you’re able, I would recommend adding a tarp that gives your grow at least a few hours of shade during the day and will help prevent sunburn.

Final Thoughts On Growing Cannabis In High Heat:

Overall growing cannabis in high heat can be difficult but it’s definitely not impossible! If you are smart and you pick a cannabis strain that is genetically inept to high heat, you’ll be a lot better off than picking an outdoor strain that’s used to plenty of warmth and sun, than picking a strain that might be better suited for a cold climate such as Michigan.

Along with this, if you are diligent in terms of watering your plants to help combat the heat, picking the right soil nutrients to give your plants the energy to survive the sun, and occasionally giving your plants some relief from the sun, you’ll have a successful high heat grow!

About David Rhodes

David has been working in the cannabis industry for the past 17 years with experience working overseas in Amsterdam as a budtender for 5 years! His goal is to help you with your cannabis grow! Learn More About David!

David Rhodes