Bethany Rae

Ambassadors Bethany Rae

If you could describe cannabis in one word what would it be and why?

Misunderstood. I prefer to compare cannabis to food, where knowledge of proper nutrition leads to food choices that heal or harm us, cannabis can be used for wellness, or it can be misused. I became passionate about creating cannabis conversations when I realized that the healthy side to cannabis was not being represented in the general public because of years of misinformation.

How do you consume cannabis for fitness?

Consuming cannabis for fitness is about finding ways to integrate cannabis into my routine that support my overall health, but only if I’m looking after myself in other ways such as exercise, proper nutrition, quality sleep. I consume cannabis to help my muscle recover faster and to relieve joint pain before, during and after a run. This is most often as a cannabis topical or sublingual spray or drops under the tongue. I also consume cannabis for relaxation in the evening, helping me sleep through the night. This is often vaporizing a relaxing strain or micro dosing an edible product.

Name a favourite cannabis product?

One of my favourite cannabis for fitness products rights now is the CBD sublingual spray by Hydropothecary. It’s a 1:25 ratio of THC:CBD which provides me with mild pain relief. I like cannabis sprays because they are convenient (I take them with me on longer adventures) and discreet, no one realizes I’m consuming cannabis until I point it out, which I often do! 

What are your hobbies or interests?

I am most happy when outdoors adventuring. My weekends in the summer are a mix of hiking, paddling, trail running, and mountain or road biking. In the winter you'll find me out snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. I do an indoor class once or twice a week, usually a yoga to try and reduce injury and work on flexibility.

How often do you consume cannabis?

As a topical application, I consume cannabis almost every day. Most days have me also consuming CBD oil drops or spray. I vapourize cannabis in the evening as needed, probably 2-3 times per week. I find myself trying a new vape pen or edible once per week. I always consume the smallest amount possible when trying a product for the first time, to gauge my response without feeling overwhelmed, my commitment to the start low and go slow policy.

What do you consider a single dose of cannabis?

I have a very low tolerance to cannabis, particularly THC so I am mindful to consume it in low quantities. I can feel THC as low as 1mg which is negligible for some people. When trying a new type of oil drops, edible or vape pen I will start in the range of 1.5 up to a maximum of 6mg depending on the situation. Experienced consumers or medical patients might scoff at this and easily handle much higher quantities but it's important to keep in mind that we are each so unique in the way that our body processes and reacts to cannabis so it's my own responsibility to know my consumption sweet spot. For example, I have capsules from Tilray that are 2.3 mg THC and 2.2 mg CBD and I only consume them at home towards bedtime as they make my whole body buzz and relax on a deeper level.

If you could change one person’s mind about cannabis who would it be?

While I don't set out to change any one's mind, rather share my own experience, I did make a personal challenge to myself a couple of years back. I went to church with my dad in Australia, a place where disdain for cannabis might be at it's highest and I was able to have a healthy and productive conversation about the future of medical cannabis with both my dad and some of the elders in his church. My whole family has been incredibly supportive of my passion to be involved in the cannabis industry and it's meant the world to me, especially because they saw me over consume cannabis as a teenager.

What does Flower & Freedom mean to you?

Flower & Freedom is the right to explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without fear or shame. Flower & Freedom has many meanings to me though. It was the very first name I came up with when I searched internally for a name for this community and it came from a place of hope for positive change. Cannabis has affected my life from when I was a teenager and the unhealthiest thing about it has always been the lack of education. So for me, cannabis legalization is the freedom of knowledge. It represents what we will see on this earth when we truly set the information free and learn how to healthily integrate it into our society, to both optimize our wellbeing but to also protect those more vulnerable who may turn to cannabis, such as my 14-year-old self.

Flower & Freedom also celebrates and explores the product innovation and creativity we will see when regulations allow for the blossoming of a global industry. I'm originally from Australia so I'm excited to see Flower & Freedom and the freeing of conversation in my home community in the years to come.

Bethany Rae is the founder and CEO of Flower & Freedom. She is a cannabis education advocate and international speaker. As a Flower & Freedom Educator Bethany hosts an 'Introduction to Cannabis' workshop that can be booked as a company lunch and learn, a home party, at community centres or for conferences. Bethany's corresponding 'Introduction to Cannabis' workshop video series is coming soon. Follow Bethany's cannabis industry adventures on Instagram and Twitter.