Our Story

At Flower & Freedom, our mission is to empower people to explore cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Our goal is to guide individuals to take on the knowledge to make safe and educated choices about cannabis or to better understand the choices of people around them. 

In 2016, our founder, Bethany Rae, was inspired to personally show what a healthy life with cannabis can look like after experiencing judgement and negative stereotypes while exploring cannabis for her own health and wellness.

In my own experience, the unhealthiest thing about cannabis has been the lack of education around it.


As a health and fitness enthusiast living in Vancouver, Bethany spent much of her spare time hiking, mountain biking and trail running so she began posting online her exploration of cannabis within her activities and lifestyle. What started as the sharing of a personal experience quickly turned into a growing following of people who were intrigued or inspired to share their own stories of cannabis exploration online and in person.

The emergence of Flower & Freedom began as one woman’s determination to not be defined by her choice to be a responsible and educated cannabis consumer. It has blossomed into a movement – together we are smashing stereotypes, sharing our voices and uniting as a community of individuals that consume cannabis.

Flower & Freedom is the right to explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without fear or shame.

Since its conception, the Flower & Freedom team of Fitness Ambassadors have worked tirelessly to provide the community with articles they can relate to, videos to learn from, stories to be inspired by, and events that you could bring your mother to.

Cannabis for wellness and cannabis for fitness is part of a greater conversation – all of our lives we have been told that cannabis is bad for us and now we’re being told that cannabis has therapeutic value. With this huge disconnect for people, Flower & Freedom is committed to bridging the gap, by creating experience-based conversations and relevant product knowledge as we move into cannabis legalization globally.

Thank you for being part of our growing community.

About Flower & Freedom

Flower & Freedom is your right to explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without fear or shame.

Our mission is to empower you to explore cannabis as part of an active lifestyle.

We are a community of health and fitness enthusiasts exploring and explaining how cannabis is part of our healthy and active lifestyles.

We believe that there is a side to cannabis that warrants further exploration.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to make your own safe and educated choices about cannabis.

We’ve discovered that the cannabis experience is unique to our individual biochemistry and our personal needs. We have found that cannabis can be a productive and helpful tool in support of our healthy and active lifestyles only if it is consumed alongside rich nutrition, regular exercise, and proper rest. We acknowledge that cannabis can be misused and believe it’s important for individuals to understand and practice mindful consumption.

Through our videos and articles, we aim to provide relatable and informative experiences that can help you build your cannabis knowledge.

Similarly, our events are run as inclusive and safe spaces for like-minded members of our community to get active, stay healthy, share their experiences or learn about cannabis. We do not facilitate nor supply any cannabis at our events, they are designed for the new or returning cannabis consumer to explore and ask questions.

We look forward to exploring cannabis with you in our collective effort to free the conversation and undo the harm of years of misinformation during cannabis prohibition.

Welcome to Flower & Freedom.