Flower & Freedom is on a mission to empower people to explore cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle.

What is Flower & Freedom?

Flower & Freedom is both a lifestyle brand and community dedicated to sharing personal and varied experiences with cannabis.

Why Flower & Freedom?

Flower & Freedom is the right to explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without fear or shame. After years of education being held back, Flower & Freedom exists to bring honest and authentic consumer education to those who need it the most and in a fun and relevant way.

Where is Flower & Freedom?

Flower & Freedom is happening on a global scale and in your community today.

The Flower & Freedom team is based in Vancouver, Canada but we are dedicated to exploring cannabis in all areas. This year the Flower & Freedom team will be travelling in Canada, USA, Mexico and Australia. We welcome collaborations and partnerships from individuals, brands, and organizations internationally.

Flower & Freedom is a celebration of the innovation surrounding cannabis and we are excited to explore cannabis with you across many regions highlighting interesting products, travel destinations, and fascinating people.

Who is Flower & Freedom?

Flower & Freedom is anyone who wants to see the conversation around cannabis normalized in a healthy way.

Flower & Freedom is the brain child of Bethany Rae, a fitness enthusiast and Australian living in Canada. When Bethany rediscovered cannabis as a health and wellness supplement in her early 30’s she was driven to create consumer education, building positive change and a new approach to understanding cannabis.

“There is a plethora of cannabis products coming to the market place in a legalized adult use environment and in the expanding medical cannabis industry. I want to help that curious new consumer become an informed and educated consumer to increase their chances of having a healthy and positive experience, reducing the chance of over consumption and any negative effects that could occur” – Bethany Rae

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